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Suzie was happy to be out of there.

While matching the colour of my skin, we still had to cover the "seams" at the top and bottom of my new pussy pants. N glued set of tits to me and then gave me a white satin corset, suspenders, stockings and blonde wig to put on. I got dressed, and then let N put on makeup and other finishing touches. She clearly had plans to take me out.

While I had been dressed up by N before, this was by far the most complex outfit to date. I now had a life-like pussy, complete with neatly-trimmed hair and "meaty" lips protruding from it, instead of just panties that appeared to have the contour of a pussy underneath. N took me to the bedroom, letting me look at myself in the mirror. I was hot - I turned myself on!

N moved the mirror over next to the bed and told me to lie down on my back. She held it so that I could spread my legs and get a good look at my new pussy. I felt the neural interface with my tits and pussy flick on, and N told me to play with myself for her. I rubbed a nipple through the lace covering my tits the top of the corset and slid my other hand down to explore what was between my legs.

The sensation was amazing. As much as I tried, I could not feel any lumps or bumps that gave away my manhood that was tightly compressed underneath. The material must have been the same as N's "flesh" because it felt just as realistic. As I reached the clitoris I got a whole new sensation, making my well-concealed cock attempt to expand and the fake pussy start to get wet.

N told me to keep playing with my nipples and clitoris for a few more minutes, then said I should try out the pussy itself. I slid two fingers easily into the tight opening, which was already wet with lubrication. The sensation of entering myself was almost as arousing as the clitoris, and I felt around inside, discovering areas that were more sensitive to simulate a g-spot.

Sensing I was getting too excited, N put the mirror aside and grabbed my arms, pushing them back above my head on the bed. She climbed over me and told me it was her turn, putting a nipple into my mouth. As I licked and sucked on her long, firm nipples, N moaned and put one of my hands back between her legs, letting me rub her clitoris. While I couldn't touch myself any more, the neural interface with my pussy kept telling it that I was extremely aroused, and I could "feel" the wetness begin to leak out of my pussy.

N kept me going until she had her own orgasm, squirting some of my semen from her nipples into my mouth as she came. I eagerly sucked harder, trying to get more to come out as she shuddered and moaned.

This amused N, and she observed that I was truly on my way to becoming her cum slut, even if I still had a great deal to do to convince her I deserved an orgasm. "And if I sense even the slightest hesitance to clean up the creampie you'll make when I finally let you cum, your punishment will be exceptionally severe," N added as if she was hoping to catch me hesitating.

With the morning of sweet edging torture and cleaning, plus a short session of playing with my new pussy, we were already well into the afternoon. Despite having consumed no food or liquids, N's nutrient solution was doing its job and I continued to feel full of energy, without a hint of thirst or hunger. N opened my wife's wardrobe, asking what she liked to wear for summer walks. I pointed to a medium-length linen dress she often wore, but N decided this was too modest.

Instead, N gave me an off-white polka-dot dress with a clasp around the neck but no sleeves.

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