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He figured he should join his two friends in the reception, and was disappointed to see that the receptionist was a very plain looking tabby cat with mousy coloured hair that hung limply on her shoulders, which ruined his fantasy that all receptionists were good looking. He walked over and gave Jareth a rough but playful nudge, nearly knocking the slight fox off his feet.

Amethyst stood, leaning with her back to the receptionist and watched with some amusement the resulting display of macho posturing. Suppressing a laugh she reached for the tourist information leaflets and flicked through them absently while she watched the variety of furs that were coming and going. Amethyst muttered to herself aware that the boys couldn't hear her or in fact even cared to listen. It wasn't until Jareth waved a paw in front of her that Amethyst snapped out of her day dream.

"Hmm? I take it that's us sorted?"

"Yeah. First game starts at 8pm tonight. We have to be here for 7.45 and we have been given one of the recently renovated cabins. Now let's get a move on!" Jareth explained.

Amethyst, Jareth and Harvey found their cabin. It was nothing spectacular, just a standard log cabin, but it would serve it's purpose for the weekend. Harvey couldn't help but grunt with disapproval at the state of the relatively small building.

"Recently renovated? obviously that means it's been given a lick of paint to hide the cracks!"

Amethyst shot Harvey a filthy look, she was starting to get annoyed at the attitude the boys were adopting "Don't be so pessimistic, it's better than sitting about like we always do."

With that she turned to Jareth and asked for the keys. She really was not about to let a bit of rain and a long journey ruin the weekend. Those two could be miserable all they liked, she was not going to waste any of her own energy fighting with them or trying to cheer them up. She leaned her hip against the large wooden door, that was painted an off white colour, and balanced her bags with one arm as she fiddled with the key chain to unlock the door. There was a satisfying clunk and the door creaked open just a notch. Amethyst gave the door a bump with her hip causing it to swing wide open. Taking a few steps forward Amethyst chucked her two bags to the polished floor with a heavy thud. She sighed deeply, blowing her hair out of her face. By this point Amethyst was totally unaware of the others, as she wandered around the reasonable sized cabin taking in everything around her. She was blind to the fact that they were flirting shamelessly with each other, or more to the point that Harvey was doing the flirting while Jareth was totally oblivious to it.

The small group picked their rooms, had a quick look around and were now standing on the balcony chatting and admiring the view. The rain had eased off and the evening was set to be breezy but dry, which had put the boys in a slightly better mood. Amethyst looked at her watch, 7pm.

"Time to get ourselves ready then." She said, brushing her paw against Jareth's stomach as she passed him.

Amethyst unpacked her guns and started to fill the magazines with BB pellets. She double checked everything before she started to layer on the clothing for the game. The weather may have dried up but it was still cold and the more layers she had on the better protected she was from Beeb shots. She finished buttoning the camouflage shirt and rummaged in her bag for the bandanna she always wore during games. It was the only thing that kept her hair out of her eyes. Satisfied that she was ready Amethyst wandered back out to the balcony.

While Amethyst was getting ready Harvey decided to use the time to get much closer to Jareth.

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