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Penny and Raj bring Sheldon out into the World of Sex.

As the blonde stepped down into the tub she shouted, " Hi David who's your friend?"

David replied that we didn't know each other, but Rob broke the awkward moment and said " Oh I'm Rob...we just happen to be sharing the tub."

As she sat down beside David she said to him, "Hi Rob, I'm Bev and this is Di"

Di nodded, and smiled broadly, and stepped across the Jacuzzi and sat beside him on the moulded, plastic, underwater bench.

Rob's thought processes were in overdrive. Normally when two women went into a Jacuzzi with complete strangers they would sit equidistant from them, yet both Bev, and Di had positioned themselves almost touching both him and David.

"Well I guess both you guys are having a day off work?"

We both nodded, and Rob replied that it was a day to chill out.

Both girls laughed out loud and Di said " Oh well we'd better do our best to relax you!" and they dissolved in giggles.

" Lets get some bubbles going,"

As she said that, Di half lifted herself out of the tub and twisted and reached behind Rob to press the five minute bubble burst.

As she did so, her breast pressed into his shoulder, and he got a close up of her brown skin on the tops of those wonderful breasts.

The bubbles erupted and they all settled down to enjoy them.

The girls giggled and Bev shouted meaningfully to Di, " ok go for it."

Both David and Rob were puzzled by what she had meant, but they didn't have long to wait to find out.

Rob felt a hand move on top of his shorts and start to grip his cock.

Di had half turned and her face was close to his and Rob almost gasped, and resisted the temptation to push her hand away.

Looking across at David's startled face, and his open mouth, Bev was obviously carrying out a similar exercise.

Rob's cock stiffened, and Di quickly with one hand pulled Rob's waistband to his swimming shorts away from his body, and her other hand slid inside and closed around his cock.

Rob looked around the pool area to see if anyone was watching.

Oblivious to everything, David's eyes had closed and both girls had started to massage their cocks so expertly that soon Rob's was stiff and rampant.

Di certainly knew what she was doing.

Her hand went sliding up and down, and as it did it massaged the shaft and then the tip and very quickly got Rob preparing to cum.

As the bubbles seemed to get louder and frothier Rob just gritted his teeth and closed his eyes....he let out a stifled moan and Di shouted "Yay" at the top of her voice and shouted, "Beat ya!" and burst out laughing.

It was obviously a competition to see who could get one of us to cum first.

David didn't stifle his moan and gasped "Oh fuck" and Bev shouted "Gotcha" and then within a few seconds the girls were sitting beside us as though butter wouldn't melt.

With a smile Di said,"Ok you guys, you don't get away with just that. We will meet you both in the lounge and you can buy us coffee and we will see if we can chill some more," and with that they were gone to the changing rooms.

Rob looked across at David with raised eyebrows and David said "Did what happened just happen?"

Rob was dumbfounded, and didn't really know what to think, but was wondering what Di meant by 'chill some more'.

"What are you doing for the rest of today David?"

He replied that he had no commitments, and by the knowing look in his eyes they both knew that they had to see what the rest of the day had in store!

They both dried and changed back into their clothes, and made idle conversation, and it became apparent that they had a lot in common.

Both married, both had quite a 'colourful' experience of the ladies in their single days,and both of them just a little bit bored with their 'traditional' lifestyles.

They exited the changing rooms and went into the lounge/reception area, and to their dismay neither Bev or Di were anywhere to be seen.

Both their hearts sank a little and David muttered, "some you win, some you lose'" but just as he had barely said those few words, out of the ladies' changing room came Bev, followed closel

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