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The demon comes to her with an offer.

When his fingers reached her ankles, they started back up. He was slow in his movements and did not speak again. It was as if he were using all his concentration to learn the curves of her body, the weight of her breasts -- by touch alone. His fingers traced every inch of her skin, making each nerve ending tingle. Goose bumps trailed his touch like static through the sky. Jean found herself fighting an urge to moan. She felt a fullness creep towards her breasts and vagina. Finally, soft as a whisper, his fingers trailed past her ass once again. They came to rest gently on the hair of her pussy. "Today is the day your haystack gets burned," he said softly into her ear. Then the man was gone. She heard his footsteps recede towards the back of the truck and felt the truck floor rise as he stepped from the tailgate. The door was pulled shut, and Jean felt the silence enclose her once more.

The man's touch had Jean conflicted and confused. She tried not to think about the tingle of her skin, the arousal of her body. She discovered a tension in her back and was ashamed to realize that she'd been lifting her ass while her captor had touched her. She tried hard to relax. Time crept by. She strained to listen to the outside world. She heard the sounds of trucks starting and stopping, their engines turning off or starting up. After a time, she realized that her truck must be parked in a truck-stop of some sort.

It seemed like forever, but at some point Jean could hear voices approaching. The words were indistinct, but the voices were clearly moving towards her. She heard the tailgate roll up and then she could hear the voices distinctly:

"Oh sweet Jesus!" "Would you look at that!" "That's sweet!" "Oh my God!"

Jean listened as a chorus of comments came at her from behind. She felt her face flush with embarrassment as a surge of emotion swept through her. She knew very well the sight she presented; legs spread wide and cunt facing rear. As the men piled into the truck, she felt the truck sag under their weight. She had no time to dwell on her emotions.

Almost immediately, hands began touching her body. Ass, back, legs, cunt, tits -- no part of her, it seemed, was left untouched. A finger slid quickly inside her. A nipple was pulled; the other was sucked. A moment later, a cock pushed into her cunt.

The onslaught came as a shock. Jean arched her back to its limits and let out a strangled cry. Her cunt felt dramatically stretched, but her wetness there surprised her. After only a few strokes, she could hear her cunt beginning to squish. The man fucking her made no attempt at finesse. From the moment he was in her, he pounded her cunt with all the force he could muster. His cock felt thick and hot inside Jean. Her legs began to tremble.

Teeth bit down on Jean's nipple. The bite was not hard, but to Jean it felt like a power line had been touched to her tit. She groaned, straining against her bonds as she felt her cunt spasm. She teetered on the verge of an orgasm, straining for foothold at the edge of a cliff. Her tits and cunt pushed upwards, as though a shift in their weight might keep her from falling. It didn't.

Jean tumbled into the abyss, or perhaps the abyss rose to meet her. Either way she was lost to this world. She came so hard, she could feel her head throb. When she finally was able to think again, she could feel trails of fluid drip down her inner thighs. She thought she might have cum so hard that she pissed herself. The pounding of the cock didn't stop. For some reason, Jean felt a sense of pride when the man slowed, groaned, and his cock seemed to swell within her. His cock withdrew and, without pause, another cock moved in to take its place.

Jean's ass lifted slightly. Otherwise she could do nothing but lay there. She noted that this second cock felt long and thin. It pushed into her so deeply she could feel the ache in her womb. It used her cunt until it too withdrew. Then a third cock moved in.

The third cock felt stubby and thick.

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