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Crashed NASA heroine becomes sex slave.

It had been a hard day because everyone wanted me to do one more thing before going on holiday. I was very wound up and stressed when I left.

I put my suit jacket on a hanger behind the driver's seat, and took off my tie. It might get cold later on when we were close to the mountains. For now I was still hot and bothered from the office. Unusually for me, I was sitting in the passenger seat as my wife drove. I know I am a bad passenger. My feet kept feeling for the brake pedal I didn't have and I couldn't stop commenting on her driving.

"Don't try overtaking here."

"Watch out for that idiot!"

"Slow down. You're breaking the speed limit."

Actually she wasn't. From the passenger's angle the speedometer seems to show a higher speed.

My wife remained surprisingly calm and drove reasonably despite my constant criticisms. Just before we joined the motorway for the long haul to the mountains she pulled into a lay-by. I was beginning think about putting my jacket on again. I had left the office far behind. I was still criticising her driving.

"Oh," I said, "Do you want me to drive?"

I thought she would. She is a good driver but I am a dreadful passenger. To my surprise she unbuckled her seat belt and leant over to kiss me. A long lingering kiss. I began to reach for my seat belt.

"Leave it!" she said sharply, kissing me again.

She took her long silk scarf from her neck and wound it round my hands before tying it. She passed the ends behind my back, pulling me forward, and then knotted it, pulling my bound hands back into my lap. She kissed me again.

"Relax!" she ordered. "I am going to make sure we have a quiet peaceful drive."

She lifted a carrier bag from the back seat and opened it. She took out another long silk scarf, a black one, tied it around one of my ankles so that it wouldn't come off over my shoe but wasn't cutting in to me, looped it around the base of the seat and again round the other ankle. I could move my feet but I couldn't leave the seat. I was helpless, tied by her silk scarves. I felt the warmth of an erection beginning between my legs.

She stood up, reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. She caressed my face with their warm woman-scented silk before screwing them into a tight ball and pushing them inside my mouth. She made a knot in the middle of another scarf and pulled the knot between my lips before tying the scarf behind my head. The scarf was firmly held yet not uncomfortable.

She tied two or three scarves together, feeding them between my back and the seat. On each side she looped the scarves around my elbows before tying the scarves behind the seat. Like my ankles, I could move and wriggle but I couldn't leave the seat. She kissed me on each eye and then a longer one on the forehead.

"Nearly done, my love," she said. "Enjoy this."

She picked up her large padded coat. It was a favourite of hers but far too big for her. She likes to snuggle up inside it when in the cold mountains. It is thickly padded with a slippery (and sexy) lining. I watched uncomprehendingly as she fastened it and pulled the hood back. She unfastened my seat belt. What did that matter? I couldn't leave the seat. She had tied me to it. She opened the car door behind me. I would have gasped, if the gag had let me, as she threw the coat over my head and dragged it down over me and the seat. Its skirt spread over my legs and bunched up behind the seat. I looked down. Except for my shoes in the dark footwell I was completely hidden inside her coat. She buckled the coat's belt loosely around me. She hadn't tightened me into the coat but the movement I had left was so small that I was helpless.

"Just one last touch," my wife said.

She lifted the coat's hood.

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