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Guys don’t like rubbers – it’s like swimming in galoshes.

Then I thought about how they must be younger, more attractive and hopefully more fertile than Mr. Moore was. I considered the likelihood that I might be drugged for the impregnation and maybe not remember it at all. I labored for 12 hours inside and outside until I thought I would collapse. And as I worked, all I thought about was what was going to happen to me next, if I had any say in the matter, and how I felt about each scenario.

I had to practically drag myself in to see Ms. Moore to report that I had completed her list. She had company. I froze. I wore only my sneakers, the locked underwear with a dirty diaper underneath, and a leather collar with a heavy chain in tow. I was sweaty, and dirty and aching from head to toe. The two men and I saw each other at the same time. I crossed an arm over my breasts and took a step backward. They jumped to their feet and surrounded me. Intrusive hands groped me savagely before I knew what was going on. I shook in terror.

"Well, well, well... Look what Auntie got us!"

One took an obscene handful of breast and a handful of my leather britches. "Samual, do you want white meat or dark meat?" He laughed.

"I'll have the whole buffet, and leftovers later." He replied, smiling "but first I'm going to push my big dick all the way down that pretty little throat!" He said grabbing the collar roughly. I shook violently and my heart raced.

Ms. Moore watched my anxiousness with great amusement. After several agonizing minutes, she stepped forward, the key to my chastity belt in hand. I fought myself to be brave as the first scene of a ferocious defilement was about to begin. But to my shock, she handed the key to me!

Ms. Moore broke up the hooligans that fondled me. "You have completed your chores without complaint. Free yourself from these chains, go to your room to shower, then you will willingly give yourself to my husband to fullfil your duty. Understand?"

Such a relief washed over me I nearly beamed. "Yes, ma'am!" I said, "Thank you so much!" And I meant it!

I headed through the small kitchen to the basement stairs before she could change her mind. I unlocked the chain from my collar and dropped it. Then I unlocked the undergarment, waiting to get to my room before removing it entirely. Celebrating the freedom from my restraints, I couldn't wait to get in my bathroom and remove the object trapped within me. I turned the shower on and quickly removed everything except my collar. I had unlocked and removed the chain in the kitchen but forgot to unlock the collar separately. Plus I had left the key on the table upstairs for some stupid reason.

I stepped under the water and was finally able to relax. I carefully washed out the ointment and noticed the way it made my clit very swollen and sensitive. I washed my hair and then stood there under the hot water, letting it relax my sore muscles.

Suddenly I jumped at the sound of someone coming into the bathroom. For a brief moment, I felt like a cornered animal and poised myself defensively. ...but it was easy to recognize Mr. Moore's balding head and lumpy physique through the slightly frosted shower door. I covered myself with my hands and opened the door slightly to see what he needed.

"I ...didn't mean to scare you, Lucy. I just got home and Mary Joe told me it was time to come down and... well, you know." I noticed he seemed a little nervous, like when he first came to my house and told daddy his wife's plan to take my baby.

"I'm busy now," I replied, trying hard to not sound rude. "Can you come back after a while?"

"I see you're still wearing that collar. ...did Mary Joe say you had to keep it on?"

I brought my hand to the object around my neck. I had nearly forgotten about it. "No," I said carefully. I had a brief thought that I would be restrained for the night's events. This reminded me of how Ms. Moore seemed to enjoy sadistic games at my expense, and I was immediately afraid of what she had planned.


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