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Wife mistakes a stranger's grope for hubby's roleplay.

He bent down to kiss the top of her head then turned around and headed down the driveway into town. She was about to enter the stable to see Lightening when her mother-in-law started calling her from the door. "Violet, Violet dear, can you come here?" Her name was Julianna, and for being in her early 40s she was still drop-dead gorgeous. She had a slender body, and large breasts, full pink lips, and emerald green eyes. Violet approached her, still unsure weather she liked her or not.

"I've arranged for a tailor to come today to measure you. I've noticed that a lot of your dresses seem very plain. You need some better every day dresses, and perhaps a gown or two. After that we are to have lunch with some friends of mine so they can meet you. This afternoon I haven't anything planned, so you'll be free to do what you wish, but you'll need to stay indoors. You are so tanned, and there are a number of parties coming up in one to two months. I hope if you stay indoors you will look respectable and not like a field hand by then. Hopefully you won't get too bad of a scar from your fall. And that is another things, you can't go to parties with such a horrid gash on your face, what if you were to fall again. No, riding is out of the question." Violet made up her mind, half way through the day's plans that she didn't like Julianna, but by the end of her lecture, she thought she may even hate her.

She seemed like a tough lady, but that just meant that she wasn't one you fight with, she is one you dodge, thought Violet. She came inside to play puppet for the first part of the day - but she swore that by the afternoon she would be sunning herself on the rock by the pond.

The tailor came and measured and then sat with Violet and Julianna for quite sometime going over patterns of what to make. Violet seemed to have no say-so in anything she would be wearing and eventually quit trying to voice her opinion on anything.

After that, six ladies arrived for lunch, three younger, around her age, and three older. The three older ladies were friends of Julianna's and the younger three were their daughters or daughter-in-laws. At lunch they sat in separate rooms. The younger ladies were all very interested to hear all about Violet, and commented several times how lucky she was to be with such a gorgeous gentleman as David. Violet thought the conversation was dull, and was rather glad her mother had stopped trying to force luncheons on her years ago after she started sitting on the floor in the middle of the room and refusing to sit at the table. She had gotten away with so much with her mother, and with her father. Well, she had been beaten by him, but he still quit trying to force her into society. She just wasn't sure about her new surroundings so she didn't try to push the limits just yet - too much anyways.

After lunch she went to the stables to retrieve Lightening and ride to the pond. She pulled up her skirt and took off her shoes and stockings and splashed her feet in the water while laying back on the rock with a hat over her face. She didn't want to get into too much trouble for going out after she had been specifically told not to. After awhile she heard hoof beats in the distance. It was David.

"My mother is quite furious with you. She went looking for you and when she couldn't find you anywhere in the house one of the maids said she had seen you go to the stables. She checked, and when she found Lightening was gone she knew you had run off. Apparently she told you to stay in so you don't get too much sun."

Without removing the hat over her face Violet replied, "I have a hat, I'm not getting sun, so she need not worry so."

"Violet, she can be mean, do not cross her. She wouldn't hit someone like your father would, but she will dream up far worse things. If she can't control you she will control the environment to control you. At best, she would send Lightening back to your parents, at worst, I'm not sure." Violet began to cry as she stood up.

"I'm stuck here, not knowing anyone, with no friends

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