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Is there anything I wouldn't do for him?

When we arrived back at the home Ada tried to get me to go with her but I picked up Jane's shopping and carried it for her as a means of escape. At her flat her husband Tom said thanks to me, he was an old man of about eighty in a wheel chair.

The following week I got Jane sitting next to me as protection. Ada still shouted she wanted to fuck me and some of the others said they wanted me to do them as well. Jane seemed to be looking strait out of the window, as she couldn't hear I assumed she was oblivious to all the ribald remarks and this made me feel safe.

Over a couple of months I got friendly with old Tom and Jane. She used sign language and Tom interpreted for her. One day Tom said they'd been married fifty years later that month and he wanted to give his wife an extra special present.

What he'd in mind for her golden wedding treat was for her to have sex with only her second man. He explained they'd been childhood sweethearts and neither of them had ever been unfaithful to each other since.

However since he'd had a stroke ten years before he'd been impotent. As he still loved Jane and she needed sex frequently he'd done his best to satisfy her orally or with his hands.

They'd also needed to play act sexual scenarios to get her worked up. Recently she'd signed to him that she was fantasizing I was fucking her. Ada and the others had put it in her mind on the busses as she could lip read them saying they wanted to have sex with me.

Tom said he knew she was old now at sixty-eight but she was still almost as slim as when they'd married. He offered me __100 to make love to his wife while he watched as they had never had sex apart and he wanted to video it.

He said he hadn't told her, as he wanted it to be a surprise. So wanted me to think about it and give him a ring. I did think long and hard, Jane was twenty years older than me a Great-grandmother. She wasn't ugly, scraggy and lined after a hard life but pleasant looking overall.

I considered becoming her toy boy at my age I also thought about being paid for sex. This would make me a male prostitute wouldn't it! While I was doing this my cock got stiff so I knew I was going to agree.

The day came and Tom told me to hide in the spare bedroom while he warmed her up. He said if it didn't work out I should let myself out without letting her know I was there. He left their bedroom door open so I could watch and listen to him talking to Jane and only come in if he called me.

He told Jane he wanted to make love to her and got her to strip and lay on the bed naked. She was indeed scraggy with flattened tits sagging almost to her waist. Tom positioned her so that her legs were facing the door and spread them wide.

Her pussy was completely bald and just a slit in contrast to Ada's huge cunt. Her legs had hanging skin as well as varicose veins. But as Tom opened up her labia to my gaze I knew I had to have her kitty.

Tom started fingering her vagina and rubbing her clitoris, she was obviously enjoying this, as she was so wet. Tom licked her pussy then asked her whom she was thinking of. She signed and he interpreted out load. Saying, "So you're thinking of Don fucking you!"

He asked would she really fuck me if I were there. Jane hesitated then signed again. He said, "Yes you'd fuck Don like a real slut wife wouldn't you! You'd cuckold me for the first time with a much younger man!" While he spoke his fingers were a blur on her genitals and she shuddered in a climax.

Tom called me in and she was startled when she saw I was actually there and it wasn't just a game this time. Tom said to her, "Dons my Golden Wedding present to you my wife with all my love."

Jane looked scared then smiled so even I knew she wanted me. She unzipped my trousers and pulled my semi hard penis out stroking it a few times. She signalled to her husband and he said, "Jane says it is a lovely present and is only the second adult males cock she's ever seen.

She took her false teeth out and sucked my cock with her soft gums, this

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