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Then you collapse back into the water and if you're as lucky as I was that night, back into the arms of a lover.

The boys finally let my leg down when the timer on the jets went off. It was time to get out and dry off. We were starting to look like prunes in places you don't want to look pruney. Ranger got out first, followed by Hubby and they both extended a hand to help me get out. I needed all the help I could get. I wasn't sure I had the strength to get out on my own. They stood me in the middle of the room, each grabbed a towel, one dried the front, one the back. Hubby took me by the hand, pulled me close and kissed me deeply before asking if I was having a good time tonight. All I could do was grin like a Cheshire cat. He told Ranger he guessed he had an answer to a silly question. I was going to grab a towel to throw around me, but Ranger held it out of reach and told me to forget it. He knew what I looked like and modesty at this point was mute. I guess he was right. I giggled and walked back to the bedroom and threw back the covers from the bed. Sneaking between the sheets, I grabbed the middle pillow and curled up into a ball. I was tired and I wanted to take a little nap.

Someone turned off the music and turned back on the film. It had finished and we never noticed. I hate static over a tv sound system. The guys were trying hard to remember the last thing they watched on the tape. I could care less at that point. I was drifting off to sleep with the music of their voices talking together in quiet companionship. I hope I didn't snore.

Sometime later they must have joined me. I never felt them come to bed but I did feel the arms wrapping themselves around me and pulling me back to a hairy chest. I still couldn't wake up, so I just snuggled down remembering that someone kissed the top of my head and whispered to have a pleasant snooze for now. I think I smiled at that. I don't remember. I do remember dreaming that my back was getting licked and nibbled. It was a pleasant feeling. Then I remember having my shoulder nipped gently. That felt good too. Funny how dreams can feel so real sometimes. While I was drifting up out of my slumber I realized that it wasn't a dream. There was a mouth on my back and shoulders and it was moving up to my neck. I tipped my head away from it, exposing more flesh when I was rolled over so the mouth could explore the V under my chin. Little soft licks of a warm, wet tongue were traveling up to my jaw. Nibbles that were sending lovely goose bumps all over my chest. First a trail of the tongue, then a mouth nibbling where the tongue was. Sometimes nips with exposed teeth, sometimes not. Hands started to follow where the tongue blazed a trail. A mouth covered mine tenderly, then left there to find another place to kiss. I felt hands massaging my arms and hands. Kisses caressed wherever a hand had been. The trail moved to my abdomen, tongue circling my belly button, moving down to the triangle of dark curls just above my pussy. The hands moved my thighs apart as the body moved to lie between my legs. The hands grabbed my calves and bent my knees so I was totally open to the mouth that was moving down further. Seeking the valley below, the tongue found my clit again and sucked it in deeply. I moaned softly. I was waking up.

My eyes still weren't focusing, but my brain told me that I was being woken up by an expert. The question was which expert? I raised up on my elbows so I could watch what was being done, finding Ranger back where he'd always said he wanted to wake up at, between my thighs, eating pussy. Just the sight of his head there made me juice again in his mouth. The appreciative groan he gave me let me know he realized I was awake now and he was just getting started.

Well I had my own plans to add to this little interlude.

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