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Sal has been cursed & turned into a woman... but by whom?

She looked at the desk noticing the earrings. She look at it confused and decided to inspect them. She looks at them quite shocked seeing what appear to be diamond earrings. Matt was peaking into the room through the web cam and holding his remote to control the earrings. Jackie couldn't help but take her current earrings off and try on the new ones. When Jackie put the first earring on Matt pressed for reward and she smile noticing feeling better but not knowing why. She then put the other one on and felt another good feeling.

She admired her earrings and went to take it off but felt a shock of pain. She went for it again and got shocked again. She looked confused and stopped trying to take them off and got another signal of pleasure. She decided that it would be good to keep the earrings on.

Matt smiled from his room. Jackie laid on her bed and she started to slide her stocking down and she felt the pleasure. She stop and she got shocked so she continued sliding them off feeling pleasure motivating her to keep undressing. She started to slide her tank over her head feeling good the whole time. She reached for her skirt and stopped getting shocked. Not a fan of the shock she continues and slides her skirt off. She is sitting on her bed just wearing a strapless bra and a thong. She stares blankly at the wall wondering why she just stripped down. She was especially confused since it wasn't even her house.

Jackie began to push her breasts up feeling some pleasure as she looked down pushing her breasts up to make them look bigger to her. She stopped and felt a shock. She started reaching behind her back feeling more pleasure. She started to unhook her bra and slide it off feeling pleasure deciding to get naked at this point knowing the pleasure it brings. She slides her thong down feeling pleasure the whole time and it stopped once she was naked.

Jackie started to reach for her tank and got a shock. Jackie continued to reach for clothing and got shocked and decided that going after clothing was a bad idea so she sat on her bed naked. She sat there not really sure what to do. Matt smirked and got up.

He walked to Sarah's door and knocked, "Who is it?" She said.


"Ugh go away." She got shocked and was confused.

"Really Jackie?"

"Yes, go away." She gets shocked again.

"Are you sure? I just wanted to talk to you. She sits there not wanting to feel the pain but not wanting to be in a room naked with her best friend's brother.

"Go..." She gets shocked. "Ahead and come in." She feels pleasure and smiles.

Matt opens the door and steps in looking at Jackie's naked body. "Why aren't you dressed?"

She shrugs and reaches for something to cover herself but each object she touches she gets a shock. "Just too much work." She starts to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands but feels a shock and stops. "Something weird is going on..." She looks at him curious.

"I dunno Jackie... is there anything I can do for you?"

She shakes her head and feels the pain. She says, "No." And feels more pain, "Ummm... maybe there is Matt." She starts to feel pleasure. "Yea there is." She feels the pleasure enjoying it not sure what she needs her best friend's brother for.

"Would you be more comfortable if I was naked?" She looks at him perplexed.

"Ewww..." She feels a shock. "No..." Another painful shock. "Errr... yes?"

Matt looks at her as she feels pleasure. "If that's what you want Jackie. You want to undress me?" She starts, "Nnn.." Feels a shock and says "NYessss." She slightly moans feeling the pleasure. She reaches out lifting his shirt over his head feeling the pleasure not noticing the device Matt is holding in his hand. She unzipped his pants and slide them down noticing the buldge made from his hard dick. She smirks, "I cause you to be like this Matt?" She feels more pleasure and pulls his boxers down leaving her naked in the same room with her best friend's brother.

Jackie looks at him perplexed as to why she's doing this.

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