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Mom becomes the family slut.

It wasn't the way they normally worked but he had access to the technology required.


Three weeks later I told Sarah we were going out for a meal on the Friday evening. She was both excited and curious when I wouldn't tell her where we were going. Whether she realised that the shit was about to hit the fan or not I'm 100% sure. But she was quite subdued when we first arrived in the Majestic's restaurant.

"Why have we come here?" she asked.

"Joyce's boyfriend is the manager here and she's been telling me how nice it is. I thought it wouldn't do any harm to give it a try."

My explanation appeared to calm her fears and we had an enjoyable meal together. As we left the restaurant Sarah was again confused when I steered her towards the lifts. By the time we got to room 419, I could feel her actually shaking. She didn't say anything and only slightly resisted as I lead her into the room.

I took her over to one of the chairs and she collapsed into it.

"Okay, Sarah, the game's over. I know you've been in this room before. Are you going to tell me about it now? Or am I going to leave this room a single man?"

She looked up at me obviously confused and with a very frightened look on her face. But she didn't volunteer anything, so I took the envelope from my pocket and handed it to her.

"What's this?" she asked as she took it from me.

"DNA test results, Sarah. I had those tests done anyway. Care to take a guess at what they say?"

Sarah's face showed blind panic.

"But they can't. You are Christina's father. I made so sure that you would be..." her voice faded to nothing.

"Would you care to develop on that, Sarah."

To be fair she couldn't say anything because she was crying so hard and she had her head buried in her hands.
There was a knock at the door; that took me by surprise. I opened it to find Joyce and Martin standing there.

"Sorry, Mike. I thought you might need a referee. Martin will stay outside but if you don't object - look you're a very level headed guy, Mike, but I think I'd better stand in on this one, just in case you do lose your temper."

"Come in if you want, Joyce. But I don't think we will be needing you, Martin. I've had plenty of time to get used to things. Thank you anyway, my friend."

Martin nodded to me as I closed the door, but it didn't look to me as if he had any intention of leaving and I could see what I assumed was the master key in his hand. Joyce sat on the other chair beside Sarah and I sat down on the bed.

"Sarah, Mike's my boss, but I've always considered both you as my friends. I probably don't know quite as much as Mike does about all this, but I believe I know most of what Mike does. However I fully intend to stay neutral in this; I think you need someone you can both talk to. If this evening turns into a slanging match? Well!"

Joyce reached out and took Sarah's hand. Sarah looked at her and they exchanged comforting smiles. I can't say that I was over-enthused with Joyce's presence as I was actually playing a tremendous bluff. I really needed to know what had happened on that night all those years ago and why. I worried that Joyce might be a little too neutral; Sarah and her had always got on so well together.

"Are you going to tell me about it now, Sarah? Or do I leave this room a single man?"

"No, oh, please, no," was all Sarah could say before she was lost in tears again.

Damn it, after all the build up, I was beginning to get impatient. Maybe it was a good idea for Joyce to be there.

"Okay, Sarah, let me tell you what I know. Guess what? Back in 1986, they weren't all that computerised at this hotel. Everything was written on little bits of paper and believe it or not it turns out that all those bits of paper are still down in the basement somewhere. You might not think so, but Martin was very kind and looked out the booking for this room for me."

I pulled a photocopy from my pocket.

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