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VS Swim opener nearly derails everything. E Pluribus, Unum.

At the same time Tanzerin and Selenar were caressing elf's feet. They began their kisses there and slowly moved towards calves and later thighs. Vavan was playing with Aeriella's breasts. He was gently squeezing one of it while sucking on the nipples and using his second hand to fondle the other. Sorceress' breath quickly got heavier and her moans grew louder. It took all four of the drow less than a quarter to bring the elf to climax. She cried aloud, arched her back and clenched her vaginal muscles on Altonven's three finger, which did not stop the man from moving and twisting them. Finally Aeriella quieted and her breathing calmed. Vavan and Altonven swapped places and the whole play continued.

Each of the four drow gave the sorceress a wonderful orgasm. It was as beautiful lovemaking as any woman could hope for. But it was not over yet. The elf promised her lovers something and was determined to keep her word. The men were obviously excited, their sizeable erections leaving no doubt. Aeriella laid Altonven on his back and knelt over him astride. She looked him in the eyes as she put his penis into her vagina. The drow moaned. He did that even louder as the elf turn her hips a little. Sorceress had to raise and lower herself on the man's penis only several times, before he erupted inside her. He gave a low grunt doing it. Aeriella continued for a short while, then stopped, but did not slid the penis out yet. Instead she bent and kissed Altonven on the lips. The matron did not allow her men to kiss her either. But the drow had talented lips and was a quick learner. The kiss was long and sweet. Aeriella's excitement began to build up again.

She mounted every men in the same way and they all ejaculated after such a short time, but were rewarded with a similar kiss. The elf anticipated all four of them to be wonderful kissers quickly.

The men regenerated while hugging with the apprentice and caressing her body. When she decided it was time, she took Altonven's penis and got him hard with her mouth. From drow's grunts she knew, he liked the new experience. When he got hard and stiff, it was time for the elf to lay on her back. She spread her legs and guided the man to her love hole. Altonven was only slightly clumsy and quickly found the right rhythm and force of shoves. That got the elf moaning. Few minutes later the moans got louder as Aeriella's orgasm was coming. When she cried aloud, Vavan and Selenar surprisingly pinched her nipples and that simple touch made her orgasm even stronger. Altonven had no chance against the elf's clenching womb. He shot another load inside her, but kept shoving his penis until the last drop was out. Then he bent over the apprentice and kissed her. It was only his second time and already the kiss was significantly better. Aeriella was left breathless.

When the sorceress eventually caught her breath, first she addressed Altonven:

- That was beautiful. You're learning even quicker, than I imagined.

And to the two supporters she said:

- And you little devils! That was amazing! I hope you know more tricks like this one.

This time it was Aeriella's time for active rest. Before taking another drow she gave fellatios to all four of them. But only to get them hard, she wanted them to exhaust the energy of their loins between her legs.

Vavan was second to go. He also ejaculated only after the elf orgasmed. Selenar and Tanzerin had a similar trick as previous. This time the bit sorceress' nipples instead. Vavan's kiss was even better than his predecessor's, because he used his tongue.

Two other drow also made love to Aeriella, brought her to orgasm and ejaculated inside of her. Each time the two, that were fondling her body found a way to enhance her climax. The man, that made love to the elf, kissed sweetly afterwards. The sorceress was certain that the four drow were going to be superb lovers and did not miss to tell them about it.

The five lovers were hugging closely, with Aeriella describing positions and techniques of both vaginal and anal se

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