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A desperate man finds solace on a deserted road.

The depth of my kiss tells you all you need to know. With a knowing look in your eye you set your keys on the table and kick your shoes into the corner. You pull me in for another slow, deep kiss. My hands travel down the length of your body to the stiffening bulge in your pants.

I drop to my knees and unzip your pants. Your proud erection springs out to meet me. I admire it for a moment. God, you have such a beautiful cock. I drop my gaze a bit lower to your balls. Leaning forward, I run my tongue in little circles around each of them. You give a throaty grunt of satisfaction when i suck them gently into my mouth one at a time.

I release my hold on your balls and look up at you. My tongue licks the length of your shaft and I watch your eyelids flutter closed in ecstasy. You did always like to be licked. You've told me that the feel of my tongue anywhere on your body shoots waves of pleasure through you. I am more than happy to oblige you in this.

After giving your member a thorough tongue bath I wrap my lips around it and slide it into my mouth. The low groan you let out makes my pussy flood with my juices. I can't wait to feel you inside of me. My mouth gives your cock treatment it deserves. I make sure to use as much of my mouth as possible, not just my lips. I love feeling how firm you are in my mouth.

I push you as far back onto my throat as I can possibly take it and just hold you there. I let you feel my throat contracting around the head, my tongue gliding along the base and shaft. Your fingers grip my hair and you hold me there, your cock throbbing, your breath quick and shallow. You look down at me on my knees, your staff in deep in my mouth and you shudder. But you don't come just yet.

You break my hold on you and motion for me to stand up. Holding my gaze, you pull my shirt over my head, unhook my bra, and slide it from my shoulders. You slide my pants and panties down my legs. After undressing yourself, you push me back to my knees and motion for me to turn around.You kneel behind me and wrap your arms around me, holding me to you.

My back leans against your chest while you explore my body with your hands. Your run them along my sides, across my belly, around each of my breasts. You take your time, nuzzling my neck and nibbling my ear lobes. You cup my tits in your hands and tease my nipples with your thumbs.

You know exactly how much this drives me crazy. I arch my back, pushing my ass against your thick cock and my breasts high into the air. Your nimble thumbs keep caressing my nipples, though. Lightly stroking, sending bolts of pleasure directly between my thighs. You pinch them lightly, roll them between your fingers, and succeed in making me cry out and beg for you to please fuck me.

"Sssshhh," you whisper in my ear, "Good things come to those who wait." In any other situation I would tell you how corny that sounded. But in this moment it's the sexiest thing I've ever heard. I whimper and writhe my body against yours. You wrap one arm firmly around my waist and move the other down between my legs.

You groan, "God, you're so fucking wet," when your fingers brush against my pussy. You easily slip two fingers onto my dripping pussy and slowly, lazily begin to pump them in and out of me. My head falls back on your shoulder and I moan. With the way you're positioned the palm of your hand rubs my aching clit every time you move your fingers.

I want to come so badly! But you won't let me. You manage to keep rubbing my clit, but not provide enough consistent pressure to finish me. I can feel my juices trickle down my right thigh. As if this wasn't torture enough, you move your other hand from my waist and move it back to my tits. Between your fingers playing with my nipples, your fingers in my cunt, and your palm teasing my clit, I'm nearly in tears with built up frustration.

Finally, you take pity on me and gently push on my shoulders until I'm on all fours.

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