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Elderly man on train ride to recall sensuous encounters.

I walked out with her crying. I never looked back.

I found a motel, and got a room. Before going to bed, I wrote out an email explaining everything Toni had done. I attached some of the pictures, including the one of them having a quickie at the front door of his apartment. I sent it to all her family, and some of our close friends.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day for her. I hope she can concentrate on David during the play.

The next morning I called Randi. I asked her if she had looked at her email. She said no. So I told her what happened after we left the bar. She then looked at her email, and the pictures.

"I'm so sorry John. I mean I am really so sorry." She said.

That is when I lost it. It all finally erupted. All the hurt, the pain, the emotions of the night before. I cried like a bady to her on the phone.

"Where are you John?"

"In a motel," I sobbed.

"Get over here now. Pack your bags and get over here. Your staying here with me until we can figure this out." She said.

When She opened the door, I collapsed in her arms. She held me and let me cry. It went on several minutes before I calmed down. We sat down on the couch, and she had me tell her everything.

I know I looked like shit. I didn't sleep much. I had on the same clothes, and had not eaten since yesterday at noon.

Randi told me to go get a hot shower while she fixed me some bacon, eggs, and toast. The shower and clean clothes felt good, and I ate all the food she put out.

She told me to move into her spare bedroom for now. If I decided to stay awhile, I could pay rent. I gladly accepted. I had no where else to go.

Soon after, I crashed and slept a good three hours. Randi told me she called Toni, and Toni pretty much gave her the same shit story she gave me. Randi said everyone in the family is so pissed at Toni.

"Our parents aren't even speaking to her. They support you in this John," Randi said.

Randi was a lifesaver. That night she went to the store and got us a couple of steaks, and some bottles of wine. We had a great meal, and got drunk together. We stayed up late just talking. I can't begin to describe how much better she made me feel.

I took off Monday, and met with a good divorce attorney that specialized in adultery. I was charging her with adultery, and asking for a 60/40 split in my favor. I figured her boyfriend would get at her money, so the less I could give her, the better.

We didn't have much debt, and there were no kids. Texas does not have alimony, so that was not an issue. My lawyer felt like I had a good chance with the evidence I had.

I know this was probably mean of me, but I couldn't resist. I had her served backstage at the theater right before the play Friday night. It had to be embarrassing, but I'm sure everyone knew about Toni and David.
Three weeks later we had our hearing before the judge. I lucked out. She was a no nonsense judge that hated adultery, male or female. She sided with me and split everything up 60/40. We had some cash put away for our future kids. After lawyer fees, and other cost, I got $60,000, and she got $40,000.

She got to live in the house, but she would have to make the payments, and pay all cost involved with the house. If she sold it within 6 years, we split the profit 50/50. If not, then the house would be totally hers. I was fine with that.

We both got to keep all our retirement account. All in all, I came out pretty good, except losing a woman I loved and adored for 15 years.

The divorce would be final in sixty days.

Over the next few weeks I felt myself getting closer and closer to Randi. She was so down to earth. I knew I was was falling in love with her, and possibly setting myself up for another heartache, but I couldn't help it. I did not know what her true feelings were. I was hoping it was more than just friends, but I knew that before long, I had to find out.

Then one day, I did, by accident.

It was Wednesday after work while I was getting a little power nap in my room.

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