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Everything has its price.

"What time is it?"

"On Dormund Kaas?" Nine clarified, as that would be the planet Two would be interested in. "8:05, galactic time."

This immediately woke the human woman up. "8:05?! No no no! I'm late! I can't be late! I'll be demoted for this!" She panicked and began to scramble out of bed, only be pushed back onto the soft mattress by a blue hand.

"Don't stress so much, Two, you get all tense and I'll have to massage those knots out of your back again. With Empire Intelligence, there's no difference between five minutes late and five hours late. You'll be fine," she reassured.

"Are you nuts?! No, I have to get down there immediately! If I hurry, maybe I'll only receive a pay cut," she hoped.

"You could do that, or you could stay here with me and I can explain to Keeper that I brought you along for security reasons," Cipher Nine offered with a devious smile. "Of course, you'll have to return the favor," she noted as she traced her azure digit up and down the watcher's neck.

"Are you...blackmailing me?" she asked, surprised.

"I'm a chiss Imperial Agent, dear. It's what we do," she bluntly stated.

"But for sex!" the human watcher added, making it clear it wasn't bad enough she was being extorted.

Cipher pouted some but quickly regained her smirk when her crimson eyes fell, ashamed, and caught a glimpse of the pale skin cleavage of her superior (in rank). "Now now, Two. Don't think of it like that," her cool blue hand cupped the older woman's covered breast slightly, her thumb softly rotating clockwise until a nipple rose to press against the thin satin. "Think of it more like an exchanging of favors, with the added thrill of the risk involved if someone doesn't come through for the other," she reasoned.

Watcher Two knew this was a bad idea, and in any other situation she would refuse, but she knew Cipher Nine could probably get away with this ruse. She had seen the woman stand up to officers and Sith lords alike and still she breathed today, so she felt her trust would be well placed, at least for this current situation. Besides, like her bedmate, she too had woken up seeking release. So with an equally aroused look on her face as the chiss, she agreed.

"Okay, Cipher Nine, your silver tongue has convinced me yet again," she said in a sultry tone. "Now, let's see what else that tongue of yours is good for."

No more words were needed, as the contract had been made and all further communication could be done through their bodies and collected sounds of pleasure. Dark full lips teasingly sampled the flavor and texture of the thin, rosy, tiers, letting only the tip of the tongue dart out to wet the other's lips. Temptation was too strong, and soon their lips locked and Cipher Nine was able to demonstrate her tongue's skills with the woman's, writhing and wrapping around her pink muscle, and exploring and enjoying her mouth.

Bodies were pressing together, eagerly rubbing nipples against nipples as large breasts spilled against one another. The sheet pulled away in haste, Watcher Two was now able to raise her pale stem up to wrap behind the chiss and pull her to lie down with her in the bed, resting comfortably on top of her writhing form.

Never content with one thing for too long, Nine decided it was time to descend, and though her agile fingers had been playing with the group of breasts, she wanted to taste the human's again. Sliding down, keeping her body softly connected to Two's, dragging her large mounds regrettably away from her desired treat. However, now her breasts rested against the woman's firm stomach, and her lips could now wrap around a dusty brown nipple while her hand returned to cup and gently massage the left breast.

Watcher Two sang in coos as she stroked the still damp hair of her lover, pressing her head closer against her tit.

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