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Miss Kylie was Eurasian, very slim, and very petite, probably only 5'2" or maybe 5'3", with a long shimmering curtain of midnight black hair falling to the middle of her perfectly shaped bottom and her face, with high cheekbones, a fine aquiline nose which was, of course, most exquisitely made up. Her lips were covered with a gorgeous hot pink lipstick that was enhanced by a shimmering, glittery translucent lipgloss that made me wish it were on my lips, and her dainty ultra-feminine nails naturally matched her lipstick perfectly. Her eye shadow was a wonderful blend of pink on her lids merging into a smoky, glittery black on her lids, and her perfectly done ultra-black mascara-coated lashes framed eyes that seemed to be almost purple. All this was capped by her huge hooped earrings, each of which was probably 6" in diameter, so big that they actually rested on her shoulders.

This fantastically beautiful vision wore an almost completely transparent shimmering silver dress that clung to her like wet silk, hugging every curve of her amazing body. It was very low cut with what seemed like a built in brassiere that lifted her breasts to display them as if they were on a shelf, and did nothing whatsoever to hide their magnificent beauty in any way. Her big ripe nipples and the luscious curves of her huge breasts were enhanced, not hidden, by the silvery shimmering fabric of her dress. The hem of the dress came a scant inch or two below the neatly trimmed patch of pussy hair covering the area around her cunt.

Through the dress a skimpy black lace garter belt and matching crotchless panties were quite visible, with all sheer black nylons attached to the garters reaching down her shapely legs. And her shoes! My goodness, I never dreamed that anything so incredibly beautiful and sexy existed. They were black platformed pumps whose thin straps wrapped around her ankles and calves, reaching nearly 10" up her lovely calves, with at least 5" platforms and what must have been 10" spiked heels.

As my eyes widened at the sight of those amazing "Fuck Me" shoes, I instantly wished I could fall at her feet so she'd let me worship her by kissing and licking those beautiful spike heeled pumps.

Her partner, Zach, as she'd called him, was, unsurprisingly, the complete opposite. He was a huge, ebony black man who looked like he must be a former football player, at least 6'8" tall, probably weighing over 300 pounds, but obviously all muscle, with not a visible ounce of excess flesh or fat anywhere on him. He was wearing a cream colored silk polo that clung to his upper body, emphasizing his chiseled pecs, abs, and upper arms. I couldn't help wonder how big his cock was, fleetingly wishing that I might someday find out.

Kylie grinned at me evilly and explained that Zach was almost always horny, but that she was a very jealous woman, and never wanted her husband with any other woman, and that he was also a very jealous man and never wanted to think about her with another man. Then she giggled and went on.

"But we both agree that little sissy girly-boys don't really count as men or women, so we figure that when we find the right little submissive sissy girly-boy, we can both fuck the little pansy faggot without either one of us being jealous.

"I've had some wonderful evenings watching him while little Suzette sucked his cock as I fucked her pussy/bottom with my dildo, and we've also had fun with him fucking her in the ass while I sat on her face so she could eat my cunt for me." She giggled again and looked at Suzette, then went on.

"You do like sucking Zach's big dick, don't you sissy Suzette? And having both of us fuck that sweet little ass/cunt of yours?"

Miss Suzette looked down at her feet in embarrassment, and softly murmured, "Yes, Miss Kylie.

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