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Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble,

It was barely visible and seemed pretty far away so she just assumed it was a boat off in the horizon. She lit up the pipe and inhaled, 1,2,3 exhale. After five minutes or so she was completely blitzed. Drunk off then sea and high on the weed she couldn't help but to fall back into her blanket in the sand and enjoy her body tingles and empty yet sensory overloaded mind. Eventually she got tired of looking at the stars so she rolled over onto her stomach, crossed her arms under her head and gently fell into a half asleep meditation.

He was in his boat right off the coast. Insomnia always got the best of him so he decided to take the boat out, like most nights to clear his mind. He turned the motor off, and took his seat beside a little added on table on the lookout deck. He unlocked the drawer to reveal his weed stash and grabbed a joint to light up. Before he could find his lighter a small whiff of smoke drifted close enough for him to tell exactly what it was. What the hell?. He thought he'd gone crazy for a moment but then he smelled it again. People on the beach he thought. All of these people come to the beach to drink, fuck, and get high. He wasn't much for the party scene but it was entertaining to him to watch in on them from time to time. He grabbed his binoculars, special ones that let him see almost as clear as if he were there in person. Maybe he'd catch some lucky guy getting a blow job. He flipped them on and scanned the beach in front of him. After searching for almost twenty minutes he'd almost given up until he saw one small spot of movement. He could barely make out what it was.

It was a person, one person. He watched for a while, intrigued. Human behavior was always something he enjoyed studying. Social and psychological traits and how they determine just how far someone may or may not go in different situations. He didn't know why he was so interested in this one, maybe he just needed a distraction, but it lit a spark in him and he wasn't going to put it out. He pulled closer, silently. After docking the boat at a nearby pier he crept back up to the top deck to see if the person was still there. The person never moved. Finally he could see, it was a girl. She was clearly alone, as no one had been around for the hour he had been watching her. He could see she was laying on her stomach. Her big ass was pushing the hem of her short dress even shorter. He grew more interested in her by the minute. Suddenly she rolled over and sat up. He was glued to her every movement and she had no idea. He had her in such a perfect spot. He watched as she stood from her blanket in the sand and dusted off her bottom and her legs. God he couldn't look away from her.

She'd decided she wanted to walk to the edge of the water. After standing and trying to get some of the sand off of her she decided it was a lost cause. She pressed play on her phone, starting her favorite instrumental station and jogged the short distance to the incoming waves. Each one splashing against her toes making her giggle. She danced and spun, arms spread. A free spirit, comfortable and content. She felt full of life and high as hell and she was alone so she could truly enjoy it. No worrying if she looked silly or if someone was going to bother her, it was just her, the ocean, the moon and stars all alone on a dark beach. She giggled one last time at a wave passing over her feet and up around her ankles and ran back to her blanket out of breath from playing she falls onto her stomach and closes her eyes to refocus and relax once again. Since she knew she was alone and it was well past midnight she decided to untie the tight bikini top and let her breast go free in her thin dress. It made her feel a little naughty but she knew there was little chance of anyone coming up, much less if they could see anything in the dark. She relaxed into the blanket and let the waves drift her mind away.

She thought she was in a dream at fir

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