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Verona was not in the mood, but we found another way.

"Take my hand sweetie," he tells me, his hand reaching towards me.

Feel my face redden as I reach out and feel him take my hand in his and lead me to the back. As we go through the curtains into the dark area, I can see several men leaning back against the wall or standing near the booths. They all turn and look at us and I feel him grip my hand tighter not letting me loose. He walks in and slowly leads me through down the aisle. I feel like he is showing me off like you might do if you were showing off your hot babe to a bunch of strangers. I hear comments as we pass. What a pretty boy. I have a big cock baby, want to feel it? I jump as a man pats my ass as I pass.

He leads me to a booth in the back. It looks bigger than the other and he leads me into it and locks the door behind us. He presses me against a wall and tries to kiss me but I push him away.

"Soliciting is also against the law sweetie," he tells me. "It usually gets you a couple days in lockup. Is that what you want?"

I nod my head no and feel his hand grab my head softly and he brings his lips to mine and I don't resist. His tongue presses between my lips and into my mouth and he kisses me deeply. It feels like he is sucking the breath out of me and his tongue explores my mouth. He breaks the kiss and releases my face.

"Sit down sweetie," he tells me and I sit down on the padded bench. "Take your shoes and socks off baby."

"Please Sir, let me go," I beg of him.

His demeanor changes some. "Listen pussyboy. I'm getting tired of your fucking whining. Either do what I say or I'm going to call my friends at the station, and trust me, that might work out much worse."

I look down surprised how pissed he got so quickly. I take my tennis shoes and socks off and look up at him.

"Now the warm up suit," he states.

Scared to argue, I do as he says and soon I'm sitting on the bench in just my white jockeys. He suddenly reaches down and grabs my clothes and open the door and leaves with them. I'm sitting on the bench in just my jockeys and scared shitless. What have I done now to get into another mess?

Soon the door opens and he reappears with a shoe box. He holds up the black thong I had picked out.

"This will look much better sweetie, put it on for daddy," he says, lust in his voice.

He hands it to me and I just stare at it. The panel in front isn't very big and there are strings that tie on the side and a string that will run up between my ass cheeks.

"Do you want me to get a couple men out there to help you with it sweetie?" he asks.

I shake my head no and lower the jockeys I have on and slide the thong up. It feels so weird especially the string running up my ass. My cock has shrunk up from embarrassment but you can see it outlined in the front panel of the panties. It looks so small.

"We don't want you going barefoot in here with all the cum on the floor sweetie so I brought you some shoes. He opens the box and takes out a pair of black patent leather pumps with 4" heels.

"These should fit sweetie, we carry sizes for sissy boys in here," he states.

I take them from you, staring at them, then try putting them on. Surprisingly, they do fit but feel so strange.

"Stand up, let me see you baby," he tells me.

I stand, wobbling till I get my balance. The shoes feel so strange making me feel like I'm almost standing on my toes. I look down and my legs look different, slimmer and more defined. I feel the cool air on my exposed ass cheeks. He takes my hand and makes me take a few steps to where I feel like I can walk in them if I really concentrate.

"Daddy wants to show his pretty girl off to all the men sweetie," he tells me.

"No please don't make me go out like this, please, please," I beg him squeezing his hand tightly.

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