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He takes control and fucks her like never before.

"It's funny but you really should have hidden your key better. Don't you think we might first look for it in a scroll marked "Temptations of Aphrodite? So many naughty pictures! Tsk Tsk Tsk"

Groaning, Archimedes continued to beg. "Please girls, I am so weak. You have kept me so hard for so long, you need to go easy on me! I am about to burst!!!"

Cassandra, running her hand up his chest turned his face to greet hers. "Trust us Archimedes, we aren't going to hurt you or cause you to spill, we just want to get you to leak a little." Grinning she held her fingers close together. "Just a tiny drop, that is all we ask. A tiny tiny drop won't cause any problems" she explained as Helen and Andromeda now began to slowly run their tongues over his smooth hair free balls. Moaning at their ministrations, he was muffled as Cassandra mounted his face. "Don't you want to lick us all Good-Bye Archimedes?" she giggled as she felt the incredibly aroused tongue of Archimedes instantly begin to desperately worship her slit.

Hours later, Archimedes was skating dangerously close to the edge of both insanity and popping off. Each beauty had taken their turn on his face, while the other two slowly licked and caressed his now free cock and balls. His face was literally drenched in their nectar, all mixing together and painting his lips and chin, their musky scent driving him literally insane with lust. Shuddering, his toes fluttered as his rational mind desperately tried to hold back the flood that was bursting at the dam, cum boiling in his balls aching to shoot. "PLEAAAAAAAASE!!!!" he begged when he got too close, and the girls, with disappointed looks on their faces would comply and slow down. They truly did want just a taste, but this was a dangerous high wire act they were walking, and there was no net.

Helen was now humping his face, his tongue lapping at her sopping wet honey cave in complete adoration and desperation. Cassandra was lazily stroking his nipple with her left hand while she ran just the tip of her tongue around one of his balls, giggling as it quivered under her touch. Andromeda was equally busy, running her tongue round and round the very tip of his penis, proud of the deep purple color they had created. The sound of his shallow breathing and desperate panting kept them all sopping wet.

Helen, moaning uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her spirit body under his talented mouth, called out to the other two to stop as she felt Archimedes body grow stiff and begin to arch back. "Watch the toes girls, watch the toes!!!!! I think we might be right at his edge now!" Everything stopping, they all watched as each of Archimedes toes began to curl back on themselves and his back arched and his whole body went stiff. Suddenly, every eye was on his cock as a single golden drop of pre-cum bubbled up from his balls and formed on the opening of his slit. "THERE IT IS GIRLS!!!!" she shrieked in joy as they had achieved their mission.

Quickly pulling off of his face, she pushed Andromeda and Cassandra away as she started to lower her mouth to lap up the bead. "Oh no you don't, you greedy bitch!" Cassandra yelled as she pushed Helen back onto the floor. Andromeda, seeing her opportunity, grabbed his dick and closed her eyes and opened her mouth, preparing to feast on the precious pre-cum. Cassandra and Helen, rolling naked on the floor, pulling at each other's hair, scratching and biting stopped, seeing that Andromeda was about to steal the prize.

"Drop it CUNT!" Helen yelled as she grabbed Andromeda's hair yanking her face away right as she was about to lap up the golden drop.

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