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Orgy in Vegas, bad news about Cherry, Mansion completed.

Next, he grabbed my car keys from my hands, I tried to grip onto them for my comfort but he grabbed my hair and pulled my face up so he could see my fear, then he spat in my face. I was already degraded and humiliated before my pants had even come off as he tore the car keys away from my fingers.

I was stuck now, whether I liked it or not. "Wait, please..." I barely whispered looking at the ground then back up at my Master. This was the first time I saw what was the closest thing to a smile that he had made, it was cruel as he said "I don't wait for a slave." He put my car keys in his pocket and aggressively pulled me up to my feet. Scared to move a muscle I stood there letting him manhandle me as he turned my body around so my back was facing him. He unhooked my bra and forced my stance to face him once again, as he grabbed and pulled off my bra by the middle between the cups. I was standing in my pants and thong, nothing else, my small tits exposed for him to see.

"Fucking whore." He growled at me slapping my tits. He pulled my nipple and pinched it between his thumb and index finger. I gasped, I felt it in my pussy, and he knew it. His hands trailed down to my jeans as he unbuttoned them. I tried to push his hands away lightly with mine but immediately realized what a big mistake that was. "You don't want me to stop, you filthy dumb cunt. So don't even try to stop me." He yanked my pants down to my ankles and pushed me hard down to the bed.

He dragged me up on his lap and pulled my black thong down. I felt his hand strike down hard on my ass. I yelped out in pain. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head so I could see him as he said "Every time you scream I'll spank your ass harder, ten more times. Got it whore?" He pushed my head back down. "Count." He ordered. He spanked me hard and I bit my lip so I wouldn't scream out. I cried out each and every painful spank feeling my dirty hole getting so wet. He spanked me forty times until my ass was burning and sore.

He smelled my cunt and parted my legs pushing his hand to feel my wetness. "Your dirty little bitch. You're soaked." He laughed at me and I turned red with humiliation and shame bent over on his knee.

Master literally pushed me off of his knees onto the ground as I thumped hard on the floor. "That is your place. Don't forget it you worthless little whore." I looked up at Master as he motioned for me to come in between his legs. Crawling over, I knew what he wanted and was too afraid to oppose. He took his cock out of his pants and I started stroking it. Reluctantly and shyly I started stroking him.

He pushed my head down and my lips touched Master's cock for the first time. He could feel my hot breath on the head of his dick. He felt me kiss the head and up and down the shaft, and then I wrapped my wet lips around his big cock. I pushed my head down and felt his hard cock press against my tongue, and the roof of my mouth. I slowly started bobbing my head up and down as I felt and cradled Master's balls in my hands. I started picking up speed as I tried pushing his member further and further back in my mouth. I felt his cock hit my throat and I gagged, but I didn't stop partly out of fear and partly out of my own arousal. Tears filled my eyes as I gagged pushing his cock further to the back of my mouth now pushing down my throat.

I gagged and choked and my face got red but I continued to suck Master's cock.

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