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Wanda meets a guy.

"I know everything in those books," I said, pointing behind me, "backwards. You want me to work in new territory, I need new material."

"New material?" he asked.

"Yes," I frowned at his thoughtful expression. "New, as in, never before seen symptoms. You know, new?"

Strauss kept considering me, biting the tip of his thumb, and I tried damn hard not to remember where I'd imagined that thumb had been. Finally, he gave me a terrifying smile and I knew I was going to be dead in less than two seconds.

"Good. Good, Yuki!" He exclaimed throwing his hands up in the air and making me jump a mile high. "Thank you very much! Write a list of websites and I'll have Karl organise a PC with restricted access. You understand I can't provide full access, of course."

"Of course," I grumbled, sitting back down.


"Tanaka-san," I hissed, quickly becoming angry again.

Strauss didn't use my name, but continued. "I don't want you to think me a monster-"

"Too late!" I spat at him.

He tsked and shook his head, and I felt like a child being looked down upon.

"I was going to ask if you would like to leave a few answering machine messages for your family or friends, but if you'd rather behave like a hostage and be treated like one..." He let the sentence die and gave me a look like he knew what I wanted.

I didn't want to admit to him that I wanted to get in contact with my parents; as for friends, I think we both knew I had no friends I was interested in calling. But Mum and Dad needed to know I was safe. Screw trying to get hold of the police, I'd rather keep my mouth shut than give Strauss the satisfaction of knowing how scared I was.

"My parents," I mumbled, looking at my feet.


He stepped to the workbench and peeked into the microscope.

"Can you see the specimen?" I asked, my eyes widening through the goggles.

"Yes... I can see as well in the dark now as I used to in the light."

That wasn't in my predecessor's notes.

"My parents," I continued, frowning and edging away, "I would like to reassure them that I'm, I'm..."

"Well? Safe?"

"I wouldn't go that far," I quickly retorted.

Strauss pounced on me before I had a chance to react, pinning me into my chair with one strong arm on either side of me, his fists slammed onto the workbench behind me.

"I would," he seethed, glaring at me with a piercing gaze. "But I can change that, if you prefer?"

It took me far too long to react to his close proximity, let alone his threat. "Get away from me! Get off!" I yelled, and dropped the goggles.

I stood and pushed him away with all my strength. The situation had drastically changed, I was in danger; however calm he'd been, that was long gone. I couldn't see him now, but I could hear the huffs of breath, the low growls. The man standing in front of me was giving in to the monster and none of my fighting was going to do any good. But I wasn't going to give up, I didn't dare.

"You want a cell? You want handcuffs?" He hissed, "Or do you want to be treated even worse? You want to starve? Be beaten so badly you piss blood every day for the rest of your miserable life?" His voice was coming closer but I remained as still as stone. "You need that kind of motivation, doctor? Well?! Answer me!"

I shivered; I had no stomach for confrontation and no experience being in a situation where I couldn't come out on top. I didn't get a chance to reply though, because the monster was less than a hair's breadth away in less than a second and I shivered again.

"Or perhaps you need a different kind of motivation."

"No!" Every cell in my body screamed the word at him.

"Your lips can lie, but your body has already told me the truth," he whispered, and my head snapped up so fast my neck hurt. "Admit it, Yuki. You want me."

My bottom lip trembled and my stomach churned.

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