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2 black janitors find Sarah and continue the fun.

u're thinking I should suck it up and be faithful?"

"Not at all! If I had a husband like you, I'll give him all the loving he wants.

"Always remember there are three sides to every story. There is his side, her side, then, the truth. Though, for me, I have yet to understand why she is like she is!"

"And I'm sorry we got on the subject."

"Bless your heart. I hope you always feel like that." I replied. "Back to the previous discussion. I find you extremely attractive also. And your youth is intoxicating."

"Are you hard?" She asked in a seductive tone. "Underneath that robe?"

"I was when you sat down. But I got sidetracked and a little soft. It may help if you tell me you are as naked under your robe as I am?"

"I can do better than words." She replied smiling.

She sat tall, untied the cloth belt, and slowly pulled it open.

"My gracious girl!"

I gazed on perky ample breasts with delectable nipples that stood raised and firm. I turned slightly and took the right nipple into my mouth, sucking on it gently, cupping the other breast and squeezing lightly. I heard her intake of breath. I suckled for a long minute and then withdrew.

Without any noticeable apprehension, Pamela reached with both hands and parted my robe. My firm erection stood straight up with a little bit of curve. She took her right hand and began toying and exploring my thick 6 inches.

"I had no idea how beautiful a man could be up close and personal." She whispered. "Are you big compared to others? It seems huge!"

"About average I suppose. 6 inches, but I do think it's thicker than most."

She began to stroke it with her left hand and did so for many long minutes. She soon cupped my balls with her right hand.

I laid back and closed my eyes.

"That's real good sugar." I whispered. "Tighten your grip just a little."

With movement, my eyes popped open and I watched as she straddled me and put my cock to her. She dropped onto it slowly biting her lower lip as if there was a bit of pain or difficulty.

"Can I take it all?" She queried in a tone of question.

"Just take it slow. Don't rush it. With no foreplay, you may be a bit dry." I directed with a loving tone, feeling her warm pussy envelop my shaft. "You'll be able to take it all just fine."

"Ahhh ffuuccckkk!" She moaned as she continued to maneuver her ass downward. "Lord it's good!"

She finally leaned forward and wrapped her arms around my neck and sat motionless.

My wife seeped into my consciousness. For a moment, I did feel guilty and wondered what she would think if she saw me in the clutches of the young girl.

"I think you've got it all inside of you sugar." I whispered, roaming my hands over her sufficiently wide hips, then, palming her delectable buttocks. "When you're ready, you'll find it will all come quite naturally."

She had stolen the moment. I had planned a lengthy foreplay to explore her treasures. She was hungry.

Her breathing was deep and over emphasized as she began to move very minutely at first, then, she began to withdraw my shaft slightly. She used her elbows on the front of my shoulder, her hands gripping the back of my neck, to give herself leverage as she lifted and lowered her ass a bit more. Her breathing became quite pronounced and I tried to contain myself from joining in her exhilaration and excitement of first time sexual intercourse.

She began to experiment, first with rhythm, slow and fast, then finally, with placement of my shaft, eventually finding the perfect spot. She began to moan and grind her pussy onto my shaft with a moderate rhythm.

I began to let my own arousal intensify, while trying to remain as still as possible and not disturb the rhythm or placement Pamela had developed.

Long, long minutes passed as I listened to the pleasant sound of the young thing moaning. Orgasm was not new to her and I could tell she was desperately seeking to achieve it.

She was soon huffing and puffing, but slowly, like a woman in labor.

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