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The story's climax.

He had just known he would see all kinds of headlines about how he'd brutally attacked a famous L.A. nightclub singer who turned out to be a tramp! He'd wanted to read reports of how the D.A.'s office had decided not to pursue prosecution even if he was found because there were too many questions surrounding the "supposed" victim's past.

Instead, all he ever found in any of the papers were the occasional blurbs from the police blotters stating that there was still "a warrant pending for the arrest of Edward Hood in connection with the assault and rape of an unidentified female victim!"

He was still a wanted criminal!

Why are the police and the D.A.'s office still looking for me? SHE's the one who should be persecuted... not me! Why are they letting her getting away with this?

He looked at the rounded scar on his right forearm from where her teeth had dug into him. He growled in anger.

I'll be damned if I'M going to let her get away with this...

If the police, the D.A. and the public weren't going to punish her...then he sure as hell would! **********

A few weeks after the group's honeymoon weekend in Las Vegas, a large group of people gathered to celebrate both Charles and Diana's 31st birthdays. It was held the first weekend in November, since it was in between both of their birthdays. They were born only 11 days apart and Diana was the elder. She playfully slapped him when he referred to her as his "old lady!"

Vinny DeMarco, the owner of the L.A. nightclub that Diana sings for, held a private party at the nightclub on Saturday night, November 3, 1956. He was especially grateful to Diana because she had sung exclusively for him in L.A., even though she'd had offers from clubs all over town. And the couple times she sang at The Riviera in Las Vegas had just given him free publicity and drawn new patrons who'd never been there before.

All of their friends were at the party. As well as Diana's boss and his wife, Charles and Tom's boss, Uncle Pete, and his wife Mary, other colleagues from the FBI and Ward and Mary Lou Bond, who were very close to celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary. They had also celebrated a couple nights before with John Wayne and his wife Pilar for their 2nd anniversary on November 1st.

Diana was having a quiet conversation with Ward and Mary Lou. "Did you tell the big man that I wished him and Pilar much happiness for their anniversary?"

Ward replied, "Yes, I did. He was deeply touched that you thought of them. He wanted me to show you this picture of them with their baby, Aissa. Isn't she a cutie?"

Diana smiled softly. "Yes, she is. They look very happy. Did you also tell him that I'm very grateful to the both of you and the movie studio for the influence you've all exerted on the press to keep what happened to me out of the papers? My life would've turned into a nightmare if they'd started prying into my past because of that. I don't know if I could've survived it!" she said hoarsely as tears swam in her eyes.

Ward patted her cheek gently. "That's why Duke and your boss were so adamant that the story be kept out of the press. Duke knew that you were afraid of your life being pried into. That's one of the reasons you wouldn't marry him...remember? Your boss didn't want you subjected to the negative publicity and the movie studio was just trying to keep their reputation from being tarnished since it happened on their premises. No matter what happened in your past, Diana, you wouldn't have deserved what the press would've done to you."
She brightened a little as she remembered a phone call and a visit she'd had recently.

"Did I tell you about the visit I had from someone in the D.A.'s office last week?"

Ward and Mary Lou shook their heads.

"This investigator for the D.

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