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Shannon takes a shower, and Drake uncovers the truth.

I kind of liked it, and I suspected he did as well. And I knew a pretty good way of finding out.

"Well," Berni said. "that was awkward."

"Still is, kinda," Paul said. "We thought you were, ah..." he glanced at the bottle on the nightstand.

"Passed out drunk? No, just asleep. A bit zonked, but -- obviously -- wakeable. But forget that. What the hell happened down there? How did the party turn into Naked City?"

I realized how odd a discussion this was, among three people lying in bed naked together.

Paul shook his head. "Honestly? I can't tell you the point where it all went crazy. But I think it was your girlfriend who started it."

"My girlfriend?"

"Hanna," Berni said.

"Uh... you know?"

"Kelly," Berni said, "everybody knows."

"Well," I said, "it doesn't matter, because it's over."

As we spoke, I rested my hand on Paul's leg, just above the knee. He turned on his side, facing me, probably so Berni wouldn't see him react.

"Sorry to hear that," Berni said. I thought there was a little something off in the way she'd said that, and didn't find out until afterward that she's seen Hanna sucking on Rae's breast in the water. For now, I was concentrating more on Paul. I'd moved my hand just an inch or two higher on his thigh, and he clearly didn't know whether to ask me to stop, letting Berni know I'd had my hand on his bare leg, or letting me continue. And wondering what "continuing" actually meant.

Not that I was sure either.

Bernie filled me in on what I'd missed: Mindy's cousin's wet shirt, followed by Didi's bikini malfunction (which apparently nobody believed was an accident), Hanna raising the stakes with her strip tease, and then how once a few girls were topless, everybody else just went with the flow.

In the meantime, since he was making no move to stop me, I'd moved my hand to Paul's hip, and began moving it in toward his penis. He had a lot of thick pubic hair, which was kind of new to me: both Hanna and I are clean-shaven there.

But of course the biggest thrill was closing my fist gently around his penis. My first penis, but even I knew they weren't always this hard. I wondered whether it was because of the story Berni was telling, or because he was in bed with two girls, or because he knew my hand had been working its slow way to his penis. All three, I guess.

I began stroking him, very gently so that Berni wouldn't know what was going on under the blanket. Paul looked at me, almost pleadingly, and I don't think even he knew whether he was begging me to stop before we were caught, or begging me to make him cum.

Well, unless he did something to stop me, I was going to keep going until I made him cum. I thought about how it would feel to feel his cum splash against my belly, and the thought made me so hot, my other hand went down to my vagina. And I'm sure Paul could tell what I was doing.

Then suddenly he turned around, put an arm around Berni and pulled her close, and started to kiss her hard. After a few seconds she pulled away and said "Paul! Kelly's right there."

"So what!" Paul said. "Fifteen minutes ago, she saw us fucking."

"True," I said. "Fucking. And naked. Fucking naked."

"And if you keep poking me with that thing," Berni said with a nervous giggle, "She's going to see us fucking again." And then a moment later, "Mmmmm. Seriously, Paul, you have to -- oh."

Was Paul really inside of her? I was dying to see, because I hadn't really seen them fucking earlier: I'd just seen them when they were done, and even that was kind of hazy at the time.

Paul rolled over on top of her. Yeah, they were definitely fucking under the blanket.

So of course I grabbed the blanket and pulled it completely off the bed.

Paul stopped for a moment, when he realized they were both naked in front of me, but then Berni growled "Nooo," and he went back to fucking her. I was sure they'd never done this in front of an audience before.

I stripped off my panties, and sat cross-legged alongside them, watching them.

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