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And why I think you should watch it.

It was lying across one of his thighs. I could hear them talking.

"Do you mind if I take a picture of your cock. I want to remember it." God, June sounded brazen, but she was that way sometimes. The camera zoomed in on Herman's dick until it filled the screen.

"Hell woman, it's at half mast right now. You don't want a picture of that do you?"

"Well, how do we get it up?" June said.

"Come here and suck on it." Herman's tone was aggressive. "You do know how to suck cock don't you sweetie?"

"Oh yes I do know that," June said with a giggle. "I know how to suck cock really well. I've been sucking cocks since I was old enough to know that's what they were for."

Herman chuckled. "Just like your slutty sister," he said.

Suddenly the picture was just of the ceiling, but the sound track was giving me the slurping noises of June sucking on Herman's cock and Herman's soft groans of enjoyment.

"Oh fuck! Fuck yes! You do know how to suck cock. Oh fuck, that's good." You could hear Herman's voice over the slurping noises June was making as she sucked him off.

Then I heard June again, "Oh yeah, now it's hard enough. Now he's ready for a picture." Then the view on the video changed from the blank ceiling to a selfie of June and Herman's cock. His cock was like a big black angry pole and June was posed grinning with drops of salvia on her chin right behind Herman's phone pole of a cock. She was on her hands and knees and I could see her big soft tits hanging down from her chest. Her hand not occupied by the phone was wrapped around the cock as she stroked it and twisted her hand. I could hear Herman groaning in the background as she jacked him.

"You like that baby?" she asked as she continued to jack his dick. "You aren't ready to cum again are you?" she asked.

He groaned in response. And I thought I saw June wink at the camera. What the hell?

She pulled her hand off his dick and gave the head a lick with her tongue and said, "Oh no you don't. I want to fuck this dick, so I don't want you loosing it now."

Oh fuck this is hot I thought as I slowly stroked my cock. I was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum which I was smearing over the head of my prick and on down the shaft, but I was being careful not to get to far with my masturbating. I didn't want to go off before this video ended. I took another sip of my scotch.

That was when the video cut to the next scene. She had apparently paused the recording and then propped it up on a bureau and restarted it. At first only Herman was in the picture. He was slowly stroking his huge prick. You could see the shine of pre-cum and June's saliva on it. Then I could see my lovely naked wife walk into the picture, her nicely rounded ass swaying from side to side.

"Is that big cock for me?" she asked.

"Oh yeah baby. Tonight it's all for you. Anyway you want it."

June climbed onto the bed on her knees so she was sideways to the camera. She leaned forward grabbing his prick with one hand and used it to rub her nipples on her hanging tits. Then she swung a leg over him so she was in a reverse cowgirl, her ass facing Herman's face. Herman's big prick was hidden behind her, but you could see she was playing to the camera. She was looking straight at the camera holding up her tits in her hands as if she was offering them to whoever might be watching the video.

She certainly was enjoying playing to the camera, I thought.

She rose up on her knees and you could see Herman's big cock beneath her. Reaching down, she used her hand to guide his prick towards her cunt. At first she just stroked herself with it. You could see her bite her lower lip when she let the head graze her clit.

Herman spoke up, "Come on baby. Lets see if you can really take this prick."

June looked back over her sh

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