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Leah's rapist tells her a story from his past.

'That's a foul!' screamed Lu__s.

'Nah, stop being a baby,' said Ricardo, dismissively. Lu__s wasn't having any of it though and ran around behind Ricardo, grabbing hold of his shorts and pulling them down before running away laughing with the glee of a successful prankster.

Bruna gasped and then let out a whoop of laughter as she saw Ricardo's shorts and underwear fall, a brief flash of his flaccid penis caught her eye before he quickly covered himself up again.

'I think Bruninha might have liked what she saw there, Ricky' said Fabio, turning to grin at Bruna.

'No, no, er... I was just laughing at Lu__s,' said Bruna, blushing.

'It's OK sweetie, you can tell me if you were enjoying yourself,' said Ricardo, looking at Bruna in a way she could never remember him doing before.

There was a glint in his eye, and Bruna found herself smiling back at him, almost feeling as though she was mimicking his expression.

'Well, I... um...' she started, 'I mean... I suppose I wouldn't mind seeing it again,' Bruna bit her lip as her eyes flicked between the three young men. She knew what was on the cards here and in her contented, slightly inebriated state she knew she wanted it as well.

It occurred to her briefly that the three of them must have discussed this, planned it all along, but she didn't have time to dwell on it before Ricardo's shorts were around his ankles again and she was watching him stroke his cock before her very eyes.

'Mmmm,' Ricardo let out a moan as his fingers ran up and down his hardening penis, his other hand cupping his balls, 'does this work for you, Bruninha?' Bruna nodded and sat up so she was on her knees and beckoned for Ricardo to come closer.

He did so, stepping out of his shorts and removing his shirt so that he was naked but for the flip-flops on his feet. Bruna reached out her hands and stroked the top of Ricardo's legs, her hands wandering up and over his slender torso as her lips closed gently around his bellend.

Her eyes closed as she sucked, feeling her friend harden in her lips as her hands writhed back down Ricardo's body, one of them now grasping the base of his cock and the other cupping his balls. She began to slide her head back and forth, lubing Ricardo with her own saliva, her tongue making little flicking motions inside her mouth along his shaft.

So caught up in the moment was she that she flinched as she felt a hand against her shoulder, stroking her left arm. Looking up with Ricardo's cock still in her mouth, she was met with the sight of Fabio's naked muscular body, his handsome face grinning down at her. Without hesitation, Bruna leaned across and smothered Fabio's cock with her mouth, her right hand still tugging on Ricardo's sloppy, saliva-covered member.

Fabio's penis was fatter than Ricardo's, thought Bruna as she felt it stretch her cheeks. Looking up again she saw Lu__s - now naked as well - stand alongside Fabio. Bruna reached out her left hand and began stroking his long dick - comfortably the longest of the three - as Fabio thrust his hips gently against her face.

This continued for several minutes as Bruna got to work on pleasuring her three friends. She was alternating her mouth between each hard, tasty cock: Ricardo, Fabio, Lu__s, back to Fabio, Ricardo again. It was all a blur for the young lady as her talented tongue flicked against their bellends and ran up and down their shafts, all the while taking each one deeper and deeper in her warm mouth as saliva and pre-cum dripped over her chin.

Eventually, Fabio hauled Bruna to her feet and kissed her deeply, their tongues intertwining as their saliva sloppily swapped sides. Bruna could feel hands running over her body, tugging at her shirt and fumbling with the button on her shorts. She put her arms in the air as Ricardo and Lu__s lifted her shirt over her head to reveal her small, pert breasts.

The three men instantly got to work kissing Bruna's little body; Ricardo and Fabio e

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