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Lexi's life changes completely after but a single spell.

Oh what the hell, it couldn't make it any worse! They cheered and laughed.

"God you really are a filthy whore aren't you, lying in a bath full of piss, you filthy, disgusting whore, you slut, I think you need to be taught a lesson!" Oh shit not another one! "come on, out of the bath." They took me out and put me in the shower, there was soap! Oh thank God, I could get myself clean! I washed gratefully, not caring that they were all still watching me, I washed my hair and soaped myself all over, then rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. One of them advanced on me with a towel, and rubbed me dry, I felt better now, cleaner.

A woman, the first one I'd seen in this house, came in, she was wearing a maid's outfit, a very revealing one.

"Master would like to see his new slut now." She walked over to me, grabbed my wrist, and practically dragged me out of the room accompanied by the disappointed groans of the men and down the maze of corridors. "Kneel slut." I looked at her blankly, "on you fucking knees you little whore." I got to my knees, and she leant against the wall "you will do exactly as I say slut, do you understand?" I nodded "Good, now tongue fuck my pussy, and don't stop till I tell you to." I'm straight, I've never been with a woman before, I don't even know what to do! I have a feeling that not obeying might result in another punishment, so I put my head between her legs, smelling her sweet musk, ok, just relax, it can't be that bad, and at least she was shaved, so it would be smooth. Ok, just go for it, pay plenty of attention to her clit and it'll all be over quickly. I must have done pretty well judging by the gasps and moans, I flicked my tongue along her slit, gently opening her lips with my tongue, then I'd lap at her clit like a cat with cream. After about 5 minutes of this, she suddenly grabbed my head and pulled it up so that I was almost suffocating in her cum, she shuddered, and let out a long gasp. I pulled my head out from under her skirt. "Did I tell you to stop whore? Lick me clean." I obeyed, actually, I was getting wet myself, maybe I'm bisexual...

When she finally told me I could stop, I pulled my head out from her skirt, breathing in the cooler air, and looked around me, the men were standing around us, silently watching, and there was a bulge in every man's trousers.

The woman smiled at them "she's going to see her master now, you'll have to ask his permission if you want to use her again." We walked through them and along another corridor, she knocked on a large oak door and entered, "your new slut master." She shoved me forward and I went in, it was an office, quite a large one, the desk was huge, and three of the walls were lined with books, the carpet was a dark, rich red, the colour of fresh blood. On the wall not covered in bookshelves, was a collection of riding crops, handcuffs, a length of rope, a long, slightly curved, metal pole with loops in it, and a few other painful looking things. The master was sitting behind the desk, apparently working.

"Come here slut." I walked forward, my feet sinking into the thick, soft carpet, when I was nearly at the desk he said, "stop, now bend over slut, rest your head on the desk." I did as I was told, he stood up. The desk was waist high, and quite long, but narrow enough that, bent over as I was, he could grab my hair and force his dick into my mouth, he was not as long as some of his employees, but he was thick, and rock hard, and he knew how to make a woman scream in several different ways. He fucked my mouth till I gagged, let me rest a bit, then did it again, ignoring my efforts to escape his pole, he rammed himself down my throat again and again until he came, it flowed into my mouth, wave after wave of it, and I couldn't swallow it, "good slut, now, don't swallow till I tell you, and don't even try to spit, you know what happens to disobedient whores don't you?" I nodded, my mouth full of his hot cum as he slowly slipped out of my mouth.

He reached into

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