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Tiffany and a student begin Tiff's Plan.

After getting the bundle, I got back in my car, and rolled it up and fastened them together with a rubber band I found in my car. The roll of cash didn't fit in my clutch so I just set it on the passenger seat next me, and headed off to the theatre.

Arriving early, I parked in the middle of the lot and waited for Jerome to contact me with further word as to what he expected of me. About five minutes later I received a text message from him.

"I'll be there shortly, wait for me in your car with the window down, and the roll of money in your mouth."

Without a moment of pause, I rolled down my car window, and put the roll cash between my lips. As I waited, I constantly looked around the lot to see if anyone could see me, or was going to be heading in my direction. I was startled when Jerome's voice came from behind me.

"Hello slut. I am glad to see you are continuing to follow my directions like a good little pet. I'll take that."

He reached inside the car through the window and grabbed the money from my mouth, putting the roll in his pocket.

"Come on out slut, so we can go make it to our movie. Leave your bag, but take your phone. Don't worry about the window, you can leave it down; we are in a pretty nice area of town. Oh, I'll take your keys though."

I grabbed my phone and handed Jerome my car keys as I got out of my car. The hemline of my dress crept up and was showing off a lot of my thighs, but was still covering my ass. Jerome began to lead me towards the Cinema, and as he did I could feel his palm squeezing my ass through my dress. He was wearing a nice pair of black jeans with sneakers and dark green V-neck t shirt that accentuated his muscular physique. At the ticket window he paid for two tickets to a movie I didn't even know was still in theaters nor had any previous interest in watching prior to that night. I did notice that he paid with a card and not the money he had me bring which I found to be a bit curious. However I didn't give it to much thought, as after he got the tickets he continued to lead the way to the theater in which the movie was being shown.

The movie wasn't scheduled to begin for another 5 minutes, but there wasn't anyone else inside when we entered the room. He chose to sit in the very back row, and right in the center. Once we sat down the lights dimmed and the previews began to play. We sat silently through the previews, and no one else showed up. I began to wonder what exactly Jerome intended to do. Were we really just going to watch a movie together? While that would be fine, I was kind of hoping for something a bit more erotic. Just as the opening scene of the movie began to roll, Jerome spoke, and I found out he wasn't just planning on watching a movie with me.

"Take your dress off slut, and hand it to me."

Considering we were alone in a dark theater, I responded immediately, and had my dress off in a flash. Of course, I probably would have completed his order even if we weren't the only ones in the theater; that's just how heated up I was by him. He took my dress and place on the seat next to him before giving me my next order.

"Get down on your knees and show we what a complete black cock slut you are."

Immediately, I dropped down on my knees to the floor between his legs and begin to fish out his lovely cock from his jeans. Within seconds I have his semi-hard meat pole free and begin attacking it with an oral assault. I have been dying to have his throbbing member in my mouth all day, and was happily accepting my role as black cock slut for him. He was soon completely erect and I began the process of trying to stuff his entire sausage into my throat. There was no one there, but had there been they surely would have heard the gagging and slurping of my efforts.

Eventually, my slut crazed oral attack slowed to a more attentive pace, and I focused more on pleasuring him rather than trying to swallow him.

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