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Tom and Myriam date - but someone's stalking them.

Shortly, I heard the toilet flush and the water run in the sink.

"You can come and have your shower," Honey called from within the bathroom.


I was standing by one of two sinks in the large plush bathroom when I called to Eddie. There was a bath, the large clear glass shower cabinet, toilet and bidet in this very modern bathroom that came with our upgraded room. I was feeling braver, almost euphoric, and felt I was on a journey, accelerating ever faster, travelling to my destination. I was determined not to take my foot off the accelerator. The journey had started with the crazy idea of bringing Eddie on holiday. There had been stops and starts since then. A crash this morning both figuratively and literally. Then, I had been strong and got back on the road, back on the journey and I was not going to stop now, not for anything. I had held Eddie close, pushed my body against his, kissed him, felt the warmth, felt connected, felt sexy, felt someone cared for me. I was going to take our journey further, and I was going to do it today!

Eddie entered the bathroom looking slightly curious and nervous at the same time and being careful not to rush up too close. I was on a roll now, and I believed that if I did not do this now then the opportunity might be lost forever.

"You remember when we talked about sharing a bed it was you that set rules? No clothes and so on."

"Yes." He replied

I saw the confusion on his face. He obviously could not understand why we were having the conversation after spending the last three hours in bed together. Which was exactly what I intended.

"Well, I've got rules this time you need to follow. Not about beds, but showers. The first rule is no clothes, it would be silly to shower with clothes on wouldn't it? The second is that you are allowed to wash my back and anywhere else, except my cunt, sorry but that is still out. In return, I will wash you anywhere. Does that sound fair?"

"Anywhere but your cunt?"

"Anywhere. Are you coming?" I entered the large shower cubicle put on a shower cap and turned on the water. A very happy Eddie followed me.


Just when I thought the day could not get better, or that it would be impossible for any further unexpected twists, I was proved wrong. I was summoned into the bathroom by this naked goddess and was invited to wash her in the shower. A brief distracting thought came into my mind as to what would happen if the maids came back. I did not let that distract me for long, however.

I was a little nervous. Not about having a shower with a beautiful woman, but not to allow any other screw-ups or misunderstandings. The only rule set by Honey was that her cunt was off limits. That seemed a clear indication, invitation even, that her breasts were within the rules. The thought was certainly making the blood rush to my cock. This was a hell of a shift from yesterday when a chaste kiss had been the height of our intimacy and I still had difficulty believing it all. Second, and I was not sure whether this could be an omission through shyness to discuss or simply that it was so ridiculous Honey did not feel the need to spell it out. Namely that whilst she had specified I could wash her anywhere but her cunt she had not named any restriction on where she might wash me.

Unsurprisingly, the discussion, my thoughts, this beautiful woman, lack of any masturbation opportunities, all led to my cock leading the way into the shower, followed by the rest of me. I closed the door and Honey pulled me to her squashing my penis in an upright position against her. It was not something she could have failed to realise would happen when she pulled me against her and offered no objection to its ever-harder presence squashed between our bodies. Honey moved against me in a rhythm exciting my cock even more. Then stepped back a little and looked at my hard penis, then looked at me, a smile on her face.

"Hey, buster, you're supposed to be washing my back .. and other places."

"Yes, Ma'am, anywhere you'd like me to start?"

"Anywhere you'd like.

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