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Steven thinks he's going crazy, and perhaps he is.

"I am glad you came, Nat".

Miri started to walk to the back, but Nat was frozen in place. Miri stopped and looked behind her. She smiled and held out her hand.

"It's ok, I promise."

Nat took the hand she was being offered, and they walked together to the back. Mirian's hand was warm, and as Nat held it her heart started to beat like crazy with excitement. Was this really happening? She desperately needed a cigarette, but this was not the time. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to control her emotions.

The lights were mostly off, so to Nat the clinic interior looked completely unfamiliar. Nat had only ever been there in the daytime, with the lights and music on, and therapists and patients bustling about. Mirian walked with her to the very back of the facility, where one exam area had the curtain fully drawn. She pulled the curtain back slightly, and what Nat saw almost made her pass out. The exam table was surrounded by lighted candles, bathing the whole area in a soft romantic glow. Beside the table, a bottle of massage oil was warming, alongside two full size towels. Miri look at Nat and smiled, still holding her hand.

Mirian tilted her head to the side, smiled, and asked "You're ok?". Nat tried to answer, but discovered her mouth was dry and almost no sound came out. Instead she nodded yes. She felt Miri squeeze her hand as she moved in closer and kissed her full on the lips, gently, warmly. Nat melted and felt her knees nearly give out. She kissed Miri back and opened her mouth slightly in response, feeling the barest edge of Miri's tongue on her own. After they broke the kiss Miri just looked at her and said "that's a better one"

Miri moved to hug her, and they embraced in the dim light of the candles. Miri started kissing as they embraced, beginning with Nat's ears, then her lobes, then her neck, down her shoulder. Nat reciprocated with little bites on Miri's ears and nuzzles into her neck. They held each other tight, feeling their bodies connected from top to bottom, their tits touching, their warmth so apparent. As they embraced and kissed, they slowly rubbed against one another, heightening the electricity between them.

As they broke the embrace Miri applied another kiss to Nat's mouth, deeper this time, probing her with her tongue. Nat moaned ever so slightly, the evident pleasure escaping her. Nat felt Miri's hand resting just under her left breast, and ached for the touch to intensify.

It was then that Nat realized how warm it was in the room. She was certain that the temperature had been turned up on purpose. She was starting to get uncomfortably hot, despite wearing only a light blouse. Reading her mind, Mirian's hand went to the top button and started to remove Nat's blouse. One button at a time, slowly and deliberately, Nat was exposed for Mirian to see.

Of course, Mirian had seen Nat in just a bra many times, but this was different. Miri's eyes were huge, her pupils dilated, she was aroused off the charts, and was no longer looking at a patient, she was looking at her future lover. She removed Nat's blouse to expose a black bra, fringed in lace. Nat's boobs were not gigantic but they were not small either, and the bra was designed to accentuate her size, pushing up slightly and showing off her cleavage. Miri leaned down and planted a kiss between Nat's tits, as Nat sighed, her desire raging.

In one motion, Miri pulled her sweater off, revealing a dark red push up bra. Her tits, slightly bigger than Nat's, looked enormous in her sexy bra. Nat's eyes nearly popped out, as she got her first close-up look at Miri's amazing body. They embraced again as their tits brushed against each other one more time, with even less fabric between them. They kissed and nuzzled each others' necks once again, heightening the sexual tension.

Nat was turned on, her clit was enormous, swollen, and throbbing.

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