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Male with male encounters continue.

She had spread her scent over a wide area, so it was hard to distinguish which direction she had actually gone. His erection now painfully hard, he raised his head to take another sampling of the forest air.

Catching her scent even stronger than before, he followed this new trail until he heard breaking twigs. He raced behind a tree and watched the woman he was pursuing dart between the trees ahead.

She surveyed the area, looking for the presence of the pursuing male; she smelled his rich, intoxicating scent but was unable to find him. Her ears perked as a twig snapped not far from her. Her wolf senses took over, and she raced away as she saw her pursuer charging out from behind a large tree. The chase was on.

As he raced through the steadily thickening trees, he tracked her sprinting shape, the scent of her arousal hanging thick in the air. A growl simmered low in his throat as he pursued her, and he wolf- howled as she vanished from sight. He increased his speed, wanting to find her again, the amount of light steadily decreasing as the thickening trees blocked out the light of the pearly almost-full moon.

Hoping to corner him, she turned in a wide arc, hoping to surprise him, preferring to be the predator, rather than the prey. A growl rose up in her throat as she caught the heavy scent of her target's arousal. She heard his howl again, this time she replied. She stood as still as possible as she heard the thick growth of the trees being pushed aside. A rush of desire slivered through her as a wave of his deeply masculine scent washed over her.

Scanning the trees, he looked for her shape. He knew she was close by. He could smell her scent that hung thickly in the air around him. He let out a loose growl as he stalked through the bushes, her scent becoming steadily stronger. He came across an opening in the canopy, and at that moment, the moon rose over the trees at just the right angle. A beam of bright moonlight shot through the gap in the canopy, illuminating the ground he stood on.

The moon revealed her quarry to her moments before she would have been discovered. Using this temporary distraction, she sprang from the tree and crashed into him. Wrestling him to the ground, she ripped at his shirt, but he growled at her and threw her off. His shirt hung off him, the moonlight glistening on his partially-exposed chest

Desire flooded through her senses as the moon illuminated the man's body. She rolled out of the way as he charged at her. Grabbing hold of his shirt, she tore it away from him as he lunged at her. She grasped his back and dislodged him after he pinned her under him.

She growled at him and nipped his neck; he growled back and tackled her. He nipped her neck in return as she squirmed under him. He slid her shirt up and yanked it over her head. Her breasts lay exposed to him, but before he could touch her, she flipped him on his back and pushed her hands over his wrists, making it harder for him to battle her.

She leaned down over him and scraped her teeth over his neck, as he growled and struggled against her. She pressed her waist into his and ground into his very strained hardness, forcing a moan from him. He wrapped his legs around hers, flipping her onto her back again. Not wanting to give up her power, she struggled against him, grinding against his erection.

He growled at her, forcing her against the ground, and claiming her mouth in an intense brutal kiss. Their hands traveling down each others bodies, and she unbuttoned his pants and drew down the zipper. He broke the kiss and rolled off her, tugging at her pants and pulling them off. He then grasped her panties and tore them away from her.

He growled as her rich musky scent increased in strength Using his momentary distraction, she grasped his pants and pulled them off, before tearing away his boxers, exposing his thick hardness to her.

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