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I loved watching the two of them. I'd often observed them as children, playing, and thought how similar they looked but for one being a boy and the other a girl. Joannie's facial features a bit weaker, her skin a bit lighter, softer. To see them loving each other like this seemed right somehow. Even though I knew I should regard it as disgusting and nasty.

And here I was, my cunt feeling moist from watching them.

Joannie gave Randy a wet kiss, then came over to me. "Need some help?" she asked, her warm hand with its elegant pink metallic nails on my face. She kissed me, but so much gentler than she'd kissed her brother. She gave me her tongue, sweet and small, and put my hands on her ass. I couldn't help snaking my fingers under her panties and squeezing.

"Mmmm," she murmured, and began swaying with me in a kind of dance. She moved her hands down, began unbuttoning my blouse, pushed it open, and undid the bra at my back. I moved back a little so she could drop the blouse and bra off my shoulders.

"Jesus, Mom, your tits are magnificent," Randy said, kissing me, and moving down, kissing to my nipples. But my son was a multi-tasker. While he licked my hard nipples, he fondled his sister's too. And then his hand moved inside her panties.

"Oh god," she groaned, spreading her legs, and the three of us sort of flopped onto the bed like that.

Joannie hurriedly got Randy completely undressed, and threw her own shirt halfway across the room. Then she addressed my palazzo pants.

"These are coming back in style, aren't they?" she asked me, undoing the little hook at my waist, while her brother kissed up and down her bare back, hands on her tits. Only Joannie would think of fashion at a time like this.

"Get 'em off," Randy gasped at her. "I'm gonna lick Mom's pussy."

"Maybe I want to lick Mom's pussy," she shot back at him. "Ever think about that?"

"No. I'm gonna do it, and you're gonna suck me."

"Just because he's the man, he thinks -"

I put my mouth on hers to shut her up. Between the two of us, we finished undressing me. I was nude now, on the bed with my two nude adult children. This was craziness. This was filthy. And probably the most sexually aroused I'd ever been in my life. I smelled both of them as they turned their attention to me; Joannie kissing me, squeezing my nipples, Randy's fingers between my thighs, working their way up. Joannie smelled sweet. A blend of her expensive designer perfume and her sex scent. Randy, musky, all male, his tousled hair tangling in my fingers - he needed a cut before it got too long, I thought.

"I love how his hair curls when it gets long," Joannie whispered to me. She twirled a strand of his hair, too, and we giggled together.

"God you two are hot," he told us. He used his hand to carefully explore between my pussy lips, put his nose there, and began licking softly.

"Ohhhh," I let out a long sigh of pleasure.

Randy turned himself in order to have access to me, and for Joannie to be able to suck his cock.

"You're gonna fuck me, right?" she asked him before she gave him the blowjob he wanted.

"I promise," he said, and motioned at her to get busy.

Joannie didn't like being told what to do, but in this case I could tell she was dying to get him in her mouth, and she did what he wanted. Now that I knew how good he tasted, I was a bit jealous. I hoped I'd get my mouth on him before we were done here.

But I had other things to concentrate on right now, as Randy now flicked at my clit with his tongue, holding me open with two fingers, my legs spread for him. He nosed down, and ran his tongue on the edge of my vagina, licking out some of my pussy juice, using his tongue to coat my clit and suck it off. My god. Had anything ever felt this good before?

Suddenly I heard Joannie squeaking and grunting, and the bed shook with her gyrations.

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