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Problem with the chip turns into fun.

Slightly weak kneed, Steph stands and moves to my bed. She climbs on and then straddles me. She takes my cock and swipes the head back and forth several times bathing it in the slickness drooling from inside her. She gasps when she goes too far and my engorged flesh contacts her hyper sensitive clit. Then she places me at her opening and tantalizingly slowly lowers herself down onto me. To me it feels like forever and I wouldn't blame you for thinking that maybe this is her way of paying me back for my earlier teasing of her. In reality she is just so sensitive she must proceed slowly, allowing her body time to adjust. I am no 'hung' stud. In fact, the size of my penis is just about average, but that does not matter. She is so sensitive, her muscles having contracted so tightly, that inserting a pencil would take as much time. Once I am inside her she gently rocks and swirls her body using our joining as the fulcrum. The base of my shaft feels as if it is locked in place while the rest feels as though it is a swizzle stick stirring and blending against the walls of her pussy. I am so hard this will not take long.

My hands grab her hips and then her ass and help her move, adding a bit of up and down to her motion. My cock head is so wonderfully wrapped within the slick velvet vise of her love tunnel that every single movement is translated into pleasure that shoots like electric current to my balls and my brain. "Oh, honey," I moan as I thrust my hips upward, pushing as deep within her as I can reach. And then my hips buck involuntarily as the first gob of my semen shoots from me into her.

"Yes," she whispers, her hands on my chest and a smile on her face. "Yes."

As the last pulse delivers the final drops of my load into her my body falls back to the bed and my legs straighten. Stephanie slumps forward onto me, her breasts compressed between us, her legs extending atop mine. She snuggles her face into my neck with a soft kiss and a playful grasping of my skin between her teeth. She sighs as one hand caresses her back and the other weaves into her hair. I feel the weight of her body increase as she goes limp as she falls asleep. She is light as a feather as I drift into sleep with her. Sometime in the night I get up and move to the other bed, the twin mattress fine for sex but not conducive to two adults and a restful night's sleep.

In the morning Janet has already made coffee and laid out fruit and muffins for breakfast. I thank her and take mine to the balcony, where, warmed by the morning sun I survey the sand and ocean.

Sunday is a repeat of Saturday with beach, showers, naps, dinner and a much more languorous love making session. Monday looks like it will be a repeat as well. I could get used to this!

About 3:30 Monday afternoon Steph's cell phone rings. "It's the office," she announces in a slightly surprised tone.

"Don't answer it," I say urgently but I'm too late.

"Hello? Unh, huh. Unh, huh. Really? When? Unh huh."

I'm not getting much from only one side of this conversation but what I am getting I don't think I like.

"Sure, sure. I'll just... Oh, you already did? Ok, great, thanks. Yeah, yeah, 8:30. Yep. OK, bye."

She is afraid to turn and face me. I can see the expression on Janet's face change and it's not good.

"They need me to come back. Things are blowing up and we have an emergency meeting tomorrow morning at 8:30 before heading to your company at 10 o'clock. They've booked me on a 6:15 flight today."

"What?" I let loose in exasperation. "What, they can't live one week without you? Did they book me a flight, too?"

"Tom, I'm really sorry. Apparently your SVP of Marketing mentioned me by name, asking if I would be there and saying he felt I contributed a fresh look at things. Kevin (her boss) was pretty much begging me to come back. He said if we save this he'll promote me to a full VP - Account Executive."

She reached out and took my hand.

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