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A witch is dead and Harriet is determined to find the cause.

Corny, I know, but we were in love, you know?

I remember the first time we made love, in her off-campus apartment one night after coming home from the movies. We sat on the couch, cuddling while listening to our favorite song, Ed Townsend's classic "For Your Love". I had my arms around my beloved Meryem, and I honestly didn't want this moment to end. She turned around and grinned at me, and I read the desire in her eyes. Smiling, she kissed me passionately and I kissed her back. Next thing I know, we started making love right then and there. Slowly, we undressed, and I beheld my sexy lady in all of her natural glory. Meryem looked bodacious and hot, with her big breasts, curvy body and big round bottom. She once told me she felt self-conscious because of her curves but I told her that among us brothers, curves are definitely in.

I kissed her full and deep, then kissed the areolas of her big tits. Meryem moaned softly as I went to work on her. I kissed a path from her breasts to her round belly before spreading her shapely thighs. As I moved my face closer to her pelvic area, Meryem tensed and I looked at her, asking if she was okay. She nodded, then asked me to be careful. I nodded, and spread her thighs further, looking at her pussy hungrily. My lady was hairy down below, but it sure as hell didn't bother me. I inhaled the hot, womanly scent of her pussy. And then I went to work, licking her pussy and fingering her gently. I looked into Meryem's beautiful face while pleasuring her, and was thrilled to see her eyes closed and her face filled with joy. That was all the encouragement I needed as I continued working my magic on her.

Soon I had my pretty lady moaning in pleasure, her breath coming in a most staccato fashion. Meryem looked at me, her emerald eyes filled with wonder. I winked at her. Yeah, I got skills, I said with a grin. Meryem looked at my hard dick, and told me to take her. Her hand reached for my member, stroking it. I rolled a condom on my dick, and took her like that. Meryem spread her arms and thighs wide, welcoming me inside of her. I pressed my dick against her pussy, and pushed it inside. A sharp cry escaped Meryem as I penetrated her. Her arms gripped me tightly, but not as tight as her pussy. Our eyes met, and I read a burning desire in hers. We began making love with wild abandon, with me thrusting my dick deep inside of her as she screamed in pleasure, her fingernails digging into my back, drawing blood. I pumped my cock into her, slamming it hard and deep inside of her. Meryem howled like a woman possessed and urged me to fuck her harder. What kind of man would refuse such a lady's request? I did as I was told, and I did it happily. I fucked Meryem until we both lay exhausted on the carpeted floor, our bodies covered with sweat and other bodily fluids, spent at last.

Yeah, that was our first night of love. I wanted to be with Meryem for the rest of my days. I even introduced her to my family. Now, I knew what we were up against. In the Muslim world, no matter what they tell you, there's a lot of racism. The Arabs are at the top of the food chain in Islam. Next in line come the Turks, and they've been friend, foe and rival to the Arabs for quite some time. Both groups look down on other Muslims, especially darker-skinned folks like Black Muslims, Indonesians and Pakistanis. A lot of Arab guys and Turkmen take African, Indonesian and Pakistani women as their concubines and occasionally as their wives. Those same Arab men and Turkmen would never let African Muslim men, Indonesian men and Pakistani men marry Arab women or Turkish women. They consider us inferior, even though the Prophet Mohammed himself declared that racism is haram in Islam.

Meryem and I wanted to be together, but the odds were against us.

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