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Scott and Candy are left craving each other's company

She let out a sigh, which ended in a soft groan and allowed her hands to travel down to her belly. She felt her belly draw in, so sensitive to the slightest caress, and moaned softly. Stepping out to the side, spreading her legs until they were about shoulder width apart, she smoothed her hands over softly curved hips to the crease of her thigh. She brushed fingertips across the mound of soft curly hairs, still damp from earlier that day, than grasped a few hairs between her fingers of her right hand and tugged sideways. The delicate petals of her sex pulled open, swollen and glistening, her womanly scent perfuming the air around her.

Her palm slides over her mound, the middle finger gliding between the neatly trimmed crease, her palm pressing against that tiny bud of pleasure while she slides into her opening, up to the first knuckle. She wiggled her finger, making a come hither motion and this brought another moan to her lips and a deep aching feeling between her legs. She pulled her hand back, dragging a slick finger up until she felt the hood slide back, exposing the tiny pink bud that lay within the moist folds of her sex. She fingered the tiny pink bud, teasing it with soft strokes and a vibrating motion until she felt it throb and ache. She shuddered and felt herself easily approaching orgasm. She jerked her hand away and cried out, 'No! No, I can't! ' She must wait for him. He would be returning soon for her and when he did, she must be ready.

Every nerve in her body was on fire. The slightest hint of a breeze across her nipples, the lightest touch to her flesh brought on feelings of hunger that only One could satisfy.

She ran a hot bath thinking it might calm her nerves. She added some perfumed bath salts and swirled the water with her foot. She knew to prepare herself, he didn't have to tell her, it was expected of her.

She gathered her hair up and loosely pinned it in place with a couple of silver pins. Stepping into the tub, she sat down and eased back until the water reached her neck. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift. As usual, her thoughts turned to Him. She recalled his hands on her body, so powerful, possessing her, bringing to surface those desires she held deep. He was fully aware of her need and with the expert touch of a true master, he would caress and tease, bringing her to the edge then easing her back, always in control. She had been helpless, depending on him, completely at his mercy. He'd worked her body like a fine-tuned instrument until she was begging for more.

She groaned, low and deep in her throat. Never had she expected to feel this way with him. Taking the sponge in one hand, she held out her arm and squeezed warm water down the length of her arm. She found marks on her wrist where the bindings had cut into the soft flesh. She switched hands and did the same to the other arm, noting some marks there as well. No doubt they would fade soon but best to keep covered until then. She washed her breasts and winced; her breasts ached and the nipples were still tender. She quickly rinsed, trying as much as possible to avoid brushing against her breasts with the rough sponge.

Raising a foot out of the water, she squeezed the sponge down a shapely leg until she reached her ankle. She noted the fading lines around her ankle and wasn't at all surprised. She thought it wasn't so bad being 'marked,' and smiled at the thought.

She quickly finished washing and rinsed off a few times. She felt wonderfully refreshed and stepped out of the tub, her feet hitting the cold tile floor. Her skin goose bumped and she shivered. Reaching out for the oversized bath towel she quickly dried off. She smoothed perfumed body creme onto skin flushed from the hot bath and brisk rub down. She finished off with powder and a spritz of perfume.

She returned to the bedroom with a sensual gracefulness that spoke of a woman fully aware of her body.

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