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The writer of erotica was as good as his words in bed.

I suspected Jed was working me up to take my virginity but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I needed relief.

So I chose Fred. He was in the football team and next on the list for a blowjob, but when I saw his gorgeous neat cock I thought I could take it, this was the one. Six inches, thick and curved, with an intact foreskin I could play with and chew... I would suck on him till be begged then invite him to finish off in my pussy.

Fred came into the physio room all cheerful and excited. He'd never been blown, he told me. He was a virgin.

Carefully I explained my proposal and he was on for it at once. Actually he got his kit off so fast that his cock was in my mouth before I'd finished speaking. I tried to say hang on but he was holding my head and fucking my face like a rabbit.

It was rather gorgeous, actually, his enthusiasm - but destined not to last. He'd held my head and thrust into my throat only thirty or forty times, faster and faster, shouting Jesus and Mary, I'm fucking cumming... when he spurted his cum into me in a great thick wad.

I swallowed lusciously, sucking him clean. He had barely deflated.

'Oh God,' he said. 'I'm so sorry. I was too quick...'

'Fred darling,' I said, sounding like Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany's, we've barely begun. 'I love it that you came. I love your cum.'

I know what these boys are like when they start. Twenty-one and horny as cattle, they get hard-ons like the rest of us blink. Rest assured it took only a moment of my hungry munching and chewing to harden that dick of his to its previous state, and I could tell his balls held plenty more.

He was lying on his back on the bench for me as I went down on him, all mouth and tongue and lips, groping at his balls and gently fingering his asshole. as I yummed him down I was determined to be in total control of this moment. he was definitely ready.

Turning, I lowered my pussy to his face as I stroked and licked his dick.

'Lick my pussy,' I told him - 'there that's it, that little button is my clit. Lick it, tease it, play with it. When it's good I'll moan. Lick it and suckle on it. Imagine it's a teat... ahh, that's nice. Suckle me in and out. Oohh yes, yes, oh yes... Now chew my inner petals. Oh that's good, keep doing that, you can be a little bit rough, and stroke my entrance with your fingers. Good boy. That's it. Now suckle on the clit again. Keep it regular - that's it, two a second, that's right... ahh, that's very very nice...'

He was murmuring and moaning as I rubbed his cock and I slid my mouth over him again, enjoying his man taste and the feel of his tight, spent balls. I was wet and hungry for it. this dick was perfect. I didn't want to orgasm though. It would make my pussy tighter and I needed to be all warmed up and relaxed. This was the moment...

I turned round. 'Fred,' I said, 'we're going to fuck my pussy together...'

And slowly, very slowly, facing away from him, I lowered myself onto his beautiful erect cock.

It pushed hard against my hymen. I pushed back. he moaned, feeling the resistance. It wasn't going to go...

I started to panic...pushing wasn't working...I stared to try and move off him rest, stretch it - I don't know

Then he grabbed me round the waist and yanked me down, had and sudden, on this lovely prick. I cried out - and pop, he was through. His cock head was right in my pussy.

'Oh God. We did it!" We were laughing, and he slid his fingers in towards my clit and started to massage my little button.

I stayed really still. It was sore. My fanny lips contracted round his cock. I squeezed him with my inner muscles. I moved up and down a tiny bit and he sucked in and out of me like a mushroom. It felt... interesting. But a huge urge came upon me to have more. 'Okay Fred,' I said, 'we're going in...'

I braced myself, then I slid slowly down on his lovely rigid erection till he was right inside me.

'Oh God Clover,' he said.

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