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A Marine pays a visit to a familiar photo shoot.

He knew what would happen to my pussy. Now I was making more noises and I couldn't sit still.

In a few minutes Denny got out so I scooted over to get out on the picnic table. Fred was almost immediately there to help me sit at that table. It sure didn't take Fred long to grab both of my boobs as I sat down. Joking, I told Fred I can't suntan my boobs with your hands holding them. I think he asked if I wanted him to stop playing with them. My answer was something like I can suntan them anytime, this feels great. Of course I was sitting on my bare butt again as my skirt slipped up.

Somehow the conversation turned to sex with me. Big mouthed Denny told Fred I just got finished a short time ago being fucked by three kids in their 20's and I needed a break. He loves to tell about my sex games and watch me get embarrassed.

Now Fred really wanted to have intercourse, asking for details about the three boys. Fred couldn't believe Denny watches me get fucked. Fred pushed my knees wide apart and started rubbing my pussy again. As I moaned Fred slipped at least one or two fingers inside me and began working them deeply.

I was yelling loudly and having more climaxes. Fred said he wanted to fuck me right there. Denny told him it wasn't a good idea because someone may come down the trail. Then I told Fred I already had more today than I needed.

We just sat and talked about sex and fucking older women for awhile as Fred continued fingering me. Denny fondled my boobs and nipples some more which kept me flowing. I was almost ready to beg one of them to fuck me.

I looked at my husband, as I promised Fred we'd let him have intercourse with me another day. Again Denny smiled. We left with Fred to go back to our truck. It still amazes us how these games just happen.



Getting in and out of Fred's 4-wheeler was easy at a picnic table. We rode back to our truck and were sitting up on top of a big cement picnic table again. Fred was rubbing my crotch and feeling my boobs as soon as I sat down.

Fred continued to beg me to let him fuck me just a little. I was panting like a puppy and couldn't stop wiggling around. Denny and Fred each pulled one of my legs far apart. They got down close staring and poking at my now wetter pussy. I was so out of control I was again hoping Fred would fuck me right there.

Denny told me later that Fred had spread my pussy wider so he could see inside the shining pink and juicy hole.

I was saved when another truck came down the entrance road. Denny hurried to get my blouse out of our truck. This time I put it on and pulled my skirt down the best I could. The other truck parked nearby and two other men in their 60's or maybe early 70's walked up saying hi to Fred.

Friends of his, Fred introduced us as he reached in my blouse and squeezed a boob. Fred then completely pulled it out of the top of my blouse, exposing it to those two men after he squeezed it gently some more then let go. After many years, I'm used to this so said nothing.

I didn't know Denny had told Fred we love it when our friends just pull my boobs out anytime and play with them. Fred told the men we are his friends and I love letting him play with my tits. So much for putting on my blouse.

Yes, my blouse was low and my butt was mostly showing as I sat there. I was so worked up that I could feel my juices running down my thighs and onto the cement picnic table.

I didn't know any of these men but I was close to begging one of them to please fuck me, knowing all three might take me up on the offer. Yes, I repeat, I am now my mother.

As Denny had said earlier I need to dress in play clothes in case we meet new friends. Fred asked his friends if they wanted to feel 25 year old tits on a 73 year old woman. They looked at my husband then each grabbed one of my boobs. Both said they always wondered what implants feel like.

Denny and I both made it clear that those old boobs are not implants.

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