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Andrew meets his match in a high-spirited temp.

I could visibly see them exchanging saliva.

"Of course honey! How could I refuse your request?" she said finishing the kiss.

"Does that mean you will grant my ultimate wish?" he quipped excitedly. To which she blushingly replied, "Lets see!"

"Now let us get comfortable. Today we have lot of time at our disposal."

"Did you notice something strange with Kaushik yesterday? He was very quite at work today. I couldn't understand why?"

"I think he might have got jealous or suspicious about us. We need to be careful. I think yesterday we did give him a bit of hint," she answered

"I don't think we have ever done anything to make him suspicious till now!"

"Really?" she questioned him coyly. He just looked into her eyes and returned her smile.

"I don't understand why you have such perverse ideas," she said nonchalantly

"I like humiliating people!"

"You mean to say that sleeping with somebody's wife is not humiliating enough to the husband? Making her pregnant is not humiliating enough?"

"It is. But taking it a bit to the extreme adds spice to it!"

I was still not able to get a hang of the conversation.

"Did he react differently when you fed him my cum from your pussy?"

"Shut up! Don't talk like that. He is after all my husband. I don't understand why I am entertaining your whims and fancies!" she said in an irritated tone

This confirmed my doubts! So, she indeed made me go down on her on Kishore bhai's insistence. I could only start to comprehend the power he had over her.

"I think you do know it, right?" he asked teasingly and then their mouths met in another passionate kiss.

"I am not sure but my guess is it does feel different so he might have felt odd. Also, I had cleaned up a bit to ensure that it doesn't become too obvious"

"What? I asked you to feed him the whole of it. How could you do that!" he said in a slightly angry tone.

"Relax honey! I wouldn't turn down your request would I? Do you have any idea how much you cum? And yesterday you had cum gallons to ensure that he does taste it. If I had let him go down on me in that stage, it would have been an end to our affair. I will gradually introduce him to the new taste of my pussy." she said consoling him.

"Hmm... I do cum a lot!" he said smilingly

"Yes you do! You knocked me the very first time you pumped your semen in my womb, which my husband wasn't able to do for around 3 years"

"So when do you plan to feed him full load?" he asked her.

"I don't know, but I need to first let him get adjusted to the new taste. So, I will let him go down on me only after I have had sex with you."

"I think you should only let him go down on you. Don't let him fuck you!"

"Come on. Please be easy on him. He is my husband!"

"And who am I?"

It seemed Kishore bhai had quite intimate conversations with her earlier as she seemed very much relaxed discussing these things. I don't remember if we ever had any sexy conversation apart from the 15-20 minute sex we got 2-3 times a week.

"Honey you are definitely a lot more than my husband. You are father of my kid," she said pointing to her tummy.

"Only kid?"

"Okay. You are the father of all my kids. How many do you want?"

"About a dozen!" he said jokingly

"Oh come on. Stop kidding. I am serious!"

I was puzzled hearing her tone. She is already planning on more children from Kishore bhai! I don't think I liked the idea of not fathering even a single kid but my dick definitely enjoyed it.

"How about three?"

"Hmm... I was thinking two would suffice. Doesn't matter I can consider third one too!"

"But then we might have to hurry. You are already nearing fifty. I would need at least six years to give birth to 3 kids. Do you think it is okay to conceive from a man above fifty?"

"Hmm... I think as a woman it is your prerogative to conceive from somebody who will give you the best set of genes. If you think I cant give you the best then you should look around!"

"Shut up! I don't want to be having one more husband.

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