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A couple meet at an art gallery and adventure follows.

The other leg was cocked out just slightly and she was wearing a tight white tank top and a pair of gray bikini panties stretched tight across her perfect ass. I stood for a moment taking in the site before me. Miranda was so beautiful it made my cock ache. I eased into the room silently. My mind was racing as I tried to figure out what to do. Finally I decided. I let it all run through my head as I removed my T-shirt and sweat pants. As I folded and laid them on a chair by the door I had a sudden inspiration. Before I closed the blind to remove the light that might allow me to be identified easier I stepped to Jim's dresser and found his cologne. I sprayed some on my chest and on my wrists then I sprayed it in the air and stepped through the mist. This combined with the dark room, I was hoping, would help fool Miranda's mind into believing I was her husband. I quietly placed the cologne back on the dresser and moved to the window to close the blinds. After closing the blinds and letting my eyes adjust to the dark I moved to the side of the bed and slowly slid the sheet off of Miranda's leg and down to the foot of the bed.

I gently slid into the bed and moved over to Miranda's side. I gently laid a hand on her side where the shirt ended and her hip was exposed. God it was a rush to feel the texture difference with my thumb and first finger resting on her shirt, my middle fingers on her warm skin and my pinky on her panties. I gave her a second and after no reaction from her I slid my hand lower on her hip, past the panties to her bare thigh, still no reaction. Jim was right she was a heavy sleeper when she had been drinking. Most women I have been with tend to wake up or move when someone touches their bare skin while they are sleeping. I inhale her scent as I glide my hand down her thigh to just above her knee then gently over her leg to the inside of her thigh. I am like a coiled spring waiting to be discovered and having to run as I move my hand up the inside of her leg. When I feel panties on my hand again I am cupping her ass with my index finger located between her legs and I can just feel the crotch of her panties. There is a warm heat coming from her pussy as I lightly squeeze her ass cheek.

I was still getting no reaction from Miranda. I debate kissing her shoulder then decide to try and get her body to betray her before she wakes up. If I can get her body to respond to the point that it needs release then even when she does wake up she will be craving the attention to get that release so bad she hopefully would be less likely to notice that things seem different and I am not her husband.

So I slide my hand back down her ass cheek as I rub my finger over her pussy through her panties. I do this a few times as far down between her legs as I can then I slide it all the way up to her lower back then down again. Only this time as my fingertips reach the panties I slide under them so I am on rubbing the bare skin of her ass. I am almost shaking as I move gently down over the curve of her cheek between her legs until I feel her pussy lips under my fingers soft and smooth. I was hoping her lips were shaved. I don't care if there is any above the slit but I love to eat pussy and I adore smooth shaved pussy lips. I stroked up and down her lips a few seconds then I felt them separate slightly and there was a little moisture. A couple of more seconds and there was more moisture. Then I was able to slide a finger in between her lips all the way to the top of her pussy where I felt a little hair. Then on the return trip I felt a hard bump start to show up as her body got excited and her clit started to respond.

I stroked up and down her pussy a little longer.

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