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Besides jamming herself into my face, she was rocking from side to side on her ass, and her legs were swinging wildly, holding my head a willing prisoner. During her gyrations, my arms held tightly to her legs and I kept my mouth securely wrapped around her clit, sucking and licking and getting tremendous pleasure from her cumming.

When Candace climaxed, it was with a great jerk of her whole body, pushing with her hands, squeezing with her legs and ramming her pussy one last time into my face. Although I couldn't see her face, I know she was smiling as she collapsed against the pillows, her legs and hands releasing my head. There was a smile on my face too, as I licked up all her delicious juices and backed out from under her legs. It made me feel good to look at her pretty, smiling face and know how much fun it had been for her, sucking off Frank and Sam and having her pussy eaten.

Candace felt great about it too and, after she had fully recovered from her orgasm, she said "That was really wonderful, George. I always love it when you eat my pussy and now I want to do the same for you. I want you to come here and give my mouth a good fucking." She slid down on the bed to get into position for me to do what she wanted.

Of course, I was glad to do what she had asked and I moved up and crouched over her, holding onto the metal headboard of the bed. Like most people who really love sucking cocks, Candace likes to be in control, stroking with her mouth at her own pace and taking the man in to the depth she wants. Sometimes, though, with somebody like me, whom she trusts and who is ordinary in size, she likes to relinquish control and be passively fucked in the mouth and that evening was one of those times.

While she lay with her mouth open wide, I slowly lowered myself toward her until the tip of my cock had entered. After letting Candace adjust her position for comfort I slowly stroked in my cock until I could feel it pressing against the back of her throat. She closed her lips to apply enough pressure to give us both the maximum pleasure. Moving slowly again, I drew back out until just the tip was between her lips.

Although nothing was said, I knew she had enjoyed the first stroke and wanted many more. Her mouth was wide open again with her tongue protruding out over her lower teeth and the second time I thrust my cock into her mouth, I could feel her licking my shaft as it entered. When the tip of my cock again pressed against the back of her throat and I withdrew, her tongue continued laving my shaft.

Over and over I plunged my cock in and out of her mouth and I could hear Candace murmuring her enjoyment. Although she had started out passively, it was too much fun for her to just lie still and be fucked so she was moving her face forward to meet me, pressing her nose against my pubic hair every time my cock surged into her mouth. Although she couldn't talk beyond murmuring, she did catch my eye as I was watching my cock going in and out of her mouth, and give me the signal of approval with her thumb and index finger.

I was moaning by that time because the lips that were the gateway to Candace's perfect mouth applied just enough pressure to my cock give me the maximum pleasure. They were tight, providing resistance, but not tight enough to cause pain. In addition to her lips, her incredibly agile tongue was caressing my entire shaft, both as it entered and as it left her mouth. Even the slit in the end of my cock was receiving more attention than I had any right to expect as her tongue fondled it with every stroke back, when just the head was between her lips. The intense pleasure from what Candace was doing to me reverberated throughout my body, rapidly building to ecstasy.

Even Sam and Frank were enjoying what we were doing. As they waited their turns to be sucked off again, both their cocks were erect, partly from the erotic sight of me fucking Candace between her lips but mostly from anticipating being sucked off again by the same mouth.


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