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Blackmailed into living out his fantasy on a stag gone wrong.

I remembered how hot it felt when two men were feeling me up, then fucking me. I remembered stories where women were showing their bodies, stripping in front of several men. Husbands and strangers, I remember showing my tits to John the Cameraman. I felt alive, I felt born again. I felt so fucking sexy. He pumped about five minutes before he pumped a load of hot come into me.

We fell into bed and rolled into a nice satisfied sleep. We must have needed it, because we slept right thru the night. I woke to find my satisfied hubby having coffee on the patio. I walked out wearing only panties and gave him a big kiss.

"Aren't you a bit overdressed?" he laughed.

"Honey, you may have to battle me to get dressed this weekend. It feels so good to be nude."

"I want to check out the pool and hot tub sometime today, he said. So eventually we may have to wear something."

"Hmmmmm, hot tub, it sounds so good. I wish we had one right here so we could do it naked."

"Maybe we still can, let's check it out later."

We lounged all day. I worked on an "all over" tan for the very first time.

We finally decided it was time to "come up for air" and go out for dinner. I chose a lightweight light blue dress and sandals. (Notice the lack of underwear) I wore some jewelry, but kept it minimal also.

We sat for dinner in a beautiful lounge that, of course, has a full view of the lake. We watched the sunset while we drank wine and casually worked on a tasty dinner of steak and lobster. We were seated next to another couple that was acting very similar to us, very touchy, feely, and obviously in love and lust. It was fun to see that in other couples. We did make casual eye contact followed by polite smiles. It was Brad who finally offered a toast to the four of us people in love. They joined our table and we soon became fast friends. They were celebrating their 15th anniversary. We were a few years older, but enjoying all similarities in our lives.

It also turned out that they were in the room near ours. They wanted to book our room, but of course, we were already there. Brad told us that he just retired as a professional baseball player. He looked the part with his suntan face and athletic build. His wife Sandy was blonde and light skinned. She carried herself as being rich and confident. She also had a trim figure, larger breasts and wonderful long legs. While sometimes I feel that rich women can be stuffy, she totally proved me wrong by being funny and friendly.

We drank several more bottles of wine and became silly and friendly. Sandy asked me to join her to the ladies room. While we were there we gossiped and giggled like we were old friends. While we were touching up our makeup, she took me in confidence and asked if she could ask a personal question. I nodded yes.

"Are you braless?" She asked.

"Yes, is it that obvious?"

"I didn't notice until I saw Brad checking you out. He always wants me to, but I feel so self conscious."

"I love the feeling, as a matter of fact, I even went further today!" I lifted my skirt and showed her the side of my legs all the way to my waist.

"Oh my God!" was all she said. "You're so brave!"

"You can do it too", I said. Then I challenged her, "Do it. I dare ya."

She thought for a minute, and then smiled. "OK. I'm not a prude you know. I've skinny dipped before". She pulled the elastic top of her dress down to reveal a cute pink lacy bra. Without missing a beat she unhooked the front hook bra and freed her beautiful c cup breasts. I never felt quite so turned on by another woman. I couldn't help but stare, I even wanted to touch them, and they were so perfect.

"Cool," I offered, "Skinny dipping is something that I've never done, but I'd like to."

"Well", she challenged back, "I dare you back!"

"You're on sister," we shook hands.

"Wait." She stopped in her tracks, lifted her skirt and removed her matching panties. "What should I do with these?"

"I'd give them to Brad under the table if you want to drive him nuts." I chided.

If I felt li

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