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"Fuck my ass, Billy. Fuck it like you fucked your mom's." Billy grinned and pulled his thick length out of his aunt's pussy, took hold of it and pushed into her butt, her pussy juices easing the entry. "Uhhhh . . . fuck . . . oh fuck that's good." Tanya groaned as her nephew slid his cock up her ass.

"You like my son's cock in your ass, sis?" Danielle asked her.

"Fuck yeah!" Tanya gasped as Billy really began fucking her butt, slamming the whole length of his dick up her ass. "Fuck my ass! Fuck it! Harder!" she cried, Billy holding her butt cheeks wide apart as he shoved his cock into her butt hole. Tanya turned back to her sister's cunt, licking and sucking at her clit, her fingers pistoning in and out of her asshole, bringing her off in moments before she gasped and came herself, her ass clutching at Billy's cock.

"Fuck!" Billy grunted. "Not gonna last much longer!"

"Take it out!" Danielle cried. "Tanya, get up here!"

As Billy pulled his dick free, Tanya quickly climbed up and laid next to her sister, the pair of them leaning towards each other, their huge tits squashing together, both of them watching Billy jerk his huge cock.

"Here it comes!" he cried, his dick lurching in his hand and spitting out a thick stream of cum, followed by another and another. The first shots hit Tanya's face, coating her with a huge load of spunk, before dripping down on to her big tits. He turned slightly and shot the next salvo over his mom's face, thick ropes of the stuff splattering against her skin. Billy kept cumming, over and over, blasting his jism on to the two women in front of him, aiming his shots at their faces and open mouths. By the time he finally finished, his mother's and aunt's faces were covered with cum, streams of it running on to their huge chests.

The sisters began eagerly licking and sucking Billy's cum from each other, the two women snowballing his jism as they kissed. He leaned forward and pushed his half hard cock between them, smiling as they both licked and sucked at it and wondered how he got to be so lucky.

"So you think you'll go back to it full time?" Tanya asked her sister.

It was an hour or so later and they were sat in a quiet booth in a coffee shop in town. Tanya was wearing her T-shirt and denim shorts once more while Danielle had opted for a halter top that was tied below her huge breasts exposing a huge amount of cleavage, and a long, loose skirt with a split up to the top of one thigh.

"I'm not sure. If I'm honest, the money would come in handy, but I was never really into for the cash in the first place."

"Yeah, you always liked the large amount of large cock, didn't you?" Tanya said with a laugh.

After getting back from her holiday, Danielle had told her sister about the porno film she'd shot while on holiday and the director's standing offer for her to get back into the business, one that she'd left years before to raise her sons. Tanya was wondering if she'd accept the offer.

Danielle leaned forward, her big tits squashing against the table, and smiled as she whispered "Well I've got all the large cock I need at home with my two boys, thank you very much."

Tanya leaned in until they were almost nose to nose.

"Ah but you have to share all that lovely cock with me, don't you?" she whispered.

"Only if you share your daughter's pretty pussy with me."


Danielle and Tanya turned to the speaker, seeing one of the waitresses of the coffee shop stood at the entrance to the booth, holding a pot of coffee. She was a gorgeous looking girl of about 18 or 19, wearing the coffee house's standard uniform: black pumps, knee high socks, black short skirt and a white blouse which was stretched tight over her large breasts.

"Sorry to interrupt, ladies, but would you like some more coffee?" she asked. "Or would you rather something hot?" she added quietly, running her free hand down the side of one of her big tits, cupping it briefly.

Danielle grinned. "Thanks, Tiffany." She said, reading her name off her badge. "But I think we'll just stick with the coffee for now."


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