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Embellished Story of R/T Fantasy Role-Play.

Sophie cried out in delight, her body writhing and twisting beneath the blonde.

"That feels amazing," Kate said, "Being locked inside this belt is just cruel."

Kate sat more heavily on Sophie's waist, annoyed that her key was still in this na__ve girl's pants, but Sophie was still laughing as if this was just a game.

Kate then stood up and led the hyped up girl by the hand through the courtyard and into one of the original prison cells. There was a pair of handcuffs hanging from a chain in the middle of the room and Sophie forcefully pulled Kate's hands above her head and snapped the cuffs closed around her wrists.

Only once it was too late did Sophie see the edge in Kate's determined blue eyes as she walked around her manacled prey. She plucked the key out of Sophie's slutty underwear and walked off without saying another word.

Kate shut the bathroom door and unlocked herself from the belt. She showered and then redressed in new black silk lingerie. The soft material just glided up her legs and felt so soft and sensuous between her thighs and for the first time in over week she could stroked herself. The feeling was intense, and she leaned her long blonde hair against the large mirror as she explored her long forgotten body.

When she returned to the cell, Sophie was still hanging helplessly from the middle of the room, writhing as she tried in vain to stimulate herself. She still didn't realise how pissed Kate had been with her little tease.

Growing up, Sophie had always idolised Kate, she was cool and fun and brought her presents. However, Kate had been a tough bitch long before she had become the cool aunty in the short dress.

"There has to be a special relationship with the key holder," Kate lectured as she again ran a finger between Kate's legs, "Shall we try?"

"On me!" Sophie exclaimed as Kate positioned the steel around her waist.

"There has to be trust," Kate continued, her short flared dress riding up, "because the key holder takes so much from her victim."

Sophie was now fighting against the handcuffed that held her prisoner. What was Katie doing? She glanced down as Kate pulled the belt up between her legs forcing her beloved pink pants deep between her cheeks.

The women were of similar builds and after a small adjustment, the belt held the brunette just as tightly as it had held the blonde. Kate was still looking at her sternly as she released Sophie from the handcuffs and let the bewildered girl explore her new chastity belt with her favourite panties now trapped inside with her.

"Fuck, I'm really locked in!" Sophie cried, twisting and turning as if easing a tight pair of jeans down over her hips. She stopped and looked at Kate, unsure whether she loved or hated what the crazy blonde had done to her.

Kate recognised the emotions that were running through the young woman's dilated eyes, "Yeah... I spent a couple of hours trying to get out of that thing before I accepted it was permanent."


Sophie just stared like an aroused deer as Kate gently hooked her hair behind her ears.

"I'll let you out tomorrow morning, Soph."

"Okay..." Sophie whispered hesitantly.

"And then as your reward, you can lock me back inside the belt," Kate breathed, "and I want you to be my keyholder until Bel is back."

Sophie both smiled and trembled, delighted that Kate trusted her with such an intimate role.

"But today it's you that's locked up," Kate smiled, "So baggy jumper and jeans, a glass of wine and a good movie... believe me, you don't want to be thinking about men."


The next morning Sophie was sitting on the front door step when Kate arrived. Despite a night of pure frustration, and at times outright anger, Sophie felt strangely relaxed as the smiling blonde made her way up the steps, in her favourite short blue patterned dress that flowed as she walked. Sophie didn't even stand up as Kate walked up beside her.

"How was your night?" Sophie asked as she looked up at Kate.

"Wonderful," Kate winked.

"Good," Sophie sighed as she pushed her face up again Kate's thigh, breath

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