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Jim get's his revenge and solves all his problems.

He then sat them both down, never breaking the kiss, his hands never leaving her body. He leaned back, allowing Charlotte' s body to lay against his, her legs still straddling him but now comfortably on the ground for support. Her softness somewhat protected from the rain.

Charlotte broke their kiss and pushed herself up with her arms, still keeping her face centimeters away from his. With what little light the moon offered she tried to realize whom this stranger was, she stared at him feeling his body move under his. She felt his hand searching for her face, gently she guided him to her. He cupped her face, pushing her wild wet hair now everywhere away, he then sat up and kissed her ever so gently, sensing her fear of what she was doing.

His hands leaving her face to softly massage her shoulders letting her relax into them. His lips left hers to kiss her throat gently down to the first button of her shirt.

Charlotte leaned back, letting the rain drip on her face and the fresh breeze whip trough her hair. She let the want for this stranger overtake her while he tugged on her shirt buttons, exposing her body to him. Her whiteness illuminated by the moonlight with her perky nipples coming to rise as soon as her bra left her skin. She breathed in deeply when she felt the hotness of his mouth engulf her cold nipple then moaning into the noise of the rain. Her hands tangled into his hair pushing him down harder as he continued to suckle on her soft breasts.

He held her body as he moved out from under her, sitting her down on the grass. He towered over her, cupping her breast while giving her a reassuring kiss as he laid the rest of her upper body down. He kissed her body softly, letting her back arch into him as he gave each of her nipples a little nibble, down to the start of her pants.

Charlotte let him unzip and remove her boots, lifting her ass for him as he removed her pants, and then opened her legs for him as he massaged her thighs and pulled her closer. He rested her ankles on his shoulders as he continued his massage, her pussy now spread wide, she cooed to herself as she felt the rain on her hotness, cupping her breasts she pulled him closer to her with her legs. His hot mouth clamped down on her waiting clit while his hands continued down to massage her ass, pushing her harder into his mouth.

Charlotte' s back arched as his mouth continued on her, her thighs holding him between her legs, eyes shut, feeling the rain on her lips, while her fingers pinched her nipples roughly as she came, her loud moans muffled by rain. He continued licking her until he felt her thighs release him and her body rising, pulling herself away from him.

He sat up and pulled her towards him, letting her legs once again straddle him while he gave her a kiss. In her ear, he whispered sweet words that she couldn't really understand because she was still half in a trance and the rain washed away most of it.

She kissed him back, her turn this time to unbutton his shirt, she fumbled with them in the dark, until she gave up and just ripped it open. She felt him chuckle at her frustration then kissing her, begging her to continue. She unzipped his pants and he slid them off for her. She felt the hardness of the stranger that stood before her stomach begging for attention. The stubble on his face hard against her cheek, she heard him breath hard in her ear while her fingers stroked him gently. She pulled her face away to kiss him, pushing him down onto the grass. She then continued to mount him, hands resting on his chest, she felt his hardness at her entrance, his strong hands supporting her legs as she pushed down onto him.

Sitting up straight, him now fully in her, she took a moment to feel the now softening rain cascade off over her face down to her hard little nipples while his hands stroked

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