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Life After Revenge.

I smiled thinking my wife had come out of our bedroom, and saw me and took pity on me.

I let go of my erection and let the female hand start to stroke me. I felt some hair brush my thigh, which startled me because my wife has extremely short hair, Think Meg Ryan short. No way it could brush my leg unless her head was touching it.

My eyes shot open and there was a female (thank god) I didn't know stroking my cock. Her sparkling green eyes were focused on the glistening precum her ministrations were drawing out of me. The video ended, but I didn't move, not sure what to do.

She had to be about my age, maybe a few years younger. She was definitely a MILF, she wasn't a skinny Minnie but she had real curves like a 1950's movie star. I groaned and she looked up. She saw my eyes were open, and she looked scared, but never stopped her exquisite hand job. She used the precum to lubricate my dick, and kept stroking focusing on the nerves just under the head for a bit then long slow strokes on the erect shaft.

I sat there and watched this fully dressed woman stroke my hard dick until I was about to cum. I tried to pull away, not wanting to speak and break the silence of the moment. She smiled and stroked faster and faster pointing my cock at my belly until I couldn't hold back anymore and I erupted all over my self. White hot cum spurted out of me landing on my shoulders and nipples. It was the best orgasm I've had since the first time I got laid.

When I finished cumming, she stood up and left without speaking a word to me. I sat there covered in my own cum wondering if I had been dreaming or not. Standing up I locked the door, took a quick shower and went to bed.

The next night I was watching an different style video, with the door open and began to play with myself. Once I was erect and stroking myself the stranger lady walked into my house again and dropped to her knees beside my chair and took my shaft in her hand.

I sat there in stunned silence watching this attractive late 30ish green eyed rubenesque female stroke my cock like it was totally normal. I just laid there and let her take care of me as I watched a male stripper fuck some office worker while her friends cheered her on.

This time I turned my computer screen so the mysterious stranger could watch the video as well, and she timed her strokes to match the action on the screen. She was skilled enough to time my release with the stripper on the screen. As his cum coated the secretaries face, Mine once again coated my chest. Once again as soon as I was satisfied she stood up and calmly walked out the door. I shook my head wondering if this was real or if my imagination was playing tricks on me.


The next day was the last for the electricians, thank God. I took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood when they left. As I walked down the street, a neighbor called me over. I crossed the street, and said "Hey Sarge, whats goin on?"

"Not much brother, but I wanted to let you know there's a new person living in the house just before the curve. She moved in while you were out of town. She seems nice, but I thought you might want to ask her to join the neighborhood watch." said my long time neighbor Mike who was a Sargent in our local PD, and helped us get a good neighborhood watch going after a bunch of cars were vandalized.

I thanked him and let my dog into the house. I then walked over to the house in question and knocked on the door. I should have realized, I didn't think about it, but I should have realized...

SHE opened the door and we came face to face. Neither of us could speak, and I don't know whose face was redder. She looked at me like a rabbit who was cornered by a snake. Words failed me and I turned to walk away. Her whisper stopped me in my tracks "Don't go...let me explain."

I slowly turned and walked through her front door which she held open for me and sat down in a recliner she had in her living room.

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