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A mother & Son story.

This continued for a few nights. It was basically the same as what I'd do on the chat sites. Share links and chat about them. Then one night Chris seemed ready to push the envelope a bit more.

"What would you do with a guy in person?"

"Not sure, never thought too hard about it, to be honest."

"Would you jerk off in the same room as another guy?"

"That idea turns me on...you"

"Same. Something about seeing another guy horny with an erection makes me really hard."

My stomach felt weird, but I was definitely turned on.

"I'm hard right now," I confessed.

"Mmmm...I wish I could see that." His comment made my cock twitch.

"I wish you could..."

"Ever do cam2cam with a guy?" he asked.

"No...been way to shy." I had to admit, the idea did seem fun.

"I do sometimes. I don't show face though."

"Mm ok. So just jerking off on cam?"

"Pretty much, it's huge turn on." He informed me before asking, "Do you have a cam?"

My stomach tightened, "Yea..." my cock was rock hard. Should I do this? I mean, we are still fairly anonymous. Yea, he knows my name, but....we're not going to show face.

"Would you like to try?" he finally asked. I swallowed hard before clicking on the 'Video-Chat' button.

"Can you see me?" The camera was aimed at his crotch. He was wearing black boxers and it was clear his hard cock was beneath it. I could see it twitch. Then I noticed how hard I was.

"Are you going to take yours off?" he asked. I felt nervous, but I was sure I wanted to take my underwear off. While I fiddled with mine, I saw him peel his off, revealing the hard smooth cock that was trying to hide before. I was so turned on.

"Mmm, nice, " he wrote. He gently caressed his cock as he continued posting links. I was so horny. The link sharing continued. It felt really natural. Between the porn and the voyeur/exhibitionism, it was the most turned on I had been in quite a while. The edging prolonged the experience. If we had just started jerking off from the start, I probably would've came within ten seconds. Holding out was a big part of the fun. It went on for about an hour.

When we finally did start jerking off, we both took a break from the links and focused on each other. It was no surprise how quickly we came. I saw his cum shoot out and his cock slowly deflate, as did mine. We caught our breath for a few seconds. It got a bit awkward but we gradually said good night and headed out. After I signed off, I got ready for bed. Lying there, I thought back on the experience. My cock was hard again. I thought about how hot it was, and how it would be to jerk off together in real life. I pumped my cock to the image and came once more. That night I slept very soundly.

The following day all I could think about was the previous night. I thought about how abruptly it ended and wondered whether it was too awkward. Whether he would be online again, or if it was just a onetime thing. My thoughts fluctuated between fantasizing about doing it again and wondering if we'd do it again.

When I finally got home that night, and went online, Chris was not online. My heart started beating faster. "I guess it got too weird. Maybe it was something I said." All these thoughts rushed through my head. I just sat there for about ten minutes, thinking. Then, at the corner of my screen, I saw Chris sign on. He started the conversation, and we chatted as usual. About ten minutes later, he sent a video call. I quickly accepted. This time his boxers were already off. I followed suit. Things went on pretty much the same as the night before and so it continued for about two weeks.

Every couple nights or so, we came on, traded some links and jerked off together. As time went on the dirty talk went further and further. It went from chatting about what we'd do to the women, to commenting about each others' cocks and how much seeing the other one horny turned us on. How if we were with each other we'd give a hand. As things progressed, I finally brought up the idea of us hanging out together. Chris was game. We decided to meet up at a local pub.

The meet--

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