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A family saga begins.

t of his wife displaying her tits to other people was clearly turning him on! and he got turned on even more when Trevor gallantly retrieved the Bikini top and insisted on helping Helen to put it back on! watching Trevor slip the bikini over her head, then fit the two pieces of material at the front over the thrust of her breasts, before moving to the back to tie up the strings again, left no doubt that Trevor had actually touched and fondled Helen's naked breasts or that Helen had made absolutely no attempt to stop him! but if there was even the slightest doubt, that disappeared when Trevor then slid his hands around Helen and deliberately and provocatively cupped them around her breasts, while asking if that was ok and was the bikini completely comfortable now!! Helen just tipped her head back and grinned up at Trevor - albeit with a slight flush on her face - and told him that felt absolutely fine!! They seemed to stay in that position for an absolute age, Trevor's hands cupping Helen's breasts, and her gazing up at him, and I knew that Trevor was having all sorts of difficulty holding back! I knew in that situation I would be seeing Helen's upturned face with lips slightly apart as a definite invitation!! I think Joe could sense that too, and I heard his slight intake of breath! so just to take his mind off things I moved forward and 'accidentally' brushed my hand across the bulge in his bather's!! this time the intake of breath was so great that they heard it in the water!! and broke from their half embrace!

Things were looking so promising that I wasn't sure we needed to move to the next phase of our seduction plan, but Trevor's mother had taught both of us never to take situations for granted, so when we finally went inside from the pool I nodded to Trevor and he went to the bar to make us all a drink, which he proudly announced as his own cocktail invention! it looked stunning! a sort of rainbow of different levels and colors containing only a little alcohol, but plenty of sweet smelling and sweet tasting herbs! herbs specifically designed to lower inhibitions and increase desire!! we knew they worked on us! now we waited to see if they worked on Joe and Helen!! We lit a few candles around the place to make things even more sensuous and put on some music! initially some nice boppy music that encouraged them to get up and dance, sometimes together and sometimes with us, then slowed the music down. By this time they had both finished the initial drink and had asked for more, as they'd enjoyed it so much! we obliged, of course!! with the slow music on, we allowed them one dance together, and enjoyed one ourselves - doing everything we could to get each other into an even more turned on state, then split them apart and began to work on them individually! neither of them seemed to mind! in fact as soon as Joe took me into his arms for the first dance, his hands slid down and started to fondle my ass cheeks! I knew then that everything was working perfectly!

It was spooky in a way, but Trevor and I seemed to be totally tuned in to each other, even though we were focussing on Helen and Joe, we seemed to know just how far the other was getting and even slowed down or speeded up to compensate for any minor hold backs of the part of Helen and Joe! and they were only minor! both seemed to be hot to trot, as they say!! and it wasn't long before the slow dancing became little more than a swaying back and forth as both couples allowed their bodies to get to know each other!! it even seemed perfectly natural that our lips and tongues should also get into the 'getting to know you' mode, and gentle, tentative kisses soon became quite heated and passionate!! it wasn't long after that activity commenced that Trevor and I felt confident that things were at the right stage! so we mutually led them over to the sofa and sat them down, and almost in unison removed the bottom portion of their bathers! there wasn't a murmur of dissent from either one!! Helen hadn't lied, Joe was pretty well endowed! and I drooled at the first sigh

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