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More things are revealed as time passed them.

someone sees?"

"No one can see over those hedges that we haven't gotten around to trimming yet. And the bright sun has turned your windows into mirrors anyway."

"What...what do you want me to do?"

"Show me. Show me what you do. Late at night, early in the morning...everyone does it. Show me what you do to pleasure yourself. I want to watch you, to see you at your most beautiful, how you tense, how you relax...how you come."

"I've never done that," she said shyly.

"You've never come?" I said with a smirk.

"No, silly. I've never...been watched before."

"It's as natural as rain. I'll be quiet," I said, pulling a chair from the kitchen table, turning it around and sitting in it, facing her. "If you close your eyes you won't even know I'm here."

Her eyebrows were furrowed. "This is kind of strange. I don't know how I feel."

"I bet I know how you feel," I said, rising from the chair and walking toward her. I slid my finger down the front of her shorts, felt the humidity between her legs as I ran my finger along the length of her womanhood. "You feel turned on. Give me a show," I said, taking her hand and placing it on my half-erect cock, "and I'll give you this. Wherever you want it." She didn't say anything, but the way her hand was fondling my shaft and balls told me all that I needed to know.

I placed my hands on her hips and lifted her up onto the countertop, then reached for the hem of her shorts. She raised her ass cheeks to allow me to pull both her shorts and lacy cream-colored panties down. "Oh my sweet Sue," I said teasingly. "You know what they say about women who wear matching sets of underwear, don't you?" She nodded knowingly as her clothes finished their journey down her long legs, and I took in the sight of her hairy vagina. "Au naturel, just like I imagined."

"You've imagined me naked before?" she asked. Her surprise matched my own.

"Are you kidding? I bet most of the guys and teenage boys around the neighborhood have. I know I've certainly come while thinking about you," I revealed, returning to my chair. "Now, let's see you put your imagination to work."

Sue sat there, unmoving. "Touch yourself." After another moment's pause, she did as instructed, placing her right hand between her legs, her forefinger starting on her clit before sliding along her labia. "Spread yourself, like a centerfold," I instructed. She did, revealing the pinkness of her innermost beauty for my eyes before sliding her middle finger into her channel, her thumb on her erect pleasure button. She closed her eyes, leaned back until her head rested against the upper cabinet, her left hand going up to her right nipple, losing herself to the moment.

My cock, which had been at half-mast since I'd been admitted into Sue's house, was now fully erect. I reached up the right leg of my shorts and began massaging my head while watching Sue pleasure herself, then pushed the loose cotton up, allowing me to wrap my fist around my shaft. Sue opened her eyes, saw me stroking myself and responded by increasing the tempo of her motions. I could actually hear her wetness as she slid her index and middle fingers together along and around her pussy, wishing it was my tongue there, figuring there would be plenty of time for that later. She varied her masturbation technique, using her thumb and two largest fingers to rub, stroke and penetrate her pleasure zone and play with her clearly sensitive nipples for several minutes while I slowly milked my cock.

A grin came to her face as she began moaning and sighing, closing in on her climax. I stopped touching myself, intent on enjoying the performance Sue was putting on. "Let yourself go, beautiful," I whispered, and moments later she shuddered and shrieked as she came, then slumped back, smiling. "That was an incredible thing to witness."

I stood up, pulled my tee shirt over my head and removed my shorts, then sat back down. It struck me that it was funny, the both of us nude except for our footwear, and I let forth a small laugh that brought Sue back down to earth. "What's so funny?"


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