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Now that I've moved on to the next part, I've got my own apartment, but I still can't have anyone over at night. Just daytime visitors; and they have to sign in and out." She looked at her watch. "I have a curfew too -- I still have a couple hours left though."

We soon moved on to other topics, and the four of us spent the next hour or so catching up and socializing. Hardly any time at all seem to have passed when Lynn announced that she should be getting back before her curfew started.

Lynn looked over at me. "Could you give me a ride back?" She shrugged ruefully and grinned. "No car right now for me either. Could I get more pathetic?"

"Not a problem at all, we can play more catch-up." We grinned at each other, the sexual tension that had been buried ever since we had entered the apartment starting to percolate back up to the surface once more. "Tami, Carl, it was great to see you guys again! Let's all get together soon and do something, eh?" I gave Tami a final hug, and threw a wave at Carl who had started shuffling through his research papers once again.

We were both silent as we walked together down the narrow path towards the parking lot.

"So let's hear abo..." I started.

"Were you seri..." Lynn blurted at the same time. Laughing, she insisted that I go first.

I grinned at her. "I was just going to ask about this 'Sarah' you mentioned."

"Figures. Pervert." She smiled to take the sting out of her words. "We were roommates after I moved out of your place. I was still drinking pretty heavy, so I'm not really sure who seduced who -- I think that she made the first moves on me, but she swears that I tackled her one night. That's one nice thing about being sober." She looked at me mischievously and raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged, and took the bait as we stopped next to my SUV, shadows from the meager parking lot lights forming a pool around us. "OK, what's that?"

She took a step closer and leaned in. "I never forget who starts what anymore." She inclined her head down as I looked up at her, a strange reversal of roles for me. I reached out and held her hips, pulling her into me as our lips met, our tongues flirting with each other. My hands caressed her ass through the thin skirt as her breath quickened. Our kisses quickly deepened; tongues and hands gaining fresh urgency as I pulled her tight into me, my hardness evident between us as she pressed me back against my vehicle.

I slipped a hand into the slit on the side of her skirt, and followed the curve of her ass with my fingers as my hand reached farther back, feeling in vain for underwear. She chuckled throatily. "I'm a bad girl," she whispered, her hand trailing down my neck, playing with the top button of my shirt. The button popped free, and her nails slowly traced a path down my chest to the next button in her way.

I groaned as I caressed her ass with one hand, the other hand exploring her other curves, tracing the underside of her breast and finding the bump of her nipple with my thumb. "What are we starting here?" I asked as she finished unbuttoning my shirt, her fingertips dipping inside my pants as she stroked back and forth across my abdomen.

"Something we should have done years ago," she breathed into my ear. "I just wish we had more time tonight. I need to be back in about 40 minutes. And it's almost 15 minutes back to the base."

"Well, let's make sure you're not late to begin with." I forced myself to step away from her, my erection painfully pointing down one pant leg while I dug out my keys and unlocked the doors. Holding Lynn's hand, I walked her around to the passenger side and opened the door. I helped her in, and then leaned in close after her, my hand caressing the side of her face as I moved in for another kiss. Her open mouth met mine, and she gasped quietly as my hand slipped down to her neck, my fingers tracing the line of her blouse as it dipped into her cleavage.

I pulled my head slowly back, our tongues parting reluctantly; even as I moved to cup her breast and scratch at her hard

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