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A quick and kinky incest fantasy!

"I'm cold. Warm me."

"You're always cold."

"And you always warm me."

Smiling, Dee, lowered himself gently to lie next to Sys, on the rather narrow bed. Sys cuddled into his side and hissed softly. Dee stroked his hair and stared into his face, unable to tear his eyes away from Sys' smile.

"Mmm." Sys rubbed his face against Dee's hand. "It'ss nice here."

"What do you mean?"

"Here, in your armss. You were right. The cabin doessn't matter and my planet doessn't matter. All ththat matterss iss that you are here and I am here and Luke iss here. Ththat'ss all I need; all I will ever need."

"Dee tucked the heavy blue hair away, behind Sys' ear and left his fingers there, playing idly with the soft locks. Resting his head on one hand he looked down, no smile on his face.

"What'ss wrong?" Sys asked, uncertainly.

"Absolutely nothing," Dee said, still not smiling. "I don't know what I did to deserve you but I'll always give thanks for that day; the day I happened to take a walk in a snowstorm and found an angel."

"I'm not an angel."

"Oh yes, you are. You're my angel; my guardian angel."

Sys raised his hand and lightly brushed Dee's lips with his finger. Dee let them part and drew the finger inside. Sys shivered, as he sucked and nipped gently.

"Dee... Dee I need... It's been sso... hard..."

"It still is I think," Dee purred as his hand stroked down over his shoulder and hip to where the evidence was swelling.

"Oh pleasse, pleasse Dee."

"Is this really the time and place?"

"I neeed you Dee. Pleassse?" he begged, with his lips and his eyes and Dee was helpless.

Dee's hand squeezed and Sys jumped, but when Dee's fingers began to roam, Sys stopped him. "Not your handsss, Dee. Pleasse not your handss."

Dee smiled and raised his hand again, to brush Sys' face, while some of his tentacles crept under his shirt and began to caress his hot skin, roaming over his chest, stomach, hips, back... everywhere. Sys moaned and closed his eyes, arching against Dee. Dee lay down and put his arms around Sys, pulling him close. Sys clung to him and thrust his tongue deeply into Dee's mouth.

He whimpered, when Dee's tentacle wrapped around his balls and squeezed gently. The tentacles throbbed and pulsed against his hot skin, as they writhed and slid and squeezed. Sys' eyes rolled.

Shifting his arm, so that Sys' head could fall back, Dee released his lips, so he could nudge aside the hair and bite into his neck. Sys bucked and thrust against the tentacles, grabbing handfuls of Dee's shirt and pulled him close. He buried his face in Dee's shoulder, whimpering and moaning. He almost screamed when one of the tentacles probed deeper and slid into his ass. Making a strangled choking sound, he arched sharply, and came hard.

Dee withdrew his tentacles and held Sys close until the trembling stopped and his breathing evened out.

"Ththank you," Sys whispered, relaxing against him. Dee raised his head on his hand again and watched him fall asleep, hissing.

He was half dozing, himself, when the door burst open and Luke's anxious voice begged, "Dee? Dee, have you gone to ssleep again? Dee, are you al-right?"

"I'm fine, Luke," he said, not turning. "Sys," he murmured brushing the tousled hair from Sys' sleeping face. "Darling, Luke's here. He's worried about you."

Sys stirred and hissed quietly. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled, reaching for Dee. "Hun, Luke is here," he repeated and, immediately, Sys came fully awake and sat up, only to fall back with a groan.

"I'm going to have to sstop doing ththat."

"Yes, you are. At least until it stops hurting."

Carefully, Dee disentangled himself from Sys and stood up. "Luke," Sys said, with tears in his eyes. "I wass sso worried about you."

"You were worried about me? Father, you were unconssciouss and I didn't know if you were ever going to wake up."

"Sssilly boy." Sys reached out his arms and Luke threw himself onto the bed and started to cry. Hissing in what Dee called his 'fathering hiss', he stroked Luke's back and smiled at Dee over his shoulder.

Luke had not com

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