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Her attitude delivers her more trouble.

She is such a tease that at one point I told her about a trucker looking at her and she turned and let him watch her finger her sweet pussy. Damn I couldn't believe what she was doing. After almost four hours of this I couldn't take it anymore. We finally arrived at her sisters; of course I left my wife there so I could hurry up and get all of her stuff up to her apartment.

As soon as we were at her apartment we almost ran up stairs, she could barely get the door unlocked from me trying to fuck her in the hallway. Well we made in the door but that was it. I felt like a teenager again I had a hard on that would cut diamonds and it wasn't going down for nothing. So I ripped her clothes off and started to devour her. I carried her to her bedroom and I threw her on the bed and I started kissing her. I moved ever so slowly down her entire body. I stopped at her tits. I sucked and bit on her tit's for almost ten minutes before I ever touched her nipples this was driving her crazy. Her nipples when hard are almost 3/4 in. long, and very sensitive.

It was then that I discovered that she like to be bitten. No I mean she liked to be bitten hard, the harder I bit her the more she moaned. I could not believe it I was biting her hard enough to bruise her and she was loving it. I looked down and she had cum running, no pouring out or her cunt, and running down her leg's. I had never had a woman who liked pain so this was new to me. However I wasn't about to stop. I moved on down and started licking and biting my way to her pussy. I have to tell you this woman has the cleanest pussy I have ever seen or tasted. Her juice tastes like water and she has absolutely no smell whatsoever. I very lightly licked on her clit because it was so sensitive from all the pleasure she had just encountered that she wouldn't let me be rough with it. So I just spent some quality time eating the best pussy that I have ever seen or tasted in my life.

After about an hour I figured that it was my turn, so I laid her on her belly and I very slowly entered her from the rear. Once again even though she was extremely wet her pussy was so tight that I had to force it in. As I was entering her I though that I would see just how much she liked being bit. So I started biting her on the back, as I was slowly fucking her soggy tight pussy. It was like she had a demon in her she started screaming at me and bucking like she was going to die. She screamed at me "FUCK ME you motherfucker fuck me harder, bite me if you want to ever fuck me again you better bite the fuck out of me while you fuck me".

Well that was all she had to tell me. There isn't anything sexually that I wouldn't do to be able to fuck my best friend forever. So I started biting her so hard that she immediately got bruises, and I started to fuck her so hard that she was scooting across the bed. She ended up against the headboard and I really fucked hard then. The harder I fucked her the harder I bit her,and the more I bit her the harder she was fucking back at me. I was about to lose it all,I knew it wouldn't be long before I dropped the mother load in her sweet pussy,

So I rolled her over and put her legs above her head and started to literally try to hurt her with my cock. Her body is so petite that I was literally hitting her pelvic bone time and time again, so hard that I almost couldn't take that pain. However the pleasure of pound fucking this beauty far outweighed the pain. She was really screaming now "Johnny fuck me Oh God I am going to fucking Scream".Little did she know but she had been screaming for almost an hour and a half. Suddenly I got an idea. I asked her if she could wrap her legs around her head?

She said yeah, why? I said just do it for me, and she did.

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