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An incest story.

When Anna worked with her, they often jokingly made veiled or sarcastic references to either or both their disabilities.

Of course, as of a couple weeks ago, Sadie had a new reason to buddy up to her. The glorified computer repair shop where Eric worked had closed up early for minor renovations. He had come in to wait, and as the class was letting out, Anna had introduced him to the students. The kids had all gotten a kick out of meeting her roommate, but Sadie in particular had suffered an instant crush.

Anna waved and signed 'good morning.' to the class.

"Have a good weekend?" Mrs. Laurel asked.

"Dunno," Anna shrugged, "Got blackout drunk Friday night. Next thing I remember is waking up this morning."

"Anna! You're crazy."

"Meh. They can't read lips that well yet, can they?"

"No. Well, Isabelle maybe, but she'd say the same thing if she thought of it."

"Yeah. Anything special planned today?"

"Not really. ASL review. I found a documentary with, uh... subtitles. About important people in history who were hearing impaired."

"Then I guess I can work on speech and reading lips with somebody until movie time, then go next door. Let me go tell the old guy and I'll be right back."


Meanwhile, some ten minutes drive away, Eric clicked 'Install' and leaned back in his seat. While the security program was installing, he stepped over to the doorway between the workroom and the area behind the front counter.

"Hey, what's the Hewlett-Packard here for?"

Sarah, the secretary/cashier on duty, reluctantly looked up from the magazine she was reading.

"Lady said it's freezing when it starts. Like, when it's booting up."

Eric nodded.

"I'll look at it."


Cat spent the first half of her day attending classes. First, from nine to eleven, her massage class at The Healing Arts Center. Then, noon to 1:30, she took a Sports Medicine class at the University.

Going into it, she wouldn't have guessed that there would be much lecture involved in a class called Sports Medicine. Unfortunately, her expectations did nothing to prevent the instructor from spending the first two thirds of the period talking at the class about sprained ankles. About ten minutes in, Cat began doodling. It started as random shapes and progressed to cartoonish sketches of characters from her faveorite mangas.

By the time the instructor began calling on students to label parts of an anatomical diagram, she had several pages of vague sketches depicting the young woman from the pool with the green in her hair. Some portraits, some profiles, some figure studies. Some with the fellow who Cat guessed was more likely a brother than a boyfriend.

After class she stopped at the school cafeteria for a light lunch. When she had eaten there were a few errands to run. By the time she made it back to the apartment, Maria had already left for work. A hastily scribbled note on the kitchen table read:

'Felt like bar food. Went to work early so I could eat before I go on. Pizza rolls in freezer.

See you later.


Cat considered swinging by Nevermore and visiting, but she was feeling rather Monday. Instead, she grabbed a can of Pepsi, nuked some pizza rolls and checked the TV for anything worth watching. Not finding much, she settled on half watching reruns of E.R. while picking up where she had left off on the sketches in her Sports Medicine notebook.


Some time later, Anna and Eric arrived at the bar. The bar's name, Nevermore, was obviously a reference to Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem, The Raven. The only obvious influence on the interior decor was in the form of a silhouette of the aforementioned corvine doomsayer painted over the entrance. A second, less obvious nod to the institution of theme existed in the form of several mixed drinks the owner had created. Each was named after one of Poe's works or an aspect of the man's life. Anna quite liked the Premature Burial - a coffee based dessert drink.

It was just after five, but on a Monday, and business hadn't begun to pick up yet.

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