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Curious about BDSM, she strays to experiment.

Needing to get laid, probably, no doubt, she was always so angry, but why was she so angry? Was she angry because I saw her naked? Was she angry because she purposely flashed her naked body to me and because I didn't make a move to touch her, feel her, and grope her? Maybe she wanted me to push her back on the bed and force myself on her. Maybe she needed me to make the first move, so that she'd always have me to blame and to feel guilty that I fucked my mother. Maybe, unable to bring herself to cheat on my Dad, she felt safe cheating on him with me. I don't know. I'll never know.

Why didn't she try covering herself with her hands and/or her forearms. She could have pulled the bedspread from the bed to put over her nakedness, if she was so embarrassed. She could have grabbed a pillow. The pillow would have hidden her tits and pussy from my horny eyes, but she didn't shield herself from my sexual stares. Yet, she made no attempt to preserve her modesty and we never had a conversation about all that I saw of her that day.

Thinking back on that fateful day, I couldn't help but wonder if she was angry at herself because she was driven to show me her naked body. I couldn't help but wonder, if she was angry at herself for being sexually excited showing me her naked body, as I was excited seeing her naked body. Nonetheless her anger, the reason for her anger, and for my obvious sexual, albeit incestuous excitement, I didn't dare make a move. I stood there and stared.

Over the years, I can't even count how many times I masturbated over seeing my mother's naked body. Over the years, forget about my sister for a moment, I can't even count how many times I fantasized about having sex with my mother. Back then, incest was something that only happened behind closed doors and to those ignorant people who lived a solitary life in the woods. Incest was something that no one even dared whisper about doing or wanted to do. Yet, so many men had sex with their sister, mothers, daughters, aunts, and cousins. Most times, it was only a problem, if they became pregnant.

The first time I saw my sister naked, an explosion of sexual emotion, I was so embarrassed and so excited. Yet, always, after getting a good look of her ass, tits, and/or pussy, I was always so horny afterward that I couldn't control myself from trying to time opening her bedroom door perfectly and without knocking, when she was changing out of her clothes, for me to get another look of sister naked. Never did I catch her again, when she was naked, but I caught her plenty of times in her panty and bra. It's funny how her reaction to me seeing her in her panty in bra was even more violent than me seeing her naked. Always, she threw whatever was handy, a book or a shoe, at my head. Now, that I think back about it, I was more successful at catching my mother naked than catching my sister naked.

Now, that I think back about it, hoping that she was to save me from feeling so guilty, I wonder if my mother was standing there naked waiting for me to open her bedroom door. Now, that I think more about it, even after I opened her door unannounced several times, she never locked her bedroom door and she never told my father that I saw her naked or in all manner of undress. Now that I think more about it, with my father sleeping, when not working, and drunk the rest of the time, I imagine my mother's sexual life was non-existent.

It would be sadly funny, if my mother had been just as horny as I was. Maybe my mother was thinking of me in the way that I thought about her. Maybe, had I stepped in her room and held her in my arms and kissed her, while touching her, feeling her, and groping her, she may have liked the sexual attention that only a son could pay his mother. Only, a line I never could cross, seeing and showing was one thing, but touching was a whole different matter.

Totally opposite of my mother.

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