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A New Year BDSM Demonstration few will forget.

I reached forward and grabbed her long blonde hair that had been hanging down her back. It was so long that I could practically stay kneeling upright and still have it in hand.

I moved further up towards her neck so I could get more leverage and then pulled it back forcing her head to follow and look up to the skies.

"Ow!"she screamed, as I'd obviously pulled a little too hard.

I was about to say sorry, when I figured that if it was too much then she would say the word, so I ignored her comment and pulled it back a little further.

"Arrh, fuck!" It was more of a gargle this time as the tension on her throat prevented her from speaking properly. She coughed a little but I didn't give her any leeway.

I used her hair as a reign to pull myself deep inside her as I continued to thrust in and out. Every time I pulled back so my cock was just touching her hole I eased the pressure on her hair, only to pull a little tighter as I thrust myself hard back into her.

It felt like I was riding a horse and using my groin to push her forward with every movement.

There was a rhythmic splutter from her mouth on every stroke as she struggled to get her breath, let alone talk.

"Tighten up," I shouted as I could feel her pussy was relaxing slightly as she focused more on trying to breathe than pleasing me.

She didn't seem to respond so I stepped things up again.

I shifted my position behind her slightly and used my free left hand to slap her on the ass quite hard. "Tighten up bitch."

She let out a gargled cry but didn't respond with her grip so I carried on and slapped her hard again. Already there was a bright red hand mark appearing on her ass cheek.

"Are you gonna tighten up for me?"

She tried to nod but I pulled tighter on her hair as she did, forcing another cough from her.

"Don't tell me, show me!" I demanded as I slapped her ass cheek again.

She screamed out loud again but followed it with "Aha," as she must have understood because her grip tightened once again.

"Good girl."

My cock was feeling like exploding, and with every stroke, every inch of movement I was trying to hold back, but the grip of her cunt and the wetness of her inner hole made it impossible.

I gave her hair one last long tug back and felt a few hairs come out in my hand as I pushed myself as deep inside as I could possibly go.

I shot wave after wave of my hot cum into her. My hand had a death grip on her hair, pulling hard to force myself even deeper with every spasm.

The pulses continued for a while and my eyes were closed in ecstasy. It took a few more moments before I even noticed her screaming.

She must have been like that for a while but my orgasm had masked all my senses.

I quickly let go of her hair and removed my hand which still contained a clump of it. Her head dropped down, released from its torture and her voice was audible again.

"You fucking bastard!" She screamed as her whole body slumped onto the bed, releasing my cock from her hole and dragging a line of cum with it.

She reached up to her head and placed her hand around where I had been tugging. She removed it to show some blood from her scalp where I had literally ripped the hair from it.

She turned to face me, didn't say a word and just showed me her bloodied hand.

There was a long pause as I really didn't know what to say, before she spoke.

"Fuck sake Ben, look!"

She moved her open palm closer to my face, not that I needed any help to see, it was quite clear what I had done.

"Sorry babe, I got caught up in the moment." My tone was genuine and sorrowful but she quickly showed that she wasn't too bothered as a smile came over her face and she repeated the words again. This time half laughing.

"Fuck sake Ben!"

This made me smile too as my worry disappeared. For a moment I had genuinely thought she was hating me but thankfully she was still enjoying being abused.

"Is this your wild side that you keep hidden away?"

"I guess it is," I responded, wondering deep down how far my wide side would actually go.

"You took out half my hair!"

"I know, sorry about

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