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Wife restrains and teases him.

Her fantasy takes place during one of her runs. She usually ran the same route all the time but this time she decided to run a different route and it took her through town."

We live in a very small town, less than 2000 people so everyone pretty much knows everyone else.

Susan was jogging in an alley it began to rain and she was looking for a place to get in out of it. Bill happened to be working in his garage behind his business so she decided to duck in there. Bill saw her and noticed she was dripping wet and offered her a towel to dry off.

Susan told me as he handed her the towel he picked a leaf out of her hair. As he did his hand brushed her face and she became aroused. As his fingers passed her lips she kissed them softly. He knew she was interested in him continuing. He brushed her hair back and kissed her lips softly, then slowly made his way down to her neck. She knew he could feel her body trembling as he kissed her. He unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra up over her breasts. He began softly kissing them and then gently sucking her nipples in and out of his mouth, biting them teasingly from time to time.

She said she enjoying every kiss and touch of his lips on her skin as his hands moved lower and he slid her jogging pants and panties down to her ankles. She tilted her head back and leaned against the wall as he kissed his way down her body, his tongue sliding in her navel as he passed.

Susan trembled knowing what was to come and her body shook when his lips gently kissed her moist pussy lips. He moved slowly between kissing and licking her wetness and she rocked her hips to meet his tongue, wanting him to shove it deeper and deeper inside her anxious pussy. He grabbed her butt and pulled her tight to him as he plunged his tongue deep inside her, her body rocked and she could not control herself as she had orgasm after orgasm as he continued to pleasure her. When he had finished he looked up at her and Susan pulled his lips to hers and kissed him.

She smiled at him and said, now it' my turn.

She unbuttoned his shirt and began kissing his chest, anxious to get to his cock and feel it's warmth against her lips. Her lips slid down his body, kissing every inch of his skin. Susan felt Bills arousal and it made her want even more to feel his cock throb against her lips. As she released his cock from his pants and it stood erect, waiting for her eager mouth to surround it. She began teasing his tip, her tongue slowly circling all around and sliding up and down his rigid shaft.

She smiled at me and could see by the look on my face I was totally engrossed in her fantasy.

She continued by telling me how she took both hands and slowly guided his cock between her lips, taking only the tip in at first and gently sucking it back and forth in and out of her mouth. His body was shaking and his hips began to rock towards her. Each time he thrust his hips forward she allowed his cock to slide a little further inside her mouth, closing her lips tightly on it as he pulled it back to thrust again.

Oh my God, I was about to come in my pants listening to her tell her fantasy to me.

Before too long I had his entire cock in my mouth, she said with a smile. Her tongue was swirling all around his pulsating head. His body was rocking and she could feel his heart beating against her lips. His cock hardened with each thrust and Susan knew soon he would be pumping his warm juices into her mouth. She put her hands on his butt and pulled him tight, allowing him only to make short hard thrusts. As his body began to shake she knew he was ready to cum inside of her. Susan held him tight with her hands and clamped her lips solidly around his cock. One long hard thrust and she felt his hot cum squirt into her mouth. Over and over he came as her lips surrounded his cock and squeezed every last drop from him. She then gently released his cock and gently kissed his cum covered tip. She looked up at him, and with her lips coated with his creamy load, smiled.


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