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He loved to be used.

Armed with only sail needles and whipping twine I decided that care and a butterfly bandage would have to suffice. I could take two quick stitches but they would be painful and probably leave too large a scar. If she just took it easy it would close up soon enough and nature would take its course.

Because of her injury, Cleo spent a lot more time around the boat and less time adventuring. Since her mobility was limited we took this opportunity to sail to a very remote island and enjoy the solitude of being the only boat for miles around. Tiffany and my wife putzed around the boat while I took Cleo in the dinghy and I did my usual hunting for dinner underwater. I kept going under to find a grouper or snapper which we could filet and every time I returned to the dinghy she was sunning herself in the skimpiest little thing she could have found. After three trips back to the dinghy I found her lying, appearing to be asleep, on her back totally topless.

She had the cutest little tits. Just buds like you would find on a pre-pubescent tike. Almost all nipple, puffy and very full taking up almost the entire area of her budding breast. It brought back flashbacks of middle school and spying on the girls in the locker room. As I climbed in the dinghy and dropped into the bottom she jerked awake and sat upright. Making no effort to cover herself I openly stared at her quaint tits.

"Does it make you uncomfortable when I am like this?" she asked.

"No, just very horny!" I told her quietly to assure her I was a man just like the guys she dates.

She didn't do anything to cover up or minimize the protrusion of her nipples and I got the impression she was staring at my crotch more and more. But it could have been wishful thinking.

I succeeded in pulling up two 4 pound lobster which we cooked over charcoal on the grill with some excellent pasta and served with a couple of bottles of and excellent Piesporter. We topped this all off with an after dinner drink of Nassau Royale over ice. Needless to say by the end of the evening we were all just a little tipsy and sloppy. Her hug goodnight felt prolonged and tighter than usual and she kissed me on the lips as she usually did, but it seemed to last longer. My imagination at work.

The next morning it was just the two of us in the dinghy again, but after watching her down a large V-8 juice I got the feeling she was just a bit under the weather. Perhaps too much wine the night before. Again we went around the island and were out of sight of the anchored boat and any humans. I dove on the reef a couple of times without success and swam back to the dinghy for a short rest to find her topless once again, this time without waiting nearly the entire trip to take it off. Her tits were tanning nicely, the bright white skin turning a slight reddish hue then darker, nearly as dark as her nipples after only a couple of days. The sun works wonders in the tropics.

The third trip back to the dinghy I found her completely naked and I about freaked. This was starting to get a little too much to take and I was getting to be in the worst way possible. She had shaved and it looked recent. It was not just the trim job I had imagined but totally shaved sides and top, leaving only a small, thin tuft of hair just below her navel. She now looked eleven and I was dying. I knew she was really twenty but GOD did she ever look young.

This time she made no pretense at sleeping.

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