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Jason's obsession with his co-worker's wife goes too far.

It didn't hurt that Todd had wrapped his warm body around me on the sofa and was actively stroking my cock. I could feel his rock-hard fuckpiece probing me from behind, like an anxious suitor. And just as Todd's body was hungrily devouring Dad's cock, I was starting to feel a certain hunger for Todd's.

"Oh God," I moaned when Todd slipped a finger into my ass. I couldn't believe how good it felt inside me. He reamed me slow and sensually, while still holding me close, and breathing into my ear. I gasped and sucked in his sweet manly scent.

"Jesus, Charlie, you've got me so fucking turned on right now."

I opened my mouth to speak but the only thing that came out was a sigh. I was turned on too, as much by the image of my dad on screen as by Todd. I squirmed in his arms and when I turned my head he covered my mouth in a hungry kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth, and suddenly I had the sensation of being penetrated from both ends. When Todd began to shift my body around in the couch and position me against his cock, I offered no resistance. I wanted to feel him inside me.

Dad was still on his feet bending over the bed as he fucked Todd. He tightened his grip on the young cop and began to fuck him harder and deeper. Todd held tight to Dad's undulating hips as the barrage of fuckstrokes fell on him, obviously relishing every minute of the pounding he was getting. Even Dad had to take notice of Todd's remarkable stamina.

"Damn deep hole, swallowing me up. Goddammit, Todd, you really like getting' it like this, don't ya? It's like you can't get enough."

"Fuck yeah, I like it. Just like this. I can feel your fuckin' heat right down to my toes."

I was half-drunk on the waves of lust coming off the screen when Todd began pushing into me. I groaned, squirmed, shivered and shook when the blunt end of his manpole divided my buns and pressed through the door of my channel. And though I tensed up a bit, Todd would not be denied and he sliced me open like a piece of warm Swiss cheese. There was a brief burst of pain and I cried out.

"Oh, God!"

Though I involuntarily jerked forward, Todd held me firmly in place. I whimpered and crumpled against him. Almost immediately I refocused my attention on the screen, anxious not to miss anything. I had to admire how Todd onscreen seemed to absorb all the punishment of Dad's thick weapon and yet came up smiling. I groaned and squirmed in Todd's arms. Already the sting of his fucking was fading, being replaced by an immensely pleasurable glow.

On the screen Todd was really egging Dad on, even challenging him, and all the while he was getting this really drunken look in his eyes.

"That's it, Daddy, give it to me. Dammit, I want your big fuckin' tool. Drill me hard."

An involuntary gasp rose out of me the instant I heard him say that word. "Daddy' coming out of Todd's mouth shocked me and made me jealous-and intensely turned on. My mind flipped back to that first tape, and the feeling I had of being drawn into the sex between them, but I also flashed on the bizarre moment with Trey when it suddenly felt like the one fucking me was not Trey at all, but Dad.

As if reading my mind, Todd began to move his cock inside me, roughly in time with the way Dad was fucking him onscreen. Meanwhile on screen, Dad was only to eager to deliver the heat Todd so obviously craved, pounding his ass with a steady rhythm of hammer blows. Already a fine sheen of sweat was coating both of them and a drumbeat of grunts and groans was emanating from the screen.

As if on cue Todd escalated the power of his fucking, and as he did he leaned into my ear and began muttering a string of words.

"Dammit, Charlie, can't you feel it? I knew it would be good with you. Your hole is so fuckin' hot. You know just how to ride a man's tool, how to make him feel like he's on top of the world."

The fact is I hardly heard a word he was saying.

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