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Forgiveness is not an option - the pain is too fresh.

"You look absolutely stunning," Vic said, looking at her. She smiled at him, "Thank you baby, I've been into the box," she said, referring to the box that Brandi had sent over with her luggage.

Vic smiled, "I can well imagine what that girl has come up with," he said, as he pulled Bree's seat out for her, bending to kiss her lips gently before taking his own seat.

"I think you'll be surprised," Angie said, "I know I was."

They slowly ate together, just enjoying each other's company.

"Is there anything specific you would like to do while I'm here?" Vic asked.

Angie looked across the table at him, "I just want to be with you Vic. I don't care what we do, as long as I'm with you, I'm going to be happy. What about you? Is there something that you would want to see, or experience while you're here?"

"I already am," Vic replied, looking at Angie. "I have you here, that's the whole reason why I came to Houston, so if I don't leave this room until I go home then I'll be completely content."

Angie chuckled at his response, "So I guess we're staying in."

Just then a knock sounded at the door. Angie looked at Vic, her eyebrow raised.

Vic set his napkin on the table, and started to get up, "Don't look at me, I have no idea who or what it is."

As he opened the door, Jamie came through the opening, "Dude, you have to help me out," he said, as he entered the room. There's a big dinner planned after the conference and there could be opportunities there that we don't want to miss."

As he was talking he looked around and realized that Angie was there.

"Oh, umm, hi Angie" Jamie said, realizing that he was interrupting.

"I'm sorry Vic, I forgot that Angie was coming over."

"It's ok Jamie," Angie said from her seat.

"It's not like I'm not used to your emergencies," Vic groused as he moved back into the room. "So what do you need from me?"

"Well umm, I was hoping you could work your magic and target some of the larger companies represented." Jamie responded sheepishly.

Vic sighed, "You want me to give up my time with Bree to yak business?"

"Vic, I've been through what Brandi sent, I have dinner wear, it will be fine."

Jamie exhaled a big sigh. "Thank you Ange, I owe you."

"Excuse me," Vic said, "I still haven't agreed to anything."

"Sure you did," Jamie said, a big grin on his face, "the minute she said 'yes', so did you."

Jamie moved to the door, "Thanks again Angie," he said, "don't you two stay up too late," he winked as he closed the door behind him.

Angie giggled at the shocked look on Vic's face, "What just happened?" Vic asked.

"You agreed to be your charming self and make Jamie's company lots of money at a banquet on Saturday night." Angie replied, still laughing as Vic moved in stunned silence to his place at the table.

"That rat bastard," he mumbled under his breath, "he didn't forget you were here at all. He planned the whole thing knowing that you would agree to it. I wouldn't put it past him to have Brandi pack that dress on purpose."

This caused Angie to start laughing all over again, "Vic, it's ok, we'll get through it."

The rest of the dinner went by without incident, the couple just chatting back and forth about things that were going on in each other's lives.

"I still can't believe I'm here," Vic said as he finished the last of his pasta. "The fact that you are sitting across from me is just so surreal."

"I know," Angie replied, her hand sliding across the table to cover his, "but I'm so glad you are."

Vic stood and went to the tray and uncovered desert. "I hope you like tiramisu princess," as he brought it over to the table.

Instead of placing it in front of her he sat it to the side and moved into the bedroom, "don't move," he ordered Angie.

When he returned, he said, "Desert is going to be a little different princess. I am going to feed it to you, but you will be blindfolded to enhance the pleasure of what you are about to taste."

With that, he moved behind her and tied a silk blindfold into place, ensuring that Angie couldn't see.

Angie sat very stil

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