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A wet morning - in every way.

Already having to stay on tipped toe due to the pull on the bands, she had no way of retrieving the weapons. Domino looked wide eyed to the old man who walked to her calmly.

He waved his hand about, indicating all the metal objects hanging on the wall. "Magnetism, no real biggie, handy for bondage though." He started unbuttoning her shirt, the lacy baby doll no hindrance to him doing this. "You see, I just received the last part I needed to activate my herald. But, I need to power it. There are two ways to do this, I can either find a spirit elf and force it into its spirit form, enabling my machine to be able to absorb it." He pulled her shirt from her, lifting it up and off her hands, the bands moving to allow him to do so. Deft fingers slid under the band of her biking shorts, pulling the cloth from her skin as he continued to speak. "Or, I can impregnate a Khaldorian, one of my own race, a soul will be sent to the new life, and as it floats dreamily towards its new life my machine can suck it up. More energy then a full grown soul, innocence does still have power you know."

Her shorts hit a table across the room. Her panties were impatiently removed, and torn to do so.

As she writhed trying to free herself, the bands on her legs made her take a pose. Her legs spread wide, her knees bent as far as she could fold them, and her legs were then tucked, as if she were squatting in mid air. Her arms lowered, and folded behind her back and up, leveling her nearly to a point of laying strait in the air. As if she hung from unseeing lines.

Domino cried, feeling completely helpless, she could struggle, but her binds forever returned her directly back into the prone position. "Please, don't do this, it isn't worth it." Her voice was quivering.

The old man stopped and looked at her, then lifted her chin to make her look at him. "Your beautiful when you cry... at any rate, yes, yes I do have to do this. My city, must be freed, and this is the only way, trust me dear, you are freeing thousands."

He turned and led her floating form into a bedroom of sorts. There was only a bed in it and a large man form standing at the end of the bed, head hanging down, black steel body rigid but not breathing. Domino gasped when she saw the thing, it looked like a shiny wet suit, but metal, its face was a brass plate, ornately filigreed to include some sort of tiny gears, its chest bore the round disk of the Khaldorian travelers map. A highly magical device that showed the current location of the hidden city its owner came from. At the things feet sat an odd device that looked like an overly brass covered oil lamp, glass windows showed the inside which appeared to be an empty chamber, a round pyramid of gold, the flat surfaces of which was covered in gems, all glittering brightly, rested on the top of the thing.

Her body glided slowly to hover next to the bed, her face directed at it. She watched as he walked about removing his clothes and folding or hanging them. He stared at her while he prepared himself, "I'm sorry you have to be forced to do this, I wish you understood. I do know it is a great deal to ask of you as we both know, it will kill our child, and more then likely you as well, but think of the people it will save." He walked in front of her.

Domino turned her face away from his half hard cock, which stood a mere inch from her face. He just stroked the cheek she turned away with delicate finger tips, then forced her to turn her face back towards him so that he could slip his cock between her lips.

"It might not happen our first attempt. It has been several years since I have actually had a woman, and we need to, clear the pipes so to say. But I swear to you, I wont do anything displeasing."

He held her head firmly with one hand as he slid himself slowly in and out of her mouth. All she could do was try not to gag. He soon bored of this though and she was levitated back from him, uncorking her mouth.

Domino gasped for air as she was released, but was soon regretting having been.

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