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5 couples make a porno...writing, a rehearsal, & a sex tape.

I loved the incentive you always seemed to give me, no mat- ter what we were doing. Up,....down,....up,....down,....up,....down,....over and over and over! It was pure Heaven as you looked down watching the big, open tip come into view when it spread the heart of your cleavage apart, and, slid up, your tongue out and ready! A little higher I pumped, and, soon, I could feel the tip of your tongue dart into the large hole, searching out, then scooping any pre-cum there! "OH!" I moaned again, and, you loved it!

The car rocked from our efforts as I looked down, marveling at how my thick shaft spread, far apart, your tits, as it came up, your lovely head bent forward, tongue out and ready to dip into the hole when it reached you! Your big tits,....easily,....folded around me even though I am VERY, VERY thick, with room to spare! I knew breast-balling you would be one of the greatest, if not,....the,....greatest tit-fuck I would experience in a lifetime!

Again and again, your silk-filled hand fondled my huge balls, and, I could feel them filling, rapidly, to over-flowing! "OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I hollered, again and again, as your silk-filled hand danced on my balls! "CUM FOR MONICA!!! CUM FOR ME, HOOT! SHOOT ALL THAT HOT SPUNK RIGHT IN MONICA'S HUNGRY MOUTH!!!!!" I leaned my upper body back while still supporting myself with my knees at your sides, so, I could get a better look! "C'MON, HOOT! C'MON!!!!!! FUCK MY TITS AND MOUTH!!!!!! FUCK THEM BOTH, HOOT!!!! YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO DO IT!!!! FUCK THEM HARD!!!!!!!" you hollered, prompting me to put more effort into it! I rolled my hips down and back, and, we both watched the large tip slide down your cleav- age as it disappeared, your huge tits folding together where it had been, then, reappearing again when it slid below the bottom of your cleav- age! Faster, your silk-filled hand diddled and fondled my balls! "C'MON, HOOT!!!!! C'MON!!!!! YOUR BALLS ARE BIG, FULL AND HEAVY!!! YOU ARE READY TO GIVE ME THAT DESSERT!!!!!!"

I abandoned all attempts to prolong this and hold back my explosion and pumped for all I was worth! At one point, when the tip slid far, far, up your tits, your lovely mouth, gaping, was able to fold around the sides of the tip and take it in! But, when my hips settled back down on you, I felt it leave your hot, sucking mouth momentarily, only, to have it re-insert into your mouth on the following upstroke! Also, at one point, when the tip was firmly in your mouth, my hips went back down, but, that time, you bent your head and followed it so your lips and mouth could stay attached to it!!!! The way your tongue was digging into the hole, I knew you were going to spark a monumental climax!

The flat of my hands rolled in circles all over your head and hair as the tingle in my balls began to reach a crescendo!!!! So erotically, your gaping mouth pulled on me, your tongue always active, digging out pre-cum in the large hole in the tip,...your silk-filled hand now didd- ling and rubbing and shaking my ready-to-burst big balls! Your massive, hot contact with my full length! "CUM FOR MONICA! CUM FOR MONICA, HOOT! MY MOUTH AND THROAT AND STOMACH....ARE READY!!!" you hollered out and the next time your lips and mouth folded around me, and, we both heard your mouth....sucking.... and, your tongue,....licking,....I let go!!!

It was tremendous, and, it caught you off guard as the first release bolted to the back of your throat, almost making you gag, but, you re- covered quickly and continued to pull the abundant hot cream from my emptying balls! "UHHHH!!!! YIIIII!!!!.....AAARRRRGGHHHHH!!!!!....UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" came out of me each time my balls released a huge, thick string of sweet cum!!!


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