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He wakes up to a big surprise.

ting, right?"

I held the drink on the tip of my lips and drank a small amount of it. It tasted good and I swallowed the drink with one gulp.

"There you go, feeling any better?" My vision swayed and I stood up from the chair.

"I think I should go now."

"Okay, just go with me." David led me upstairs to his room. From my dazed state, I saw that it was painted with dark colors. He laid me on his king-size bed and got on top of me.

"David..." I slurred but he cover my mouth with his hand. He took his wife beater off along with his cargo short, his black meat sprung up and my eyes widened. It was the biggest cock I've ever seen. Maybe 11-inch and had a wide girth.

"I'm gonna make you enjoy every second of this, I promise." He took my clothes off but I couldn't take my eyes off of his cock. It was so large and so wide that my mouth watered as I imagined how it taste. He didn't get to finish undressing me because I got up and crawled to him on the floor. I took his cock in my hands and licked it from the base to the tip. "Shit!" He cursed as I swirled my tongue around the head of his enormous monster.

"Why don't we go on the bed?" He suggested and carried my body towards it. His skin was so dark from my golden tan that I released precum from my cock. He laid me on his bed and checked me out. "Look, you're already wet." He pointed to the wet patch on my shorts covering my crotch and I blushed.

My minds wasn't in the right state of mind but I didn't want to stop, seeing his rock solid body drove my hormones insane. He unzipped my shorts and pulled it roughly off of me. My cock came out and he licked his lips as he saw its head glistening from precum. "Fuck me." I whispered.

"Gladly." He dove in my erection and gave me a blowjob. I moaned from the feeling and tilted my head from the pleasure. He bobbed his head up and down and but stopped when he saw that I was close to cumming. He stood up and walked to the bedside drawer, took out a bottle of oil. "Sorry, but I don't use condoms."

"That's alright. I just need your cock I right now." He chuckled from my desperation and handed me the oil. I lathered my hand with it, and covered his chest with the slick liquid. I tweaked his nipple and bit one gently which made him groan. Finally, my hand touched his erection and I glided my hand in painfully slow motion.

"You better stop what you're doing boy, or I'll take you roughly." I stopped my actions and covered my hand with oil again. I opened up my legs for him and he moved forwards. I held up my hand to stop him and he obeyed. I entered my hole with one finger and slowly moved it in and out of my entrance. I added one finger, then another. I continued to drive my fingers inside and it made his giant cock twitch, precum leaked out and I darted forwards to lick it.

"I'm ready." I breathed heavily as my body was prepared for him. He pushed forward and placed his black meat so it touched my opening. He took hold of my legs, and pushed them downward making me open my legs wider and my hole loosened. He entered me with a centimeter and I grimaced in pain. "Harder." The faster he entered my hole the faster it would be for me to adjust to his huge size.

"Get ready boy." With those words he pushed his bat roughly and I screamed. "You okay." He asked, sweat pouring from his pores and dropping to my mouth. I tasted his sweat and found it bitter on my mouth. I licked my lips from the taste and his cock twitched inside me, touching something that gave me immense pleasure.

"More." I begged like a whore and he pulled out of my hole. It only took a second before he filled me with his meat and I screamed as he hit that spot again. This time he didn't wait for me to adjust and pulled out, but pushed it back again roughly. I moved my lower area so it met his thrust. Pulling his head lower, our lips met in a kiss and dominated it, pushing his tongue roughly inside and devouring my mouth. I came up for air and he started going lower, sucking the skin on my neck and collar bone.

"Shit you're tight.

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