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She has a cheating husband.

Michelle gargled "Ready?", Through her slobbering, and Lucy grunted. "Yes."

Michelle straightened her throat and pushed her way down the dildo, until her nose pressed against the table. Lucy followed her down, but as she got to within an inch of the end of the dildo, she stopped, coughing and gagging. Michelle was looking across at her friend struggling to keep the dildo in her throat, she reached across and grabbed the back of Lucy's head forcing her all the way down to the root.

Michelle held Lucy down as she urged and choked on the thick dildo. I counted out the 20 seconds as Lucy choked on the hard shaft, she fought and struggled against Michelle who held her nose to the table with her hands. As I finally reached zero, Michelle released Lucy who came up off of the dildo with a huge cough, and gasp for breath. Thick drool poured down the dildo onto the table as she gagged and coughed.

"Sorry Lucy, but it had to be done." Michelle said. Tears dribbled down from the corners of her eyes, from the choking she had given herself.

"Ohhhhh, Fuck." Lucy croaked trying to regain her composure.

"Okay Lucy, you skullfuck me first looks like you could do with a breather." Michelle said.

She cleared the table of the dildos, and lay down on it. Lucy strapped on the dildo, it was about 12 inches long, and quite broad.

"Time us, we only need to do five minutes." Lucy said, her voice husky but much clearer.

Hanging her head back off of the table, Michelle accepted the dildo as Lucy pressed it to her lips. Lucy eased the shaft into Michelle's mouth, small little strokes to begin with, but gradually increasing the depth as she built up a rhythm.

"C'mon 'Chelle, take it deep baby pass the test!" she said stabbing the dildo back into Michelle's throat.

Watching Michelle from behind Lucy, she screwed up her eyes and fought her gag reflex as the dildo was rammed down her throat. She gripped Lucy's thighs and guided her in and out of her mouth.

Michelle coughed up thick white spit and mucus which was running down her face, and up her nose, as Lucy pounded the strap on into her. Choking and coughing as her throat was assaulted tears ran from her eyes, her mascara running.

Lucy held her friends hand as she pounded away at her throat, Michelle gripping her tightly for support. Spit was bubbling from her nostrils and her fine blonde hair stuck to her cheeks as the dildo did its work. Finally after what must have seemed like an age I called time.

Lucy removed her strap on from Michelle's gullet and stepped back. Michelle gasped for air as soon as she did, croaking in big breaths, before sitting up. She was a mess, spit caked her face and her hair was matted together.

Wiping her eye sockets clear, she blinked her eyes open, before standing and asking Lucy, "Are you sure you can manage this?"

"Yes I have to." Lucy replied undoing the strap on and handing it to Michelle.

Lucy took up Michelle's position on the table and nervously opened her mouth as Michelle edged the glistening dildo against her red lips.

"Just push me off if it gets to much." Michelle said to her friend.

Slowly Michelle slid the hard shaft between Lucy's lips, gently prodding it deeper and deeper into her friend. Lucy gasped between thrusts sucking in as much air as possible when she could. Spit began to bubble out of the corners of her mouth as Michelle worked her way to the back of Lucy's throat.

Lucy gargled and gasped as Michelle eased the Dildo deeper into her, snorting and gawwing as her throat stretched. Her eyes were bulging and she began to spasm arms flailing wildly as the dildo spread her gullet open.

"Easy, easy now." Michelle said trying to calm her, grasping her hands holding them still.

Finally Lucy's nose touched Michelle's stomach as she was all the way into her, and she slipped back, allowing Lucy to breath.

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