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The love charade.

This has been a very trying evening for everyone."

Jack gathered himself together and again thanked them for being concerned for his welfare and saw them out.

"Jesus, Sara," Jack said softly as they waited for the elevator. "You really laid that on him. I'm not too sure he wanted to hear that."

"I know, Jerry. But I really think that he needed to hear it. At least he will be giving what I said to him a lot of thought," Sara said pensively.


At about the same time that Jack was entertaining the Cooksons, Mariah was in her room speaking with Frank Kemp.

Frank was chuckling, "Damn, Marg...uhhh Mariah. I really thought that you would be with Bell, with his head between your thighs by this time tonight."

"The poor sucker had a tummy ache, Frank. I sent him to his room to rest up for our meeting tomorrow. I informed him that he would be meeting my interested co-investor. Now, tell me what you've been up to. We've got to get our shit together."

Frank smiled confidently. "We're moving right along, Mariah. I had a preliminary interview with this broad from the PR place I told you about. Her name is Karen Palmer, and let me tell you, she's looker. Stacked in all the right places," he leered suggestively.

Mariah's eyes narrowed and she almost slapped the smirk off of his face. "You stupid prick," she hissed. "You never learn. Keep your damn cock in your pants and stick to business. Are you forgetting that you almost got busted for rape the last time you lost control over some pussy? It's a good thing we got out of town alive."

Frank waved his hands defensively, "Ok, ok, I'm not going to get in her pants. It's a bonus that I get to work with a MILF. Maybe when this is over, I'll then sample what she's got."

"When this is over," Mariah snapped, "we'll be out of the country. Let them look for us, we'll be long gone. Now get on your back." She then kneeled over his head and slowly lowered her moist pussy onto his mouth.


Jack woke groggily, listening to the incessant ring of the telephone. He had not slept well, his thoughts running rampant over Sara's remarks the evening before. His doubts about his precipitous divorce were becoming more frequent and Sara only voiced what he had been feeling for some time. He looked at the clock as he picked up the phone and saw that it was already 8:00 a.m

"Hello," he muttered hoarsely.

"Jack, wake the fuck up. I've got a ton of crap to lay on you," boomed Hank Simmons.

"Shit," Jack said as he sat up. "It's 5:00 a.m. there. What's so goddamn important to get you up so early."

""Up?" exclaimed Hank. " I haven't even been to bed yet. Now just shut up and listen. Peg and I had a couple of interesting visitors late last night. By interesting, I mean a couple of agents from the Treasury Dept. Now let me fill you in. My inquiries concerning Mariah Cookson provoked some interest by this group. They asked what my interest was and I, of course, explained fully our intent. They then asked if they could enlist our assistance and after listening to them I promised that we will do whatever we could to aid their investigation."

"What the fuck are you talking about, Hank? What investigation, what's going on?," an exasperated Jack asked.

"Just listen, Jack.

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