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I was almost 21 & still a virgin.

You spied on me and found out things that until now were secret. "My secret" I say as we are walking up the steps and into the house.

"Do you like the name Dena, Sweetie?" Annie asks me.

Trying not to answer wrongly I hesitate to answer a few seconds. "Yes I do like the sound of it when you speak to me Annie. But I am not sure how it might sound elsewhere, or from somebody I know" I reply. By this time we have made it back to the breakfast table to take a seat.

"Dena! And yes I do love the sound of that name. I just want to talk to you and become closer friends Dena. Since you don't allow anyone your own age to get close to you sweetie, I figured you might like an older friend. If we can get to know each other better and I am sure we are going to find things that we like to do together, places we like to go or just enjoy hanging out together. Dena I see something very pretty, beautiful, you're smart and so much more that I know you are keeping secret. You are way more to be found out than I think even you realize Dena." I listen as she speaks in a way that sounds like a teacher or speaker. All on time and right on the spot, with nothing wasted.

"Dena I am not being brash or conceited when I say that most men find me attractive. I am totally dedicated to your Dad Dena but I know men very well. You on the other hand do not seem to find me to be something even remotely desirable. Men are not nearly as complex as they think they are sweetie. They have needs that we are able to exploit and use to our... pleasure, for lack of a better word" Annie spoke and finished touching the side of my face.

I felt for the very first time in my life like a young girl who was being given the birds and bees talk to by her mother. If Annie's intentions were to make me feel like she was talking to a young girl then she was successful. I had never gotten this feeling without having my little rear end filled by plastic, but I wasn't telling her that just yet. I picked up the half banana and put it to my mouth without noticing how I looked before putting it to my mouth.

Annie has my attention so good I put the banana to my lips and catch myself suddenly. I wrapped my lips on that banana like I was accepting a gift of COCK! My eyes opened a little and Annie was looking right at me. I burst out laughing but, she kept her composure a lot better than I did. "Don't laugh at me!" I yell. Turning my face away from Annie as I regained my composure, I laughed even more.

"Should I add more bananas to the grocery list Dena? You seemed to enjoy that one a whole bunch. I can also check to see if we have any cucumbers that are fresh if you are looking forward to lunch sweetie. I thought we would head to the mall to pick up our orders. You did do some shopping last night didn't you Dena?" Annie asks.

"Yes I did order some stuff last night with the money I received for my birthday. Mr. Dean did give me the $500 you mentioned and that was the one I used. He also left a picture and his business card in the envelope. Which I thought was kind of odd." I told her.

Annie told me that she also did some shopping for me too. Saying she bought me some stuff that I probably would not buy for myself. That caused my brain to begin asking all sorts of questions. I am also expecting a couple of UPS orders here today for you too sweetie.

We both were finished at the table, so we grabbed our plates and walked to the kitchen. I had never been so giddy around an adult as I was with Annie this morning. In the kitchen we put our plates and silverware in the dishwasher. I leaned back against the counter as we chatted. Annie stood next to me and popped a huge question. She stood closely in front of me to talk.

"To get a little nosy Dena may I ask you something? Why don't we dress you a little differently today since it is going to be an all girl's day? We can skip working out and see how much fun we can have.

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