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Comfortable and confident, I remember the feeling of her fingers as they slightly squeezed my hand and seeing her long black hair falling down her shoulder and her gold earrings dangling as she turned looking over her nearly bare shoulder, the thin straps her dress over the slightest of freckles on her porcelain white skin, at me with her red lips smiling showing her perfect teeth before she said, "Isn't it wonderful, baby?"

I smile slightly and squeeze her hand back. Relieved to see her happy, I smile back before I move up to her side. My hand leaving hers before it moves to the small of her back and my thumb works slowly back and forth over her spine as we slowly walked together to the stage. I sit down on the worn black leather stool before the stage and Elisa grins as she moves down slowly her ass running over the front of my jeans teasing my hard cock as she runs it between the cheeks of her ass. She whimpers and moans cutely as well as load enough to make sure every eye in the place is paying attention to her as her dress slips up her body exposing her little panties for just the briefest of movements before her hand moves and pulls down the front of her dress as she laughs teasingly before settling down sitting on my right thigh. Her left hand alternating between holding my shoulder to moving her nails up my neck letting her fingers absently play with my hair.

Whispering teasingly into my ear, "Chris, please, tell me you love me." Smiling as she leans in biting and tugging on my earlobe. My right arm wrapped around her waist the other on her knee moving it slowly up her bare thigh.

Her other hand moving to my lap her hand squeezing my cock and, in spite knowing I shouldn't give into her so easily, find myself whispering back "I love you, Elisa."

In response she nuzzles her face against my neck almost sweetly and lets her thumb circle over the head of my cock before I groan out as I feel her teeth biting my neck roughly and leaving a mark before she pulls away and responds while looking down into my eyes "Poor baby."

She giggles, slipping off of me while turning away, and then moving up to the stage in front of me. Her eyes moving to the little girl with long red hair dancing to American Woman on the stage. The routine had started with her seeming almost proud and confident in spite of her surroundings as she twirled around the pole and teasingly revealed her well-maintained little body. Undoing the knot of the red bandana pulled tight around her chest, she reveals her perky, real breast and puffy nipples far too good for a place like this. She takes her time with the cut off torn jeans. Teasingly undoing every button as she unveils her little crouch shaved bare revealing her pink pussy lips and tight little cunt.

Once all but naked on the stage, however, she find that her big, brown doe eyes are unable to pull themselves away from Elisa as she walked into the club. Elisa smiles sweetly at the girl, down only to a pair of cowboy boots, and the stripper responds moving her hand over her body squeezing her breast. I see the flesh of her breast pressed between her fingers and her thumb circles her nipple before she pinches and tugs on it as she whimpers, her lower lip shivering. Her hand then continues its trek down her body down between her now spread legs. Elisa makes a surprised face at the girl's actions even letting a little color show on cheeks. Then she smiles looking intently at the stripper's cute, wet cunt as the girl slips two fingers into her now almost dripping little hole. Her moans can even be heard above the crowd cheering her on. Satisfied at the display of devotion, Elisa holds up her finger gesturing for the girl to come to her. The little thing crawling toward Elisa with her back arch and her ass press up while as she nervously bites her lower lip while she looks down into the blue eyes of the goddess before her.

Elisa's hands held the edge of the stage as she leaned over it her ass before me as I sit back watching my theoretical girlfrie

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