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My sexy wife's first threesome with another guy.

He slid his cock in and got his first taste of Gina.

Paris instructed Alan to force his equipment into her frontal opening. With that Gina was being attacked in three areas. Joe's cock cut into her behind. Her lip muscles went to work around Alan's shaft. And worst of all, her tits endured even more abuse. Paris was stealing away her milk. The white liquid poured into the little holding container. Every so often Paris would have to lift the apparatus so she could empty it. The white substance dripped on her chest and mostly formed a puddle on the wood floor. "Yeah that's right mommy tits, you're losing everything to me. Your tits, your body, your will, your BOYFRIEND, and now your baby milk. Left with only your pathetic slutty self. Ah!"

With her hand beginning to cramp, she needed a break too. "Tanya. Milk this cow for me please!" The blonde jumped at the chance to do something. She took over the extraction. For Paris she went back to Brad. She began to outline his torso up and down with her tongue. She bit the tiny bit of fat on his belly. Then she kissed it and rubbed it. Behind Brad Charlene and Ben were going at it with each other. Behind her, Gina's entire body rocked with Joe's thrusting. Her already hurting tits ached with the impact. They were swelling with the pump acting on her. She'd already lost a lot of her breast juice in one mound and she knew it. With Alan's cock silencing her primal screams/objections, there was nothing she could do. Her senses were being invaded from all sides.

Paris broke away from Brad again. "Sorry Bradley. I have to see your darling mate now." Horny as hell, she was amused at seeing the destruction of Gina. She knelt beside Alan. "You're a champ." She kissed him. "You gonna cum yet?"

He breathed hard. "Al...most...there..ahhhhh" He released his seed in her mouth. Gina gagged and tried to cough. Paris immediately clutched her hair and tugged. "Oh no slut! He did you a favour by letting you suck his cock, so you are going to keep every bit of his cum in you! Now swallow!!" Alan pulled out. Paris held Gina's neck as both a threat and to feel when she gulped down his spunk. She felt something go down but had to check. "Open." Strings of his cum went across her mouth but she didn't see anything. She did it. The blonde vixen patted the man on the chest. "Nice job, now take a break."

She moved to Tanya. "How's she doing? Let's pull her up so I can see her body." With that, the three of them shifted Gina's body so she was kneeling, Joe still in behind her. "Aww look at that," She remarked at the floor and the huge difference between her two breasts. She scooped up some milk on her finger and licked it. "Mmmm...Alright, that's enough. Empty the last bit of her slut mom juice on her and let's move." Tanya lifted the mechanism and allowed the milk flow off her breast and down her belly. Her already flattened tit was even more deflated than before, if that was possible.

"Ooooh!!!!" Joe called out. Paris turned to her boyfriend with a quizzical look. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

He coughed. "Gonna explode!"

Paris laughed. "You haven't already? God, why do I keep you? Fine, fill her fat tank right up!" With that he creamed inside her cunt. Paris mocked her again. "Mmm, that's it slut. You like having my boyfriend's spunk inside you instead of boy toy over there? See what Joe brought us Tanya will ya?"

She returned with a lighter and a candle. "Such a loving couple. Setting the baby making mood." Paris pretended to gag. "Pssh, yeah, right." She ignited the wick. She brought the flame up to Gina's nipple. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" She shrieked as she felt the teat skin burn. It was sickening smell and an even more sickening sight. Even Joe was shocked at how far his girlfriend would go. She did once more to the other nipple. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAH!!" She screamed enough to pierce the thin confines of the walls.

Paris held the candle high above Gina and slowly tilted it.

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