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Though it takes work, Elise manages to seduce Kim.

I hear you moan and I stop, uttering a low "shhhhhh", and then kissing again above your knee.

Moving up on the bed I place your left leg on my right shoulder, turning to kiss the soft inside of your thigh as I gaze at you, watching your skin flush as you pretend to sleep, and lift your right leg to my left shoulder as I crouch down, your feet in the air, my mouth alternating kisses from left to right on your creamy sweet thighs. You moan again and I stop, as though to keep from waking you, and I see a slight grimace on your face as your breathing intensifies but you again try to sleep, or at least pretend to. When comfortable with your attempts, my kisses resume again, now matched by light circular feather-like touching up and down your thighs, side, tops, and beneath as my kisses continue.

I look down at your center, your legs spread on either side of my face, and see your lips visibly swelling and moistening as my kisses near. I can feel your heat radiating up toward me and the scent of your womanhood excites me and fills my senses. My hands are now caressing that soft sensitive place where your sweet full buns meet the backs of your thighs, lightly stroking, caressing, traveling from the outside to the edges of your crack, constant, tingling touches.

My mouth nears you and my hands slip beneath you, caressing and touching as I spread your cheeks behind. Your buns now in my hands my kisses are now just an inch from your sodden center and I long and ache for a taste of you but want this to linger a little longer. Squeezing your buns gently I let my fingertips tease at the edges of your tight bunghole, massaging it and teasing and stretching it lightly while my kisses near you, my cheek warm as you seem to give off a moist heat, and probing your lightly behind with my fingertips as my kisses move down to your taint, my tongue now flicking against you as I nuzzle and suck and lick at your skin.

I lick down, your butt now in the air a bit, flicking my tongue to the edge of your bunghole and then back to the base of your wetness, tasting your now seeping juices. I now circle at the edge of your swollen love lips with my kisses, my mustache brushing your lovelips and feeling you arch to meet my mouth. I stop and look up at you, seeing you watch me, your hands on your breasts teasing and pinching your nipples while you watch.

Your desire flashes like fire from your eyes, and I smile gladly, for I this is the way I wanted to awaken you, to return to the passion interrupted by our exhausted sleep. Now humming deep in my throat, you feel my lips vibrating as I press them against your butthole, my tongue flicking against your tight ass as my long arms reach up and replace your hands with mine, tweaking your nipples in rhythm to my licks as I start to slowly, purposefully move up your taint.

My mustache is drenched with your seepage as I kiss the base of you, sipping your nectar, sucking at your swollen wet lips. My tongue parts you and my humming intensifies as I start flicking it into you, moving my head slightly from side to side as I move up. I am rolling your nipples now between my thumb and forefinger, teasing their tautness. My mouth opens full upon you, my tongue sliding slickly in and out as I near the top of your soaking pleasure and near your throbbing clit. You are gasping loudly now and moaning and your sounds excite me further. Pursing my lips I begin to suck around your clit, the tip of my tongue stretching out to lick the hood and feel your clit hard and swollen as I feel your hands now on my head, my hair in your fingers as your pull me hard against you.

You start to rock and thrust and grind yourself against my mouth, my head rocking with you and meeting you thrust for thrust with my tongue.

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