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Todd and Marty decide to do it again.

Beth drifted in a haze of happiness from one romantic evening to another. Was Marlo courting her? If so, Beth thought the courtship heavenly. She felt a sense of eternity, as though nothing could ever change between them. The sex was incredibly gratifying, more pleasurable, more complete with Marlo than she'd ever experienced with anyone. Her only wish was to be able to go down on Marlo more often. It happened, but not often enough to suit Beth. Marlo was always reserved, doing everything to give Beth orgasm after orgasm, but then usually finding some reason not to yield her body in turn. Sometimes the refusal was outright, sometimes no more than a gentle obstinacy. Beth gradually understood Marlo held back with everyone, not only with her. She resolved that somehow she would overcome this part of Marlo's personality.

They explored the art world in Manhattan together, museums, exhibits, the midtown galleries and the galleries in SoHo. One afternoon they rested on a bench in Central Park and talked about how much longer Marlo would stay in New York.
"You know I don't like the city," Marlo said.

Beth pouted. "I thought I made a difference."

"You do, honey."


"The past two weeks have been good for me."

"And for me too."

"I thought I'd be too much for you."

Beth shook her head. "Well, you're not."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm certain."

Their eyes met, both of them aware Beth was admitting she enjoyed being submissive, enjoyed it thoroughly, even if sometimes she pretended not to.

Marlo was pleased. She extended her hand and gently rubbed Beth's neck. "Okay, maybe I'll stay in New York awhile."

* * *

Beth wanted Marlo to live with her, but Marlo insisted she was too independent and she declined. Beth did her best to hint at the advantages of a shared life, hoping Marlo would change her mind. One evening Beth cooked dinner for them, white wine and swordfish filets covered with almonds. She had candlelight on the dinner table, and when Marlo arrived, she greeted her in a black chiffon gown.

Marlo was obviously pleased. "You look lovely," she said.

Beth smiled. "Thank you. You just sit and let me take care of the dinner."

Marlo sat down. She thought how superb Beth was. Such a perfect symmetrical face, that lower lip full and suggestive. She wondered what Beth wore under the chiffon gown. As Beth moved about the room, Marlo caught glimpses of Beth's ankles covered by sheer black hose.

As though in a silent agreement, they deliberately avoided touching each other all through dinner. The sexual tension became as tight as a bow string, until finally, when Beth brought coffee to the table, Marlo slid a hand up Beth's leg outside her gown.

"I love it when you dress like this," Marlo said.

Beth remained motionless as Marlo caressed her legs and thighs. "Anything for you, my love."

Through the chiffon, Marlo felt the garter straps at the tops of Beth's stockings. She moved her hand upward along the back of Beth's thigh until she reached the curve of Beth's ass.

"Does this belong to me?"

"You know it does."

"You could plant it on my lap."

Beth laughed and pulled away. "No, let's have our coffee first."

They had the coffee, and then after that they had brandy in the living room at the low Chinese table. As Beth bent forward, her gown billowed open to reveal the slopes of her breasts. When Beth sat back again, Marlo adjusted the loose front of Beth's gown so that Beth's nipples were exposed.

"It's better this way," Marlo said.

Beth blushed as she looked down at herself. "We ought to close the blinds."

"No, let them see. Let them have a look at a beautiful woman."

"Why don't you move in here with me? There's more than enough room."

"I told you why. I don't like living with anyone."

Unwilling to spoil the romantic mood, Beth decided not to pursue the issue. She licked a fingertip and anointed one of her nipples, toyed with it until it stiffened.

Marlo chuckled and sat back to watch. "That's better. Now show some leg to the leering audience."

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