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Hallie has a bad trip.

She lay there, panting, throat sore, as she listened to him towel off. The curtain drew back and he was there pulling her to her feet, helping her step out and onto the slippery tile. Gently patting her down and towel drying her hair, he helped his pretty kitten come back to herself.

Brushing her hair back off her shoulder, he stood in front of her, and Master wrapped his arms around her. Leaning down, he gave her a feather-light kiss on her shoulder before whispering, "You did really good just now kitten. Now, lets get you dressed and ready to go."

Excitement bubbled within her once more as she giggled and followed him into the closet. He turned and frowned at her watching him look through the clothes. "Why don't you go back and sit on the bed and wait for me?" he asked her. When she didn't answer and just continued to watch him, he ordered her. "Go on, be a good slave and wait outside for me or you'll stay here and won't go out this weekend." The threat of being cooped up in the house while he went out and had fun, possibly with other women, was enough to send her scrambling across the room to her designated kneeling spot next to her large pet bed.

A few minutes later Master came back into the room dressed in a red button down, jeans and his favorite boots, her own boots in one hand and a bundle of black cloth in the other. He threw it on the bed as he past, glancing at her as he headed toward the door. "Be dressed and ready in 10 minutes. You'll know what make-up to wear." And then he was gone. She heard him descend the stairs as she wearily looked back at the bundle on the bed.

Ten minutes later she was racing down the steps. She felt terribly exposed in the outfit Master had chosen but she refused to disappoint him by voicing her complaints. She was wearing nothing but strips of tape covering her nipples under her long-sleeved black hooded mesh shirt. Around her hips she had on a heavy black and white plaid skirt that felt like it would fall off any moment and had removable bondage straps. Beneath this she had on only garters and ripped and torn fishnet thigh highs that led the eye down to her 4 inch heeled boots. With her hair in two braids framing her face, eyes thickly lined with black, lips painted a deep burgundy she knew she looked like a gothic slut and she only wished that she knew exactly where Master was taking her dressed like that.

He was waiting for her by the front door, keys in hand. Joy sparkling in his eyes he guided his very excited kitten out the door and to the truck.

Sitting with her back to the door, one leg in the seat so that she was completely exposed to Master, as was required of her always, she alternated from watching her Master to watching their surroundings curiously, wondering where they were headed. She was a little confused when she realized they were going in the direction of the mall until they turned down the street to Masters' office and she saw the Volkswagen parked in front of his office building, that cute little red head in jeans and barely there top leaning against the car. For a few months now, Master and his kitten had met with her friend Stephanie here at his office for lessons. Once inside the classroom, she stopped being his kitten and he Master. He became Teacher and she the Teacher's Pet. And they were starting the weekend off with a lesson with Stephanie.

Her excitement dwindled when she thought about sharing her time with Master with Stephanie. It was the last thing she had anticipated. She picked up the pace again when she felt his hand on the back of her neck, winding in her hair, urging her forward. Without stopping to say a word, Master guided his kitten right past Stephanie, expecting her to follow into the office, confusion warring on her pretty features.

Motioning the two girls into the appropriate room, he kept walking.

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