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Angry yelling leads to rash decisions. And more yelling.

She seemed to be in no rush, leisurely diddling herself, as if to build excitement slowly, trying to work herself to some sexual peak.

Dwight felt his cock, hard in his pants, straining against the denim. Carefully, he unzipped his jeans and slipped his dick into his right hand. He felt drops of slick precum on the head and he used that to lubricate the shaft. As he watched the librarian rub herself, he began to try to keep time by rubbing his cock. Faster than he expected, Dwight felt himself getting to the point where he would need a release. Without warning, he let out a slight moan of his own.

The librarian swiveled her head and saw Dwight. A quick glance told her she knew who he was. Sort of. She had seen him at the library on a regular basis. He was handsome and athletically built, with white hair and a beard. He carried himself with a confidence and discipline that she found attractive in a man. In the back of her mind, she recalled that his name was Dwight Something. He often read military or history books ... but she also was aware he sometimes picked up erotic novels and read those. She had wondered what type of man went back and forth between history and erotica. He had intrigued her with what seemed to be a combination of the scholarly and the prurient.

Now, though, she was more intrigued by what he had in his right hand. A rock hard cock, standing erect and tall. Pointed in her general direction. The veins were prominent and the head glowed purple with excitement. She hesitated, then signaled him to come closer; she wanted him to give her a better view of his dick which looked so tantalizing, arched in the shadows, swaying temptingly from side-to-side as if trying to lure her with its liveliness. A hard cock was one of her favorite things in the world and this cock looked as if it sensed her weakness, her inability to resist the excitement and pleasure she got from a man's prick, put to its proper use.

When the man was near enough, she reached out and touched his dick. She liked the way it felt in her hand. Solid. Thick. Just the way she wanted a man to be. As she slowly stroked his cock, she realized her pussy was beginning to assert its presence, to remind her that it liked cock as much as her mind did. The heat from between her thighs was persistent and undeniable. Her entire body was becoming high sensitized, erotically charged.

Blushing, she licked her lips. Thought for a moment. Then decided. She lowered her face toward the cock she had discovered. She could smell the excitement. She felt the big cock twitch when her breath hit it. Taking her tongue, she gave this dick a nice long lick, from the base to the head. It jumped in excitement, pleasing her greatly. It tasted good. Sweet. She liked sweet cock. A lot.

After a couple more swipes of her tongue, the librarian wrapped her lips around the cockhead and began to lower her mouth on it. Lower. Lower. Deeper, Deeper. She smiled to herself, proud of her ability to swallow cock. From the reaction of the dick in her mouth, she knew that Dwight was impressed, as well. She gave his cock a wonderful working over, making him groan each time she went down on him, her tongue flicking along the shaft as her lips encircled his considerable girth.

But she didn't want him to enjoy the blow job "too much". She had other plans for the dick in her mouth than just blowing it. Sensing he was ready, and certain that she was, the librarian stood up and turned away from Dwight. Her khaki pants dropped to the floor, revealing the single thread of a lacy thong. She bent over and placed both hands on the table, her ass pointing at Dwight, her pussy revealed by the thong that failed to completely cover it.

Dwight sucked in air at the sight of the thong and the wonderful ass it was on.

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