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Talia deals with old pain and new adventures.

While she was thinking of David she felt her body start to respond again! Nipples getting hard and her pussy was getting moist again. She knew she was tired but she kept tossing and turning trying to find that comfortable spot.

Just as she thought she was drifting off she heard a noise down the hall. It was just a moment and then nothing. About the time she gave up listening, she heard it again. Louder this time. Pushing back the sheet she got up and walked to the door. She heard it again and couldn't resist the urge to investigate. She had an idea what the noise was and when she approached David and Sally's bedroom door she knew what it was! They were fucking! There was no other way to say it! Obviously they thought she was sleeping or they would have been quieter. She heard Sally tell David he wasn't usually this excited. His cock felt like it was bigger than it ever was! David just laughed and said, "hey, can't a guy just have some fun without analyzing everything?" It got quiet for a moment and she thought they were done after she heard that tone in his voice but then she heard them breathing harder as they got closer to cumming. She heard Sally say "YES, harder I'm there!" and David breath harder too as he neared the end too. Millie knew Sally was cumming then and then she heard David tell Sally to open her mouth. She heard Sally tell him to watch out, she didn't want it up her nose! Millie almost came herself when she heard that! David was cumming on Sally's face! How hot was that! She really wished she could see it. She had only been there for a couple minutes but that was long enough so rather than take a chance of getting caught Millie crept back to bed. It took almost forever but finally she fell into a fitful sleep.

The following morning they all slept in and it was too late for breakfast so they settled for a light brunch and made plans for the rest of the afternoon. It was finally decided to just hang around the pool and let Millie get some sun before trying the beach the following week. Millie was excited and nervous at the same time. She was thinking about her new swimsuits and the fact that David would be the first man to see her "almost" in it! Deciding on the white one because it covered the most of the two she had brought, she quickly put it on. Standing in front of her mirror in her new suit she could feel her nipples harden already! The bumps they made were perfectly visible to her and she knew David and Sally would be able to see them just as well. Sally called out that they were heading out and she get a move on and meet them there. Millie hollered back she was on her way and quickly put her beach cover-up over her suit and headed out.

Sally and David were both already in the pool when she came outside. Millie suddenly got nervous as hell knowing her suit was so small. Her nipples were still hard even! Sally told her to join them in the pool. The water is great, don't be shy! Millie took off her cover-up and watched the expression on David's face go almost blank and his mouth just dropped open. It was obvious that he was surprised, hopefully in a good way. Sally finally said she looked great and to come on in.

Millie took her time getting in the water and found that it was indeed great and refreshing. Besides, the water hid much of her from David's sight. He still hadn't said a thing but at least his mouth had closed. She could feel him watching her though and she had to admit to herself that she was glad she had his attention.

They just lounged around for a while talking and David couldn't help but stare. He tried not to but Millie saw him looking at her boobs every time she stood up. She thought she looked good in her suit and she looked down at herself. Damn, now she knew why David kept staring! The white suit had gotten almost transparent and she could see her dark nipples pressing against the wet white top! They got even harder when she realized that David was obviously enjoying the view! So far Sally hadn't seen David staring and ducked back down to cover her boobs.


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