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The continuation of a loving relationship.

I asked her, "Are you a virgin?"

"No, but you are a lot bigger than my old boyfriend. It hurts a bit."

We took it slow. On our fifth attempt I was finally deep inside her tight wet pussy. I started with very slow long strokes. I knew I wasn't going to last long as it felt like she was squeezing my cock because she was so tight.

I tried to last longer by switching positions by putting her legs over my shoulders. I could feel me hitting her cervix with each deep stroke. Megan seemed to like this as she began to shake and she came. It was too much for me and I came hard inside her.

Megan said, "Oh my god I can fill your hot cum inside me. I told you I wanted you to cum on me."

"Megan, I am good for more than one round, and possibly can go 3 rounds. It's a strange talent I have!" I replied.

I was still hard when I pulled out. Megan began to suck my cock right away tasting her love juices and my seed. Megan was very skilled in the oral as she licked, sucked, and kissed my cock and balls. While doing this she started to play with her clit. She moved me to between her boobs. I held her boobs together and fucked her tits while she played with her clit. When I came it wasn't a big load but it was a nice pool on top of her tits. Megan rubbed it into her tits and sucked what little cum I had left in me out.

Time was running out so we quick jumped in the shower together and rinsed each other off. I left with a big smile on my face.

Three days later I get a text from Megan saying, "212 at noon?"

I text back, "I will be there!"

I arrive at noon and I don't even have to knock. Megan was looking through the peep hole waiting for me. She is completely naked behind the door as I come in.

Megan tells me, "I have been wanting you to cum on me so bad I could hardly stand it."

I tell her, "I love seeing my cum on your tan body."

Megan then tells me some bad news. "So, I had been seeing this guy a few times. I really like him and I don't want to cheat on him. This is going to be our last time. I also have been doing some research on the internet and I have some things I want to try on you."

"Megan, I m happy for you. I was pretty sure this was just a sexual thing between us. So, let's see what you have learned." I replied.

We moved to the bed and I got undressed. My cock was already hard and I haven't even touched Megan yet. We stood in front of each other and began to kiss and explore each other's bodies.

Megan moved down my body licking her way until she got to my cock. She took me deep in her mouth right away. She then backed off and swirled her tongue around head tasting my pre cum. With one hand she stroked my cock while she took it into her mouth. With the other hand she tugged on my balls. She must have felt the pressure building up as she pulled my cock out of her mouth and took most of the load on her face.

Megan was prepared as she had a wet wash cloth sitting on the dresser. She quickly wiped herself clean then said, "Lay down on the edge of the bed."

I did as I was told. Megan got between my legs and started to lick and suck on my balls and slowly stoked my cock back to life. Then the unthinkable happened. I felt Megan rimming my ass with her tongue.

"Ooohh fuck that feels good" I moaned.

I felt her tongue start to probe into my ass. I figured it would take me at least 20 minutes before I could cum again. However, this new sensation had my balls working overtime.

I could hear Megan working her wet pussy with her free hand. The air smelled of sex. After about 5 minutes of the ass work I was ready to cum. My first thread of cum shot up onto the top Megan's hair. Megan moved up and stroked me aiming the rest onto her chest and face.

I felt spent and laid there breathing heavily. My cock was going limp in her hand. Megan didn't stop to clean up. She took the cum that was on her and rubbed it all over her boobs.

Megan said, "Brian don't quit on my yet. I have more to do to you."

I replied, "Megan, I have cum more in these two times than when I have ever before."


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