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Monica hurried toward Dan on the far end of the balcony, while Dan raced toward her like an olympic athlete charging toward his gold medal.

They looked into each others' eyes as they quickly moved toward each other. As they came face to face, Dan pulled her into him as tightly as he could. He wrapped his hands around her and lifted her upward. Monica jumped up into him and wrapped her arms and legs around his body. Her dress pulled open as if to welcome him into her body. Dan's hard cock pressed up against her as they aggressively pulled each other into the most passionate kiss either of them had ever experienced. They both skipped the typical warm up pecks and moved straight to a dance between their tongues. It was the most intimate kiss they had ever shared with each other.

Dan held Monica in his arms for a moment while they kissed, all the while he could feel pre-cum oozing out of his cock. He couldn't survive this. He knew he wouldn't last the long ride home. He needed to hold her, he needed to feel her, he needed to penetrate her. Now.

"Where can we go, Babycakes? What's this room?" Dan asked hurriedly.

"Yes! Do it!" Monica responded.

Still holding her in his arms, Dan pushed against the thick black door beside them. The room was a private area meant for parties and small receptions. Inside there were white leather couches, chairs, and a few small tables. There were small candle-type lights all around the room, and four large windows on the front of the room making it visible for anyone on the balcony.

As they tripped over each other on their way into the room, Monica flicked off the light switch, making the room completely dark. Neither Monica nor Dan would take their body away from the other. They were holding each other like newlyweds, falling into their marriage bed for the first time.

Pushing Monica down onto the first couch he could find, Dan tripped over her shoes as she kicked them off her bare feet. He fell slightly as his face found itself right in Monica's lap. Dan quickly placed a hand on each of her knees and ran his fingers quickly up over her silky smooth legs. Moving up into her dress, Dan locked either side of her sexy red thong that was surely dripping wet by now. Dan didn't wait for Monica to wiggle around to help him de-panty her. He aggressively pulled both sides of her thong, breaking the stitches along the left side. Dan pulled her panties away and tossed them across the room.

He wanted her more than anything. With his face so close to her vagina, Dan found himself entranced by the beautiful, natural perfume coming from Monica's vagina. Never before had Monica been turned on enough to have any kind of an aroma. Tonight, though, she was so exhilerated, so enchanted, that her body gave off an aroma so delicious that Dan couldn't have passed it up even if he wanted to. He dove into her vagina with his mouth. When he felt her dripping wet vagina on his lips, his tongue, his chin... Dan felt as if he was having an orgasm.

He licked her passionately. She tasted like a champagne made personally for him and nobody else - even though another man had played a role in making her this wet and delicious.

Dan licked her vigorously as other party-goers could be heard walking by the windows only six feet behind them. The door had no lock and Dan realized that someone could walk in at any moment to find his face buried in the intimacy of his beautiful love. He couldn't even entertain the thought of pulling his face away from her deliciousness. He not only continued licking her, but began taking as much of her cum into his mouth as possible, swallowing her intoxicating champagne.

Monica moaned out as a crowd of people loudly walked by the door to their room. She knew they might be able to see inside the room, so she pulled her dress over Dan's head as he pleasured her.

It took only moments before Monica was gushing with cum.

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