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A chance meeting ends in discovery.

Please do something!" She begged us. I looked at Angel and nodded towards her. She licked her lips and walked toward her.

"What is your name, cutie?" Angel asked as she dropped her knees behind our mystery girl.

"Brooke," she sighed as she stuck her ass out towards Angel.

"Well Brooke, would you mind if I ate some of that cum out of you to make room for my friend?"

"Fuck yes, of course I don't mind." she shivered back her reply. Angel moved her lips toward Brooke's folds. Her tongue worked its way through Brooke's folds lapping at the combined juices of her and her boyfriend's cum. I heard Angel slurping and sucking at Brooke's pussy. I circled around them and moved for Brooke's front. Her B-cupped tits hung slightly under her and her mouth hung open as moaned loudly. I pushed my lips onto her's, which was covered in lipstick the same color as her hair. I reached up and cupped one of her tits before pinching the nipple. She moaned a little louder into my mouth and I forced my tongue into her mouth. As our tongues wrestled with each other, her moans increased until her mouth left mine so she could let out a scream.

"She's ready for your turn," Angel got up, covered in Brooke's juices, which coated her mouth and stained the top of her dress. I moved to behind Brooke and rubbed her pussy as I got my pants off.

"Oh you are nice and wet," I commented before I slid my fingers inside her.

"Yes, wet and horny for you guys. Please, fuck me," she begged. I lined up my cock with her lips and pushed myself in. She let out a moan of relief. "Finally... god your cock feels good. Pound me pl-" She was interrupted by Angel shoving her tongue into Brooke's mouth. The moaning from me sliding in and out of her wet folds were muffled by Angel's mouth. I noticed Angel's hand had slipped down her own dress. Angel moved her mouth down to Brooke's tits and pulled a nipple into her mouth. No longer gagged by Angel's mouth, Brooke's moans echoed off the walls of the alley. She gripped the pipe she was handcuffed too until her knuckles turned white. Her moans increased until I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and juices pour over my lap. She panted for a couple seconds before she returned to moaning. Angel was starting to moan pretty loudly as well, even with her mouth wrapped around Brooke's nipple. I kept pounding into Brooke before I heard a scream come from Angel and saw juices fall out from under her dress, wetting the concrete below. Angel took her fingers and pushed them into Brooke's open mouth, which she gratefully took and sucked all of the juices off of her fingers.

I felt Brooke's pussy tightening again and I ushered Angel over and as Brooke's moans increased to the brink of shrieking I pulled out and let Angel lap up the juices as they squirted out of Brooke's pussy. I stroked my cock until I was on the brink and I came on Angel's face and Brooke's ass. We all stood there and panted for a few moments before I heard clapping coming from behind us.

"Well that was a fantastic show!" A man said as he stepped further into the alley. He pulled out a key from his pocket and walked to Brooke's front. He unlocked her cuffs and turned towards Angel and I. "I was expecting only one person to come to her aid but instead she got two."

"Guys, this is my boyfriend, Jeremy," Brooke introduced him, "Jeremy this is... um actually I didn't get your names."

"I'm Lucas and this is Ang__lique, my roommate," I said, "We were actually just on our way to lunch if you'd like to join us." They agreed and we went to the caf__.

As we ate we all talked about how our classes are so far and what are plans are for the future. Jeremy said he wants to become a film director for porn and star Brooke as his main star in most of his films. Angel explained how she wants to be able to recruit new pornstars from amatuer films. I explained I had no idea what I was doing yet.

"So, Lucas and Angel, are you two together?" Jeremy asked.

"Oh, no, like I said early she's just m

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