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Confrontation with an asshole, and another threesome.

Now both fingers repeatedly walked across the base of my ass, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster, sometimes tracing my ass-crease with one finger and sometimes with two. I purred with delight at his varying touch across my ass. I realized then that this evening, he would keep me guessing, never quite knowing what new touch or what new pleasure to expect from him next. I guess that is when I first started to realize that this evening, March 2, 2001, would become very special and extremely memorable.

But I didn't have a chance to think about that for long, because now his kisses followed his fingers in tracing across my ass crease. He slowly kissed his way across my right ass cheek, and then continued his kisses across my left ass cheek as well. His fingers gently slid between my ass cheeks, and spread them open just enough for his fingertip to massage my pouting outer pussy lips from behind. Like all of his previous actions that evening, his massage on the outside of my pussy started very slowly, barely touching me. His finger circled and swirled, and he VERY gradually increased his speed and pressure, as he had done throughout this wonderful and therapeutic massage.

I let out another contented, purring "Mmmmm!" That was my BIG mistake! He sensed that I was getting too excited too soon, and he determined to slow us both down. So he slowly withdrew his fingers from both my pussy lips and my ass. He then resumed his kissing and massaging, reversing direction up my back, returning toward my shoulders, where he had started. I felt as if his massage had been a movie that had been slowly building my interest in the plot for more than an hour, only to have the projectionist abruptly stop the film, stop any further forward development of the story-line, and start rewinding, frustrating me by showing me the first half of the film backwards now. I felt his warm, gentle hands and soft, soothing kisses retreat up my back, away from my welcoming pussy and ass. I groaned out my frustration.

But I needn't have worried. Just as his kisses and caresses returned up away from my pussy and back toward my shoulders, he scooted himself forward, into my hips. Remember, he was still lying behind me, both of us on our left sides on the bed, both facing toward the window and the raging storm outside, while building toward a raging storm of our own right there in our bed.

What his forward shift into my hips did, of course, was to cause eight solid inches of warm, hard, throbbing, and VERY lovely cock to press firmly, wonderfully, into the crack between my ass cheeks. His bulbous cock-head pressed SO delightfully up into the base of my spine, that I moaned again, even louder than before. As he continued kissing all over my back and massaging my shoulders, his two-inch-thick cock rubbed and slid along the length of my ass crack and against my lower back.

I reached around behind me, and I began stroking up and down his toned, muscular leg, from his hip down to his ankle, and back up again. I could feel his smooth skin, as each dark hair on his leg brushed against my exploring fingertips.

His strong right arm now stretched so very lovingly across my hip and my waist, cupping under my soft-but-firm, round breasts, as his index and middle fingers pinched, rolled, and massaged my wide, dark, reddish-brown areolas and my hardening nipples. His fingers on my nipple, his kisses on my shoulders, his cock against my ass, and all of this after more than an hour of lovingly massaging my back--just how much pampering can one woman TAKE in one night? I was about to find out!

He moved his kisses from my shoulders, around to the side of my neck.

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