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Trying on display suits, he learns the Club's back story.

We ate quickly and hurried to my car. We were on the road to the next town, about 30 miles away, heading to our next adventure.

Rich surprised me by removing his pants and opening his legs wide again. He turned his head and smiled shyly at me. "I hope you don't mind me doing this without permission. I figured since you had asked me to do this earlier that you might like it now."

"I do like it and I'm glad you want to do it to please me. I'm glad you want to take initiative to make your fantasy more enjoyable for you. Feel free to make suggestions if there is something you'd like to do."

"Thank you, Sir, I will."

We were quiet throughout the rest of the drive. I fondled Rich's balls and tugged on his cage every few minutes. I wanted him to be in an almost constant state of arousal. I wanted him to get the full experience.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the bookstore Rich pulled up his pants. We exited the car and made our way inside. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go first so we just wandered around the store. I hadn't taken a lot of time the last time I was there we I wandered around looking at the merchandise. I spotted some BDSM items and headed over that way. I wasn't sure if any of this stuff would be appropriate for our play sessions but the stuff was fun to look at.

As we made our way around the store we neared the front counter. I saw the same man who had sold me the cage and smiled at him.

"Hello," he said. "I'm glad you came back. Did you see anything you like?"

"Not yet," I said.

"Did your 'friend' enjoy the present you bought for him the last time you were here?" he asked.

I got an idea that I hoped Rich would like. "Why don't you ask him yourself?" I said as I put my hand on Rich's shoulder and moved him closer to the counter.

The man looked at Rich excitedly. "So you're the 'friend'. Do you like your present?" he asked with a smile.

Rich looked him in the eye with a smile. "Yes, Sir, I did."

"Is he wearing it?"

"Yes he is," I said proudly.

He leaned closer to me and said softly, "May I see it?"

I turned to Rich and said softly. "Slut, show the man your present."

"Yes, Sir."

Rich walked over to the end of the counter and stepped behind it. He reached in and pulled the device out of his zipper, letting it hang outside his pants.

I stepped behind Rich and hissed. "That's not how you show someone your present, Slut! Drop your pants! From now on when I tell you to show someone your present this is how you will do it!"

"Yes, Sir, I'm sorry, Sir. It won't happen again." Rich undid his belt and the clip, dropping his pants to the floor.

The man stepped closer and squatted down. "Spread your legs, Slut, let him have a good look."

"Yes, Sir!" Rich said as he slid his feet as far apart as his pants would allow.

The man took his time, examining Rich from every angle. He got so close I thought he was going to lick Rich's nuts.

He stood up and extended his had to me. "Thanks very much for letting me see that. My name is Ken. I've sold a few of those but I've never seen one in use. It's very interesting."

I shook his hand and smiled. "I'm Phil and this is Slut. I'm glad we were able to be of service."

"Could I ask him a question?" Ken said.

"Sure, go ahead."

"How does it feel? Does it hurt?"

"No, Sir it doesn't hurt to wear it under normal conditions. When I am aroused there is some discomfort, by design, but it's not too bad. It reminds me of my position as a Slut." Rich said softly.

Ken looked at me. He wanted to ask me something but he was reluctant. "Go ahead, touch him if you want," I said assuming that was what he wanted to do.

"Thanks," he said with a whisper.

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