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A femme toy is trained by her transexual Mistress.

I placed one hand firmly in the middle of her back and moved the other up to support her head; my fingers occasionally playing through her hair, whilst my mouth devoured her breasts and suckled her nipples.

My urgency to take her was growing intensely as did the hardness of the bulge in my swimming shorts, which was pressed along the valley of her womanhood; a simple matter of two layers of thin material from my heaven on earth which she used teasingly to rub along my erection with small movements of her hips....

I slowly got to my feet with her still clamped on me like a reversed rucksack and I made sure to hold her securely by the waist to gently lower her down until her pretty little feet touched the bottom of the pool. Moving slowly around and behind her, I placed my hands on the beautiful curve of her waist then let my hands gently stroke up her flanks in unison, around her ribcage and up to her breasts, cupping them gently one in each hand and kneeding the amazingly full and pert nipples between my forefingers and thumbs.

I could not resist pressing my engorged manhood against her bottom as it strained within its confines eager to be released, stroked and inside of her. She bent forward to encourage my urgency and wriggled slowly from side to side rhythmically as I was pressing, rubbing, humping myself against her through her bikini bottoms. Gently, I slipped my index fingers into the waistband of her bikini bottoms, one each side and slid them down over her thighs to expose her perfectly rounded, flawless soft bottom to my gaze.

Feeling and sensing my desire, she encouraged the assault to continue by reaching back to grasp my rigid and rock hard cock in her hand through the material of my shorts, whilst the other hand reached back and fumbled at the cord at their waistband.

Skilfully, she pulled the bow apart and I helped her by pulling down my shorts. My cock sprung free into her waiting hand as if passing a baton in a relay race and she grasped the shaft as it pointed rigidly and rudely upwards to the ceiling, reaching back with her other hand to seek out and gently cup and fondle my balls.

She pulled me towards her by a firm, yet gentle grip on my cock and guided the swollen head to the delights of her waiting pussy. She leaned completely forward so that her torso rested on the side of the pool and presented her beautiful womanhood to me on tip-toes, toes spread on the bottom or the pool. She arched her back by raising her head and shoulders showing off the beautiful curve of her spine, the rude curve of her hips and the waiting glint of her now slippery wet pussy. I delighted in the sight before me and the fullness of her round bottom.

Slowly, she teasingly circled the now slippery end of my penis around the outer labia of her divine womanhood, spreading my ooze in ever decreasing circles to her inner labia and then placed the enormously swollen tip of my glans at her opening. I looked down to witness the moment my cock entered her. I rubbed my thumb gently across the opening to her sweet puckered ass as it was exposed and presented to my gaze and pressed forward into her in one, single, swift stroke. By now, her pussy was incredibly wet and slippery and her juices allowed me to push into her as hard and far as I could go, until I felt the tip of my throbbing penis pressing on her cervix. She reached down between her legs to feel my swollen balls and pulled them gently forward onto her clitoris, rubbing them against her in a circular motion as my hands were on her waist pulling her onto me, impailing her, trapping her, filling her with every inch of length and girth of my manhood...

Her legs felt like they might buckle at any moment as she came off tip-toes and planted her feet securely on the bottom of the pool, allowing her to push back and meet my thrusts, which became more urgent and forceful.

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