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Surprises at the wedding.

Lark gasped with the sudden pleasure and at the same time realised her pussy juices were flowing down her left leg. Peter noticed the wetness too and applied one of his fingers to the juices and then licked his own finger. He groaned.

"Lark, I know we don't know each other and I know this will sound strange, but I REALLY need to feel you inside me."

"Don't you mean you want me to feel you inside me??" queried Lark.

"No! I need to feel you in'll understand what I mean if you let me fuck you."

"Well, I've got my dog here and your brother may not want to have him inside the house."

"I'll tell you what...we'll put your dog inside the fenced yard and you and I will go down to the lake and we can fuck each others' brains out on the beach. C'mon! I promise it'll be really good."

Lark knew she needed this...she'd been more than 5 yrs. without another real person touching her and her insides melted at the idea. she nodded to Peter and he took her by the hand and led her and the dog down to the house and its yard.

After petting the dog and telling him to be good, Lark allowed herself to be led down to the beach by the lake. Peter had grabbed a sheet from the clothesline in the yard and shook it out and lay it flat on the warm sand. Lark looked around, noticing there wasn't much privacy from the other houses on the beachfront, but, Peter, correctly determining her reluctance, sat down on the sheet and started kissing and tonguing her legs from the ankles, working his way upward. Then, suddenly, he yanked on her nighty, pulling her lower and stuck his tongue in her twat as far as he could. Holding Lark by her hips, he was able to tongue fuck her pussy until she came to orgasm yet again, the juices filling his mouth.

"Oh god, you taste good, Lark. I can see I'm gonna have to make you cum often in order to taste you more and more. Now, come down here!"

And with another pull on her nightdress, Peter pulled her down on top of him. With one twitch, he had the nighty off her body and had her squarely on his cock with her tits dangling above him. He didn't move...he just lay there and let Lark fuck him, which she did. she impaled herself deeply, moaning and groaning that his cock was so big, which it was. Peter's cock measured 9" long and 4" around when fully hard, which he was now. Peter was much bigger than any squash Lark had ever rammed up her twat, but she was enjoying the feeling of Peter's cock banging against the walls of her pussy.

Suddenly, she felt a pressure on her ass cheeks and managing to look around, she saw Peter's brother, Andre half leaning against her and holding his cock in his other hand. Lark was very excited! This would be like the eggplant and squash treatment of the night before but with REAL, WARM, and very EXCITING human parts!! Looking at Andre's cock, Lark was relieved to see he was not as big as Peter. Lark was afraid of a monster cock like Peter's ramming her anus.

Having spit some saliva onto his cock and getting no notion of refusal from Lark, Andre rammed his 6" cock up her ass. The second his cock penetrated her sweet nether hole, Lark had an orgasm equalling 9.5 on the richter scale. In fact, if her body had been San Francisco, it would undoubtedly have sunk into the pacific!!

Andre, feeling the contractions and the other cock through the thin walls separating ass from pussy, got harder and thicker and continued to pump his cock into Lark's back hole.

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