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Wife falls more under husband's control.

"I was cruising the web and ran across a set of pictures that I really enjoyed." I looked at her, barely breathing, to see how she would respond. If she chose not to follow up, I would drop the whole thing.

Instead, Kat glanced at me with a new look in her eyes. Not seductive, not even suggestive; maybe speculative best describes it.

"Oh, yes?" she answered. "What kind of pictures?"

"Pictures of a woman," I said. "A very attractive woman who enjoys her body and is willing to share her beauty with others."

Kat's eyes widened slightly, and her hint of a smile broadened just a bit. "I see," she said. A moment passed and we walked in silence. Then she added "I gather that these pictures were of a rather personal nature. Some people think that there must be something wrong with a person who would put pictures like that out where anybody could see them."

"Some people are wrong," I responded. "Some people are afraid to admit that certain things exist."

Kat's smile was now almost a grin. "Certain things like sex?" she asked.

I was finally able to look her in the eye and try my own smile. "That's right, sex. And some other people really appreciate a person who enjoys sex and isn't afraid to say so."

We reached the break room, got our coffee, and started back to our cubicles. During the return walk Kat was quiet and thoughtful. When we were back in our work area, Kat turned into her cube, then stopped and turned back to me.

"So you liked the pictures. I bet the person who put them out would like to know just how you enjoyed them. Did they make you smile? Laugh?" She waited, her head slightly tilted, her eyes frank.

It was time to quit being coy. I took a quick look around to make sure that nobody was near enough to hear. Our cubicles were at the end of a row and we were as private as you can be in an office.

"They made me cum." I told her.

Kat's lips parted slightly, and she took a small, quick breath. "Good!" she said.

She looked at me for a long moment, then turned back to her cubicle. I went into my cube and sat down. Only then did I realize how nervous I had been; my legs were a bit shaky.

For the rest of the morning Kat and I worked as usual. Or at least she appeared to be doing so. As for myself, I couldn't concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds. All I could think was "What happens next?". I tried to work out what I should do. Invite Kat to lunch? I didn't want to look like a stalker, or make her think I was trying to blackmail her into having sex with me. I tried to avoid staring at Kat, but couldn't resist a quick peek every now and then.

The sight of her brought back memories of her pictures: her shapely breasts, her neatly trimmed bush, the hint of moisture on her fingers as she slipped them into her vagina. Before long, of course, I had an erection. Without really meaning to, I began to stroke my penis through the fabric of my slacks.

Just then, Kat glanced over her shoulder at me. Again her eyes widened, and then she smiled. Not a smile that says "Caught you!" but a real one; one that says "I like what I see." She nodded slowly, and slowly swiveled her chair so that it faced mine. Her eyes locked on mine, she slid her hand slowly down the front of her blouse until she reached the top of her slacks. Then, never looking away, she slid her hand under the waistband and down to the spot I had stared at so hungrily the night before. Leaning back slightly in her chair, she began to gently rub her vulva.

I was so incredibly turned on that I wondered why my engorged penis hadn't split my pants. I stroked the length of it through the fabric, relishing the friction caused by the cloth.

Kat was still rubbing herself, and seemed to be breathing a bit more quickly. Using her unoccupied left hand she quickly opened the top two buttons of her blouse. She slid the hand inside and began to stroke her right breast through the material of her bra.

I imagined the feel of her through the bra, the gentle sliding of cloth over skin, the small swelling as her nipple hardened.

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