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Finals, Graduation, a Cop's News and Prep for Tahoe.

'Come in for a drink?' offered Sally. 'Boys!' she shouted. 'Come and join us for a drink when you're ready.'

'Hi Fen, Sally,' shouted Peter, dragging two wheelie bins behind the stables along a cleared path, their wheels ineffective against the depth of snow. The girls waved back, smiling.

'What's Peter up to?' asked Fen. 'I can't see us getting our rubbish collected.' Sally giggled.

'No, we're definitely not expecting the dustmen. Peter's burning whatever rubbish he can to get rid of it. Our bins are full and we've run out of space. I expect Daniel will be doing something similar. There's quite enough excitement going on around here at the moment, without kicking off a rat infestation or an outbreak of the bubonic plague.'


As Fen entered Sally and Tim's house, she was immediately aware of its tiny proportions. The two girls squeezed past the assortment of jackets that lined the hallway and various pairs of boots and shoes that provided a trip hazard for any unsuspecting visitors. Fen glanced at the staircase which ran alongside the hall, noticing various piles of clean washing, on almost every step.

'Come on, Merlin. There's a good boy. You must come in too!' said Sally to Merlin who was loitering cautiously on the threshold. 'Can you give the front door a good, hard shove please?' called back Sally as she reached the kitchen.

There was barely any more room in the kitchen. A mass of mismatched furniture filled the space. In the centre of the room was a small kitchen table, piled high with random Christmas decorations, receipts, candles, half-opened letters, magazines and cooling fairy cakes that were responsible for a deliciously warm and tempting baking smell pervading the air. Overall, the feeling Fen got from the house was a tiny, untidy, friendly and relaxed home.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, Fen decided that the reason it felt so cluttered was due to the miniscule dimensions of the property. She was surprised one person could live here, yet alone a couple. Fen pointed to the mass of half-burned candles.

'Been having a s__ance?' enquired Fen cheekily. Sally chuckled.

'No. The generator keeps packing up, so we have those as a backup for when we are unexpectedly plunged into darkness.'

'Oh no!' sympathised Fen.

'Yeah, it's a bit of a pain. I keep imagining it's Belinda flicking the switch off to save ramping up their bills, once Peter's gone to bed.'

'She wouldn't?' gasped Fen.

'I've learnt to put nothing past her. Now, help yourself to a cake,' offered Sally as she made two mugs of steaming tea. 'And then tell me all about what's been happening with you since I saw you last.'

'Firstly, you have to tell me,' insisted Fen. 'Has the world gone mad? What on earth has got into Charlie? She opened the tractor door for me and I believe she even used the word 'sorry' although I might have been hallucinating at that point.' Sally laughed, pushing a mug across to her friend.

'Well, she's shifted her liberal affections from Daniel to Olly. I think because of the way Olly's looked after Snowflake. God bless the man. I mean, he's slept in the stable for two nights,' explained Sally. 'He must have been freezing. I finally persuaded him to leave Snowflake to go and take a shower this morning. I could smell him from here, with all the windows and doors closed! Although, by all accounts, it was lucky he didn't leave Snowflake on that first night. Horse panicked and had to be doped again. If Olly hadn't been there, Snowflake might not be with us now.'

'Wow. So, Olly and Charlie are an item now then?'

'No. Strangely not. After years of desiring her from afar, Olly's playing seriously hard to get. I mean properly, impressively, hard to get. He's told her he's not interested.'

'Why? Is it an extreme version of treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen?' asked Fen, gratefully inhaling the warming steam from her welcome beverage.

'I think he basically told her that having witnessed her past behaviour and how she treats people, he'

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