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A group of people find the limits of their lusts.

She disliked sucking cock herself, so she was glad Abigail loved doing it; it made keeping me happy, much easier.

"Abby, you're getting almost too good at this." I complimented, enjoying my daughter's tongue and lip work on my cock. She smiled brightly up at me.

My wife decided to bring up a pending issue we needed to share. "Abigail, keep serving your father while we talk; we've got something we need to tell you."

Abby nodded with her mouth full.

Juliette continued "Since you're an adult now and you didn't make the grades for university and you haven't found a job yet, we've decided on a different way for you to be useful in our house."

Abby's eyes looked up at me, with a flicker of worry.

I patted her on the head, "Don't worry darling. It's nothing arduous, not yet anyway." The last part I added, looking at my wife who smiled knowingly.

Abby relaxed and focussed on getting her breakfast of cum. I grunted as she took me over the edge, and she bobbed up her head to suck the bulb of my cock as it squirted my semen into her mouth. My eyes were closed as I held on to the chair, enjoying the force of my orgasm.

Abby swallowed her breakfast and then cleaned up my cock. She licked her lips clean and remained on her knees. "What would you like me to do, Dad? Mum?"

I touched her cheek, feeling her delicate youthful skin. "I'm going to breed you." I announced.

She looked at me quizzically for a second, not believing her ears. "Daddy? Seriously?!"

I nodded.

"Oh. My. God!" Abigail exclaimed, eyes wide, clapping her hands to her mouth in shock. "Really?!"

I nodded again.

She suddenly leapt up and sat astride my legs, frantically kissing my face and holding me tightly. My daughter then pulled back and exclaimed "Thank you Daddy!!! You're really going to give me a baby? I've wanted one for so long! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"No dear, two." Juliette corrected her.

"Mum?" Abigail looked at her mother.

Juliette explained. "Two babies, darling. Your father is going to get you pregnant twice. Or twins the first time would do. We want two more children."

"Two! Wow. Twins, yes please; I want my belly so full from Daddy's seed!". Abigail looked at me coyly, still sat on my lap. "Daddy, would it make you happy to see your daughter with a big fat belly; pregnant with more of your children?"

"Abby, darling; it would make me very happy." I replied.

Suddenly she stopped hugging me and turned to her mother; "Mummy, why aren't you getting pregnant instead? Or even too? Imagine us both pregnant at the same time with Daddy's babies!" She gushed eagerly.

Juliette's face was a little sad. "I would love that darling; but when I carried you, things went a bit wrong; the doctors saved you, but I couldn't have any more children afterward. So it's your duty now."

"Oh, Mummy, I'm so sorry!" Abigail said tearfully, reaching over to hug her from my lap.

"It's not your fault, Sweetie" I said firmly. "But now; to the matter in hand. I need to save my cum for your pussy, if we're going to get you pregnant; so no more oral or anal sex for a while."

"But Daddy!" Abigail protested.

"No buts, literally. You can suck my cock a bit before we have sex if you want, but all cum from now on needs to go in one place."

"My pussy." Abby agreed.

"Exactly. Anal is out too, because of the risk of infection transferring to your pussy once you're carrying." I added.

Juliette continued "And once you're pregnant, you can do anal again, but no normal sex. Then when you're a few months along, we'll start fisting your little cunny, to get it nice and stretchy so your baby comes out easily."

I suddenly realised the weight of my adult daughter on my legs was cutting off the blood supply, but I instantly forgot about that when Abby started rubbing her flat belly as if she was already swollen and pregnant; which was a very sexy sight.

"Daddy's baby." Our daughter said to herself. "But what about the pill?"

Juliette answered "You'll just stop taking t

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