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A mistress talks to her slave, supervising his preparations.

We locked fingers and squeezed hands as I unloaded all my seed into her heavenly pussy. I guess it was her turn because her eyes began to glow a deep orange-red, like flames. She shook a little and tilted her head back like she was possessed and let out a load cry that shook the walls and bed. I got off of her to give her some air and we kissed again. She rested her head on my chest.

"That was really nice, Kipp." She said stroking my semi-hard cum coated prick. I'm sure glad she spilled that drink on my lap. We kissed again and giggled some more and rolled Jamber onto her back.

I wanted to caress her smooth stomach and take a better look at her love button. I began to rub her stomach and gently kiss and suck on her right nipple.

"You still have a more to give me?" She gasped and fanned herself; "You sure have a lot of stamina."

"Why do you seem so surprised?" I asked and easily licked my way down to her bellybutton.

"I heard that Earth males couldn't last for more than two minutes and sometimes an hour or so."

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's the saying for weak men only, love."

"What is the difference? A human is a human, right?"

"True, but I'm no ordinary human. I'm a Black man. Black humans were born to handle such stressful conditions like sex and hard labor. We can tolerate the hot sun longer than the average white male can. They have to apply sun-blocking lotion to screen out the sun's harmful rays. Blacks are also much more you can see." I explained with pride, and then flicked my tongue against her swollen clit, which made her legs twitch.

"Oh s-so I'm the lucky female then, huh Kipp?" She asked and arched her head back and wrapped her thick thighs around my head. "Oh my... K-Kipp. What a-are you d-doing to meee?"

It wasn't long before she underwent spasms under my ferocious mouth. I ate that pussy like it was my last meal. I couldn't help myself; there was something about the way her muff tasted. I loved her thick hairy bush pressed against my face while she bucked and heaved like a possessed mare in heat.

After her second explosion, Jamber got up and walked out of the room. I loved the way her ass jiggled as she walked away. Independent buttocks and independent breasts. I loved it and I loved fucking the shit out of this woman. No other alien bitch ever made me feel this good. Not even the blue bitch on Stella Four who blew me for buying her slacks. I could still see her ass from where I was resting on the bed. I wanted to reach out and grab it because it was so deliciously inviting. She soon disappeared around the corner somewhere with in this little shit hole.

"Give me a second or two. I will be with you very shortly, Kipp with two P's." She laughed.

I heard the shower go on and minutes later I heard her fumble with a few things that sounded like large bladed weapons, then I wished I had my gun with me. How could I be so careless and trusting of this elph? She could be working with the N'Orrian bounties. I mean I am a wanted man in many parts of this high-tech world. No sooner had I regained my thoughts to get the hell out, she was before me. Jamber stood at the foot of the bed and slipped her skirt and a different top back on.

"Come on; let us get back on the road. There is something that I always wanted to do," She said swiftly. Who the fuck was I to argue with this hybrid sexpot. I got dressed and she handed me the keys to her mobile unit.

"Hold this for me please I have no place to keep it." She said with a girlish look in her eyes. We hoped back into my ride and took off.


She led me down a deserted and winding area of darkness. I began feeling uneasy and my weapon was in the back seat.

"What do you want to do?" I asked her as I turned on the radio for some tunes.

She didn't say a word.

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