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A wet morning - in every way.

"Omg Ashley you need to loosen up or you'll never get another guy." She went to filing her nails like I would just ignore her comment.

"Im plenty loose" I looked her up and down begging for her to doubt me.

"Puh-lease, loose as a bear trap."

"Just because my legs have a closed position, unlike yours, doesn't mean I'm uptight." She felt that one.


"Slut!" I answered back and she glared at me.

"You are a little bitch I bet you wouldn't even..." She paused.

"Wouldn't what?" I was waiting for her to bring up one of her slutty activities. She smiled though and challenged me with her eyes.

"Come with me to the beach, we are going skinny dipping." I looked down for a second.

"Who is we?"

"Me and the soccer jocks." The raised her eyebrows like she was challenging me.


"What are you afraid of a couple cocks?" I glared her down and nodded after a moment.

"Fine, I'll do it."

The next day my nerves were getting the better of me. Every time I passed a boy from the soccer team in the hall I wondered if he would be there. I felt naked already and I called Becky on my cell to cancel but she wouldn't let me. The whole day I was wearing two piece under my clothes and when I got back to the dorm I waited for Becky. Around midnight there was a knock at the door and I nervously hopped up to let my roommate in.

My heart slammed against my throat when I opened the door and saw Mike Cassidy with a towel around his waist. Ever since I saw him he came up as a topic with the rest of the girls. I couldn't believe Becky didn't tell me he was one of the guys. His chest was shining and I noticed his hair was wet. I couldn't breath.

"Ashley right?" he knew my name, I nearly fainted, but I managed a nod. "Beck didn't say how hot you were." I just stared at his chest and didn't say anything. "You are a little over dressed, I brought you this" he took off his towel and through it over my shoulder. He was completely naked and completely hard. I glanced down at it and turned away beat red. "Change into that."

"Ok" I managed to say and I turned to change in the restroom.

"Where are you going?" He asked like it wasn't obvious.

"To chan..."

"Change here." He said it before I could even finish. I stared at him for a second and started to unbutton my top. He was half leaving against the door watching me. "Don't tell Becky: he said. "But those plastic tits don't quite do it for me. You're natural, I can tell." I was speechless and I wrapped the towel around my shoulders, covering up and shimmying out of my pants. I kept my bathing suit on but I don't think he could tell. He pressed his finger to his lips for me to be quiet as we walked through the halls. I tried to walk right next to him to avoid staring at his body but he didn't seem to mind.

When we got to the door to the pool room he turned to face me and he looked up and down my shaking body.

"You'd better lose the bathing suit or you might catch some guff from Beck." He was right, but he didn't stop looking at me. After a second he jerked the towel off of my body, I was as still as stone. He held it up in front of me though, so he couldn't see, and I very slowly peeled away my suit. I nodded nervously when I was done. And expected him to drape the towel back over me. But he dropped it on the floor. I couldn't move or breathe. He took my hand and lifted it above my head and I let him. He had me spin and I could feel his eyes pouring over my body. He looked pleased and opened the pool room door.

Following him in the humidity of the room hit my body like a bolt of lightning, I took one nervous step into the room and my eyes were drawn to Becky on her knees in front of the other soccer player. I didn't recognize his face but my jaw hanged open at the size of his penis. Where Mike seemed perfectly proportioned this guy was enormous and I couldn't take my eyes off of Becky's bobbing head. Mike said something but I was as good as deaf, Becky pulled her studs member from her mouth and it was even bigger then I thought.

"Well wel

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