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Male gets more than he bargained for during vacation with GF.

Our hands were no longer reserved or reticent, but now confidently roamed the others body finding interesting and arousing places; my breasts, your bottom, my nipples, your balls, my clit and your cock. They went everywhere as we gradually moved ourselves towards what at this time was the ultimate act in our relationship; the most extreme act a mother and son can do.

With my lips clamped to yours and your tongue deep in my mouth I rolled onto my back. Knowingly you rolled on top of me. Your cock was pressing into me from where the base of it pressed against the hood covering my clit, over my pubic mound and up the yielding softness of my stomach to almost may navel.

I stroked the back of your head as we broke the kiss.

"Are you ready darling," I breathed, my heart pounding and my pulses racing.


The tension of yesterday had gone. Just as the way you had masturbated me in the field earlier on had relieved the sexual tightness that had built up in the restaurant, so now the way you had invited me into your bed removed the emotional tightness and the mental resistance, which had been so apparent when we had arrived back.

Your eyes and hands on my cock felt marvellous as you eased me onto the bed with you. Your body in my arms, my cock pressed against your stomach, your breasts mashed against my chest, your hands on my bum and balls and your skin to my touch all combined into a kaleidoscope of such sensations and feelings that I felt I as though I was smoking one of the spliffs I had with the guys now and then at parties. I was floating as I rolled on top of you and kissed you deeply. We were so near, so close, pray god I was thinking don't let the same thing happen again.

I knew the traumas that you had been going through, the concerns and worries the guilt and the remorse. I knew it was far more stressful for you than me. Alright, I was not taking it lightly. It wasn't just one of the quick, almost uncaring shags I'd had with the girls from school and the older ones I managed to pull at the clubs. I was acutely aware that I was moving into an area of sex and relationships about which I had no experience and little knowledge, but then who did. After all, I had asked myself so many times, how many eighteen year old guys fall sexually in love with their mother. No matter how small a number that was, I knew that it was massive in comparison to how many actually fucked their mum.

The obverse of that was no matter how traumatic, concerning and worrying it was for me it was nothing compared to how it must be for you.

To be truthful, I was thinking as we snuggled up together, my main concern had, all along, been what you would think if you had found out my feelings for you; until that moment in the pool, I had no way of knowing for sure whether my mixed up feelings of love, lust and sexual desire were reciprocated. I was not that concerned about the right or wrong, the guilt or shame and the future. But I knew you were, as being a responsible mother you had to be and that made my heart go out to you even more as you sighed.

"Oh darling, make love to me, please make love to me now."


The sensation of my hands on my son's muscular, tanned and smooth back sent shudders through me. Your flesh felt every bit as beautiful as it had looked when you had stood beside the bed naked and rampant with your erection nestled in my hands. I slavishly caressed and rubbed you. You felt so good, so smooth, so firm, so young and so ready to fuck me. As that phrase went through my mind I shuddered. I had now accepted totally that we were going to have full sex and that, I was realising, was what I had wanted for some time. The difference now, as I wiggled your hips so that you slid between my parted thighs, I recognised was that I accepted that as something good and lovely, something I wanted and, I knew, something I needed badly; in fact, I was accepting, it was something that I was becoming unable to resist.

You were between my legs, the tip of your cock was nuzzling agains

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