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She indulges her husband's panty fetish.

.. lay my head on out big pillow and finger Kathie Lee's well toned and tan, mature booty.

I love being Kathie Lee's boyfriend. She not only pleases me sexually... she does whatever I want... and whatever she can... to please me... no questions asked. She's so fucking gorgeous. Her body is up there with any chick half her age. So tan and toned... awesome tits. I play with them all the time. My hands and mouth are obsessed with them. She goes braless on her show... just for me. She loves turning me on... and she does an amazing job at it.

Kathie Lee bobs her beautiful, dark blonde haired head on my seven inches. My hand is on her head... my eyes closed... my finger twisting up her tight booty. Kathie Lee drools all over my cock... licking it up and down my sensitive shaft... her lips sucking super hard on my manmeat. I finger her well toned and tan booty more forcefully... quicker and quicker.

Kathie Lee moans excitedly around my throat plunging dick. She quickens her pace... bobbing her head with intense sexual vigor. I clench my teeth and hold out as long as I can. I finger her booty as fast as possible... wiggling my finger... twisting in and out of her ass. Kathie Lee screams around my cock and squirts... screaming around my cock in pure orgasmic bliss... all over our bed.

Kathie Lee pulls my coconut of her mouth, as she feels me ready to explode and jerks me off all over her gorgeous milf face. My cock pumps out my jizz cream onto Kathie Lee's smiling face. Several bolts of cum splatter her face. Kathie Lee sucks me dry... moaning around my jizz drooling dick... massaging my empty balls.

Backstage at Kathie Lee and Hoda's show...

I'm watching my woman ass fuck Hoda with a big ass strapon. Both women are wearing white cotton robes and white heels... nothing else. Both robes are open. I'm watching Kathie Lee's gorgeous 34D titties jiggle beautifully, while I jerk my twitching cock on the sofa... in Kathie Lee's dressing room. Hoda is bent over a table... looking right at me... taking that white strapon up her tight caramel ass with a big smile and lust driven desire all over her sexy, mature face.

I love watching Kathie Lee fuck other women... she does it all the time. I always film it... and I am now. Kathie Lee blows me a big kiss, smacking Hoda's sexy ass, holding her curvaceous hips... drilling up that tight caramel booty with awesome, ass slapping power. "You like that cock in your ass don't you bitch?" Kathie Lee smacks Hoda's smooth ass again, as she asks.

"OH FUCK YEAH I DO KATHIE LEE!!" Hoda blows me a kiss too... a look of pure sexual ecstasy on her beautiful, red lips. She slowly licks them... playing with her small, succulent titties... Pulling her rock hard, perky brown nipples, as she gets booty banged by my gorgeous girlfriend.

I walk over to Hoda and slap my white dick on her sexy, wet lips. She sticks her tongue out and licks all over my head... She chews on it too... sucking it, while Kathie Lee ass bangs her silly... driving that thick rubber cock as far up her Hershey highway as possible with each powerful thrust.

Hoda screams out in sexual bliss... Sucking my whole hard, hard throbbing dick down her throat... bobbing that brown haired head insanely fast on my white meat. Her wet, smooth lips wrap so tight around my throbbing meat... suctioning so damn hard on the sides of my shaft. She looks up at me... those piercing, beautiful eyes gleaming with unbridled lust for me and my cock. I grab her head and slam my cock down her throat over and over and over.

Kathie Lee matches me slamming her strapon as hard up Hoda ass as possible... everything thick inch forcing its way up that tight caramel hole. We double fuck pound Hoda from both ends... fucking in tandem. Kathie Lee leans forward. We kiss deeply and continue our anal/oral assault on Kathie Lee's co-host. Kathie Lee squirt her tit milk into my open mouth, as I pound Hoda's throat. She leans over and I eagerly suck on her awesome milk cans... drinking down several mouthfuls of her delicious milk.

Hoda squirts all over the

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