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Ben tells Emily what's going on, Vlad comes to town.

"I'm so horny" she said, "I just don't care. I need you. We need to go."

We moved further down the aisle, and a thought suddenly struck me. I grabbed her arm, pulled her towards me a bit roughly. "You will get my cock, but only when I say you can have it. You will soon, just not yet."

As I leaned forward to kiss her, my kiss turned into just moving my lips slowly across the side of her neck. I put one hand down to the crotch of her shorts, just moving one finger slowly back and forth, right on top of her pussy. Just enough to be a tease. Backing away, I left her breathing hard, and her face starting to turn a bit red from the excitement. I just walked away, calling her to follow me.

I finished getting the short list of things I needed, and each time I put something in the cart, I brushed up against her. Sometimes is was my cock rubbing up against her ass for a moment, or my arm would lightly brush across her nipple as I reached into the cart. She knew what I was doing, and just let me tease her, just a little more each time.

As we finally headed to the checkout, she was in a hurry, but I called her back. "Wait, I just thought of something else."

She just looked at me.. "Now what?" she asked.

I looked back to the aisle we had just passed. There was a mom and baby that had just left the family restroom, and I saw the door closing on an empty room.

With an evil grin, I motioned her to look where I was. "I want to fuck you right now. It's private, it's safe, and there is no one in there. Do you want to wait, or do you want to feel my cock inside of you in 20 seconds?"

She thought for about 2 seconds, looked around, then quickly walked into the room. Leaving the cart where it was, I immediately followed.

The second the door closed I had it locked. Turning around, I saw her shirt was already off, tossed onto the sink, and she was working on taking her bra off. I had my shirt on top of hers in an instant, and stood behind her, unbuttoning her shorts as the bra flew to the sink. She moved my hands away and finished her shorts, dropping them to her feet while I made my pants fall.

As my pants hit my shoes, she turned to me and bent over at the waist, inhaling my cock. She moaned as I felt myself hit the back of her throat. She grabbed my ass with one hand, moved her head back, and pulled forward on my ass, making me thrust into her. Her other hand held my balls, stroking them gently. That was the only thing gentle about her. She was devouring my cock in a way she never had. I couldn't let her continue, she would have made me cum in 10 seconds.

Grabbing two handfulls of hair, I pulled her up to meet me. She kissed me with the same hot passion, and turned around. "I'm so damn horny. I'm soaking wet. You have to put your cock in me NOW."

She bent over again, and I put my dick between her ass cheeks, slowly pushing it down to her hot hole that I wanted so bad. She put her hand up between her legs and grabbed me, immediately putting it inside of her. She wasn't kidding. She was so wet, in an instant I was completely buried inside of her. She was moaning as she pushed back harder, driving her ass into my stomach.

Using her hips as my handles, I helped her ram my cock into her as far and as hard as we could handle it. My hands only moved once, I had to get them on her ass. I love the feel of it, it fits perfectly into my hands. As much as I wanted to, I could not hold on too long, I couldn't risk marking up that beautiful ass.

She stopped thrusting for a moment, so I reached my arm around her waist, moving my hand between her legs. Toying with her clit with my fingers, I could feel her moving her hips around, making them grind on my cock. I put my hand across her throat, pulling her back up to me.

She was breathless as I kissed her, Her arms came up and held my head tightly to hers. My other hand exploring, I could now grab her breasts, squeezing them, and pinching her nipples. It did not take long before I could feel her getting close.

Rocking my hips to her rhythm, my fingers were telling her clit

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