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Conquering Russia.

"Barney, could you hold the door for Dick? His hands are full, sweetie," Carrie suggested easily.

Barney hesitated. If he got up, he'd have to once again deal with the embarrassment of an unruly hard-on. He had hoped Maddy or Janet would just go over and hold the door. Or maybe Craig might jump up. But nobody was budging. He started to get anxious.

"Bernard? Hold the door for Dick, hon, he needs help," Krendy offered, even crossing her legs again, indirectly making Barney's situation that much worse.

He couldn't move.

"Barney! Get up off your butt," Janet said.

The young Bussett boy slowly and reluctantly stood up from the patio bench. He was seated so close to the table that, as he rose, his erection caught underneath the table and then, once it was freed, sprang up as if it were Alexander the Great's mighty catapult. Barney's prick smacked loudly against his belly.

Everyone at the table saw - and heard - Barney's massive erection, which, despite his embarrassment, was a truly magnificent sight.

"My goodness, young man, again?" Krendy said with wide-eyed wonder, shocked that he could so quickly be at full mast again, given his earlier outburst.

"It doesn't want to go down," Barney said in an apologetic tone.

"I'll get the door for Dick," Carrie said with a laugh, getting a kick out of Barney's persistent and seemingly uncontrollable erections.

Barney tried to sit back down but Krendy suggested otherwise.

"Sweetie, try and walk it off," she laughed, cracking the others up.

"Do some jumping jacks," Maddy teased him.

"No. No jumping jacks. I might break my ribs with it," he said, poking fun at his current condition.

His openly candid comment, made somewhat in frustration, only made the women crack up even more.

"Sweetie, what prompted this?" Krendy inquired. "What were we talking about, does anyone remember?"

"School and then Craig's dad's ad on television!?" Maddy replied, as if to say, 'how the hell did that get Barney so excited?'

Dick, unfazed by Barney's condition, calmly poured everyone some iced tea. 'This is just typical Barney Bussett,' Dick thought to himself.

Barney, still standing while everyone else was seated, became the object of the women's playful gaze.

"Sweetie, turn to the side just a bit. I just want to get the proper perspective," Krendy offered, cracking the girls up.

The young Bussett boy did as instructed, giving the women a side view. His erection was even that much more pronounced.

"Look at that," Deb said, with a gasp. "Look how tall and firm."

"It's a seven-incher," Maddy raved.

"I don't care what size it is. It's the ferocity that impresses me," Krendy gushed. "Goodness, I thought he would need the whole rest of the day to recover from that earlier display. But not in the least. He's right back up again. With a vengeance it seems."

Barney patiently stood, knowing full well there were four sets of eyes lingering on his dork. It had such an unmistakable hardness and even an uncompromising sturdiness that some playful jokes soon followed.

"Sweetie, just watch out for those dreadful crows. One of them may decide to use you as a perch," Krendy joked.

The girls leaned back in their chairs in rollicking laughter. Their amusement only caused Barney to grow that much more aroused, even moaning a bit as he could feel a small dose of pre-cum emerge from his tall, strained shaft.

And now the real surprise came. With so much attention placed on Barney, the women didn't notice that Craig was hiding something pretty spectacular himself. As he readjusted himself in his seat, his rather large hard-on bounced about, and Ms. Krendall caught sight of it.

"Oh and Craiger, you too?" Krendy whooped and hollered.

"God, both of you guys," Maddy teased them, as she got up from her seat to get a better view of each.

"We're all having a nice conversation at the picnic table and just like that, you two are sprouting a couple of huge boners," Janet chastised them, albeit with an adorable grin. "Unacceptable behavior, boys, just unacceptable."

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