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Ghosts, cyborgs, and sibcest.

She gasped and shivered as she felt his mouth enclose her nipple and suck. Her eyes closed and her sex trembled as she savored the feel of his tongue licking over her tips within his mouth. First one breast, then the other as her head rolled back.

She completely went limp in his arm as he lapped at her nipples and then sucked them, pinching them softly between his fingertips and grinding his hardness against the underside of her rump. One arm supported her back while the other fondled her breast and then went back under her dress hem, sliding up her inner thigh. She parted her legs like her body told her to; surprised by her own actions...the fact that she had no shame.

When his fingertips reached the apex of her thighs he lightly caressed the imprint of her crease. Her panties were wet to his touch and he rewarded her desire by flicking the tip of his tongue against her nipple as he continued tease her through her panties.

"Sir, we are here," the voice of the driver crackled on the intercom.

Kadari haphazardly pressed the button and muttered, "Keep driving."

"Sir?" The driver's voice indicated that he was puzzled by the request.

"Keep driving," Kadari repeated before suckling Ardress's nipple again.

"But...where to?"

"Anywhere...just go and don't ask me anything else," Kadari ordered with frustration.

The driver got the hint and pulled away from the curb with a knowing smirk. He lit a cigarette. Kadari had specified no smoking but something told him that nobody would notice right now. He stared at the partition as if his x-ray vision would kick in at any moment. What he wouldn't give to be Superman right then.

Gravity pulled at the couple as the limo spun away from the curb again and Ardress was glad not to have to give up her seat of pleasure so soon. Kadari's touch between her legs was driving her insane. It was more pleasure than she had ever felt and yet not enough. Her legs widened upon his lap invoking his touch beyond the soaked panties that clung to her. She had no control over it. She had no idea how wide she had spread them until she felt his hot fingers against her naked desire.

He stroked her where the creaminess flowed and his manhood tightened at how wet she was. Her tiny opening was readying itself for him and when he thought of that truth his hardness throbbed feeling like he would burst from out of his own skin.

He aroused her with his hand as she panted and arched her hips to his touch. He lubricated his fingers in her cream and then slathered it all over her sex. She came with such magnitude that she cried out loudly. At first she had been wary of the driver catching onto what they were doing but as she climaxed she couldn't have cared less if the whole world knew.

He brought his fingers up to her mouth and nearly came when she licked her own flavor from them. Kadari lifted her from his lap, laid her back on the long limo seat and slid her panties off as her orgasm still echoed within her.

This is what it's like...oh my God, she thought, her desire still twitching with pleasure.

Kneeling before her he asked, "How do you taste?" She placed her own hand between her legs and stirred. She brought a finger to his lips and he slowly drew it into his mouth, tasting her salty sweetness.

"So damn good," he gruffed and cupped her underside, pulling her to his face. He beheld the beauty of her gift and inhaled the scent of her perfumed oils mingled with fresh desire. This time she was a little shy with his face so close to her most intimate place. He sensed her trepidation.

"Relax," he assured soothingly. "I want you to enjoy everything we do," he gazed into her eyes.

"I am," she admitted and he grinned like a school boy. This made her laugh and put her at ease again.

"Lay back.

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