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Edward is drained and humiliated.

She threw my bag aside and let her hands roam over my body. Her touch made me moan in pleasure. As she leads me to the bed, she says she has a surprise. We reach the bed and she begins undressing me. I am startled when I feel another set of hands caressing my butt while my skirt begins rising up past my thighs. I see a look of pure lust in Ami's eyes as she begins playing with my naked and very erect nipples.

Another moan escapes as the hands caressing me begin massaging my crotch. A finger slides inside my panties and into my aching hole. The finger slowly moves in and out massaging my walls. All I can do is lean against her as excitement and pleasure consume my body.

I lie down on the bed as two sets of hands begin exploring my body. My nipples are sucked and rubbed as well as my crotch. The woman at my feet slowly removes my panties and gently spreads my legs. I know she can see how turned on I am by the wetness between my legs. Her finger begins its journey in and out of me again as I move my hips to the rhythm letting her know I love the feel of finger fucking me. She spreads my lips and her tongue starts exploring my throbbing clit as her finger continues fucking me. Ami is fondling my breasts then straddles my face exposing her pussy for a little caressing. I grab her hips and pull her down to my face. I am so hot from the treatment her friend is giving me, I start tonguing her clit as a finger circles her backdoor. Ami has taught me well on the art of muff diving and what she likes. Her head falls back as she starts grinding her pussy into my face letting me know I am doing a job. I let out a loud moan as a finger enters my ass. No lube was needed because of all the juices flowing. I now have a tongue on my clit while fucking fingers in my ass and twat. This much attention made me tense up as my orgasm hit like a tidal wave of pleasure. I had to stop eating Ami as I screamed out and my body trembled. Ami's friend didn't let up on my clit until my juice had been licked and I was clean. Ami was so close to her own orgasm from watching, she shoved her pussy in my face begging me to finish her. I began licking her cunt and plunging in and out of her hole so fast and hard within a few minutes her pussy exploded covering my face with her sweetness. I kept licking until her cries died down and she was clean and dry.

Ami climbed off my face and went to her friend for a kiss. She wanted to make sure nothing extra was on her face. As they kissed and played with each others bodies, I got behind them and started rubbing my new friend's ass. She had enjoyed watching Ami and I cum. Her box was so wet, my fingers slid in nice and easy as I began repaying the favor of a pleasurable finger fuck. She got on all fours as I slid two fingers in and out of her. Ami played with her clit then decided to crawl between her legs so Ami's face was straddled. No doubt with two people servicing, it doesn't take long to get off. Ami pulled her friend's pussy to her mouth and slid her tongue from clit to hole before focusing on her clit. As she tongued her clit, I kept fucking her with my fingers and started playing with her asshole. She enjoyed that as much as I did as moans began and she started fucking my hand harder as I got my finger in her ass. She started bucking wildly as she hit her peak. Her body trembled as Ami licked her clean before falling on the bed in exhaustion.

As we sat back to relax a minute, I could feel the wetness between my legs again from thinking of the things just done.

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