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Ben and Susannah find obstacles in a path to happiness.

This was my chance to prove to Melinda that white men have rhythm too.

I parted Melinda's tight lips and poised the tip of my dick at the entrance of her cunt. As I heard the violin bows in the string section change direction, I started to slide my dick slowly in. Melinda was tight even after giving birth. Medical science is wonderful, I thought. Now gynecologists think about Daddy by restoring Mommy's snatch to its original tightness after birth. However, I was not prepared for how tight Melinda's cunt was today after her orgasm and her fantasy about Susan's letter. Fortunately, the 69 had lubricated our moving parts, making the job easier. I forced my dick in a few centimeters, when the bows of the string section changed direction on me and I started a slow slide back. Just before I was about to pop out, I was saved by the string section reversing direction. I felt Melinda's feet on my ass pushing me back in. By the time the strings reversed direction, I had gained another centimeter. Back out I went and the resistance of Melinda's feet notified me that I had backed out enough.

Part way on its journey into Melinda's interior, my dick slid past the IUD that Melinda was now using instead of birth control pills. The cervix on both Melinda and Mrs. Nguyen had both felt very prominent. In a way, I regretted not sampling more Vietnamese woman to discover how general prominent cervixes were. When Melinda had just had an orgasm, she tightened up inside, making her cervix's presence known to my dick. Melinda's IUD wasn't uncomfortable at all. It just tickled the shaft of my dick as I stroked in and out.

I slowly moved my dick further in through the andante movement until I had my dick buried as far as I could. Melinda's legs squeezed my ass, begging me to go as deep as I could. go. My pubic bone pressed Melinda's swollen clitoris, producing a squeal of delight and another orgasm. As the allegro movement began, I started stroking in and out in time to the music. Melinda was shouting directions at me in what I suspected was rather vulgar Vietnamese. I didn't think I would last but I made it to the end of the movement stroking in time to the rapid tempo of the music. I came just as the cymbals gave a loud clash and finally collapsed on the sofa.

As I opened my eyes, Melinda opened hers and just smiled and held me close. The final bars of the last movement trailed into silence. Melinda spoke first.

"That was one of the best we've ever had. You were marvelous, Paul. I'm just sorry that we won't be able to do this when Tanya gets older."

"We've never had a problem finding new and unusual ways to enjoy sex. Besides, don't you want Tanya to have brothers and sisters. You're not going to cut me off when Tanya grows up, are you?"

"Of course not. I meant, having sex on the sofa, as noisy and as openly as we did it. Now, stop fretting, hold me for a while and then get back to work on your assignment."

As I held Melinda on the sofa, I thought how life was full of ironies. When I was single, I considered married women to be second-class fucks. Usually, they are fucking not for the pleasure of sex but to get even with the old man for some misdeed of his, real or imagined. Besides that, when that ring on their left hand gets turned around, the diamond can shred a dick to ribbons with a hand job. Now that I was married to a woman I loved and who loved me, she was giving me better sex than I had ever had from any single woman.

That evening, I was watching a hockey game, just like every breathing Canadian male that night. OK, Melinda was close to the prefect woman but she had one slight character flaw: she didn't understand hockey. On the other hand, most white women I had known didn't have the slightest interest in the game either. Melinda yawned and asked if she could use the computer to write to Susan. Between periods, I went to have a pee and passed my office room. I peeked in and asked Melinda:

"Are you telling Susan anything inte

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