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First submission to a Dom.

The feeling was exquisite. My cock throbbed and rose before her eyes. Lexi cooed and laughed at the effect her breath had on me. 'What a nice beautiful cock you have there Mister," Lexi murmured as she turned her head to the side of it to study it's length and girth. With a long extended tongue she lapped at the side of it and sent shivers up my spine. "Hmmm, hmmm," she moaned as her tongue began a curly assault on my shaft and head. She played with it, licking it only, refusing to put me into her mouth. Her warm, wet tongue was incredible and was pushing me to the edge without sucking on it or tugging on it.

Larry's impatience reared its ugly head again as he banged on the walls of his stall and he stuck his cock through his hole. Lexi giggled at Larry's haste and left me throbbing in my hole. She stepped around the toilet and kneeled down in front of his cock and discarded the playfulness she had used on me. Instead she began to exhibit pure animal lust by sucking and tugging at his cock with abandon. I could hear Larry groan through the walls and laughed out loud. Lexi was a hot little number and I was amazed at her desire. When she came complaining about the 'Gloryholes' I knew she was a cocksucker. She played like it bothered her but she knew she couldn't stay away.

Larry's cock was wrapped in Lexi's mouth as she sucked and stroked on him. The slurping sounds were incredible and Larry's groaning was a crack up. I wanted more but I wanted Larry to finish first. I moved to the door to Lexi's stall and looked in on her as she bobbed her head on his engorged cock. The door was locked but with a flip of a screwdriver, I undid it and the door came open. Lexi was oblivious to me as she stroked Larry closer and closer to cumming.

Pulling the cock from her mouth, Lexi looked at it as she stroked it and blew on his wet head. "Are you going to cum for me?" Lexi asked and began stroking harder. Larry was beside himself as he had grown quiet and his cock became rigid in Lexi's small hands. "Cum on, Cum for me, cum for me," Lexi urged as her mouth went back to work on his cock head and sucked on it while her tongue swirled around it.

"Oh fuck," Larry blurted and I heard his hands bang on the walls of the stall as his cock spurted his white gooey load into Lexi's wanton mouth and on her face and chin. "Oh fuck, Oh fuck," he repeated as she licked and sucked on his head as she milked out every last drop of his jizz.

Lexi's mouth was full as she turned to see me in her stall. Her eyes grew wide but when she recognized me she got a devilish grin on her face and giggled. Larry's jizz was still on her face and chin and in her open mouth. Without missing a beat she swallowed his cum and got up from her kneeling position to walk over to me. She had her eyes on my face as she reached me and her small hands dropped to my crotch. My cock was rock hard and I wanted to fuck with this nasty little slut really bad.

"You aren't going to tell anybody about this, are you?" Lexi cooed as her right hand began stroking my rod. I didn't answer but instead spun her towards to toilet paper rolls and reached down and ripped off about twenty sheets. Lexi laughed as she allowed me to wipe her face and clean off the cum. I finished and threw the paper in the toilet bowl. I spun her back to me and with a gentle push on her shoulders, forced her to the ground and on her knees. Obediently, she looked up at me and smiled.

'"I think we can keep this between just the three of us," I said and reached for my cock. Lexi saw that and opened her mouth and brought her hands up to grab it. 'No, no just your mouth," I told her and smacked my cock on her tongue, mouth, and lips. Lexi did what I said and dropped her hands to her knees. "Yeah that's it," I said and with my free hand reached down and pulled her sundress off each shoulder. The fabric was silky and slipped slowly off her and down her arms, chest and back. It hung up on her nipples and I had to coax it off them with a gentle tug.

"You've got a smoking bod

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