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Two lovers move into bondage.

The touch of his fingers in her slit felt good. He seemed to know to stroke, rather than poke, and she let out a low moan as he tantalised her clit and her inner lips. His long middle finger slid inside her, curling up to stroke her g-spot, and she realised he was perhaps not as innocent as he looked.

Soon they had settled into a very nice rhythm, two fingers inside her, his other thumb caressing her clit, his mouth alternately kissing her mouth and suckling her nipples. For her part, she gently stroked his cock, keeping him hard but not getting him too excited -- yet.

"Your fingers are very clever. Do you know how to eat pussy?" she asked after a few more minutes of his surprisingly-skilled finger work.

"Mmm" he murmured around a mouthful of nipple.

"Then why don't you taste mine?"

He needed no further prompting, and shuffled into position, leaving his fingers inside her and resting on his elbows. At first his touch was too soft, almost tickling, but after a bit of guidance and prompting he got the pressure and speed just right. It didn't take long before she was close to the edge for a second time. She began stroking her own nipples, unconsciously bucking her hips as her climax mounted. He started flicking faster and harder, and she had to grab his hair and speak to him urgently. "No! Don't speed up. Keep it -- keep it the same."
He learned quickly, and moments later the spasms started in earnest. She heard herself moaning loudly, and she kept coming as he continued to lick and finger-fuck her. It wasn't the best pussy-eating she'd had -- Jenni's earlier efforts were in a different league - but it was certainly more than adequate to get her to come, quite strongly, for the second time today.

As she drifted down, she glanced at his cute face, all big blue eyes, floppy hair, high cheekbones, chiselled jaw, grinning up from between her legs, and her abdomen gave a final spasm at the sheer cuteness of the boy who had just licked her to orgasm. She reached down, pulled him up her body and kissed him passionately, tasting her juices still on his mouth. "Nathan, that was excellent. I bet Janine enjoys that."

"Er -- we haven't exactly..."

"Shame -- the girl needs to find out soon what she's missing or I'll be coming back -- literally -- for more. Why don't you go to the mini-bar. I've put a bottle of champagne in there. I think we should celebrate an orgasm each. Then perhaps you can fuck me."

She smiled as his cock twitched with excitement at her words. "I -- I don't really drink wine. Just coke and sometimes beer."

"Share a glass with me now, like a sophisticated young man."

He extracted the bottle from the mini-bar and she showed him how to open it. He sipped gingerly at his glass, but clearly was not impressed. She dribbled some on her nipples -- it felt cold and made her nipples hard -- and got him to lick it off. Then she dribbled a little on his cock and sucked it clean. As he struggled not to come a second time, she tore open a condom from the bedside and skilfully applied it with her mouth.

She reasoned that, even with the numbing effect of the condom and the fact that this was his second time, he wasn't going to last long. It was therefore unlikely that she would come again without substantial help from fingers tongue -- or a vibrator. She lay on the edge of the bed, with her feet on the floor, her bum on a pillow on the edge of the mattress and in view of a large mirror on the wall. She handed him her small vibrator. "Lay this against my clit -- gently now. When I tell you, I want you to fuck me. Think you can do that?"

"Oh yes!"

"Good. Take it slowly. I know you're not built like John Holmes, but I want you to last for as long as possible, and I want it to feel good for us both. If I want it harder, I'll tell you. OK?"

He nodded, turned the vibrator on and gently laid it along her slit, slowly sliding it over her clit as he had done with his fingers earlier.

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