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Love conquers doesn't it?

Her legs were very long, and she was very graceful. Thelma was a close friend of hers that she'd talked into joining her for a double selfie and then into fucking "some big black monster," as she'd referred to her deepest held fantasy. Thelma was a smaller woman in her mid-thirties with a cute blond pixie hairstyle and a fun attitude. I heard her audibly gasp when she saw Pierson's rapidly rising cock making ready to salute her.

"Oh, shit, what have you talked me into?" Thelma said as she clutched the top of her robe.

"If you are at all unsure, I'll be happy to take your place," I said as Dolly shook her head at my eagerness to get in on the shoot.

"Nothing doing, you sleezy bitch," Thelma said. "I'm going to enjoy every second of riding that stallion." Thelma smiled at me; it was good to have female fans. She opened her robe and showed herself to Pierson. Her mouth remained open as he rose to full attention.

Dolly began taking shots of the trio as the two women started out by licking Pierson's hard cock. "Let your tongues just touch each other," Dolly directed.

I went to my office and got a video DSLR camera. While the two women playfully fought to be the first to put the tip of Pierson's cock into their mouths, I began to record the entire session. At last, the redhead managed to engulf it and began to take as much as she could handle down her throat. There was still plenty of his penis available for Thelma, who kissed it while her friends face slid up and down on it.

There was enough cock available for me to join them, but I was busy recording every bit of the action. The camera I was using took amazing shots, and I added in some for special effects, including a slow motion montage of Alison drawing down of the man's erection.

"Okay, which of you sluts is going to get fucked first," he finally asked.

"Me," shouted Thelma, pushing her friend aside.

Pierson lay on his back, and Thelma began to impale herself on his rod. Even though his cock was gigantic, she had no trouble sliding all of it into her. Her diminutive size was deceptive; Thelma could take a penis with ease, yet she seemed plenty tight. Men have no idea what they are missing by going for younger chicks. MILFs have more experience, and the equipment is tried and true.

Alison squatted over Pierson's face, and he began to work on her sweet bald snatch with his tongue. I moved in close and got some great shots of him darting it deeply into her pink vagina. She parted her legs to provide me with a spectacular view. Both women shamelessly pursued their sexual gratification, especially considering it was their first porn shoot.

Allison came first and shouted as if she'd been waiting for relief for a year. I moved in with the zoom and caught the combination of her juices mixed with his saliva dripping off her clit.

Greedy Thelma had a powerful orgasm, but refused to get off Pierson's cock. Instead, she continued to jiggle up and down, her tits bouncing as she continued her ride. I worked in a slow motion shot of her movements. She began working her clit with two of her fingers and came yet again.

Finally, both women laid on the floor exhausted from the show they'd provided. Pierson barely appeared winded and masturbated his penis until he shot a load of his cum over both of their faces.

"Lick it off each other," Dolly commanded. She had a great sense for what made for a hot set of pictures. I recorded it as Allison and Thelma ran their tongues along each other's face and gobbled down the sticky goo.

Allison dressed in her robe, and I directed Thelma to the restroom where she could shower. "That was the most fun; I've had in years. I'd love to come back for another shoot," she beamed.

"You were fantastic. I'd love to perform with you myself." Although red-haired Allison was an exceptional beauty, Thelma was a natural performer. I wondered why her husband wasn't banging her every night.

I went to my office and quickly looked at the motion capture of this last session.

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