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Muddle meets up with unexpected allies on the road south.

For a moment I was really worried if he would find me adequately "clean" down there, but in the next instant I had forgotten about such things and gave myself up to the sweet moist sliding muscle. I moaned-once, twice, and a third time, I think. Good material for my sister, right?

His tongue disappeared, but it returned but this time to my lips. I let him on top of me as we frantically French-kissed, his arms sliding around the sides of my body and mine at his back. Our penises rubbed up against each other between us. I wrapped my legs around his.

"Daddy bear," I called out, looking over his back towards that perfect round butt of his. "Fuck me, Daddy bear. Fuck me." He brought his eyes to look into mine, straight above me.

"I am so madly in love with you, son," he said now, his body still. "I just want you to know that I do know what sacrifices you might make for me, for us." He brought one of his hands up to my cheek and brushed some of my hair away from my ear. "Your wife, your son, your work possibly, your . . . sexual identity, maybe? I just can't fathom what you have chosen to do, for me. I will always be grateful for you. You are my one and only, my sweetheart."

I am so in love with him too. I want to tell him, but how? I feel tears falling down my cheeks. "I . . ." I start, then swallow. "You are my best friend, Dad . . . You always have been. Growing up, I knew I could rely upon you. Remember when I fell off my bike that one time, and you put Neosporin on my injuries? Or when I wrecked my car and couldn't pay for the towing to the auto shop? Or that time I was busted by the cops for weed?"

Dad started laughed, really laughing. With it, his whole body bounced. I felt his penis press into me again and again as he went on. "Yeah, I remember that last one for sure!" he said now, as I too started to laugh. "'Coolest dad in the world', I remember you saying-after we agreed not to tell your mother."

"You are the best dad in the world, Daddy bear," I said, finding his lips with mine, to kiss before he can continue. "Now," I continued, looking into his eyes with excitement. "Show me you love me, Daddy bear. Show your son you love him!"

He smiled wildly and kissed me again, and again, and again. In a moment, he was sitting over me, my legs still spread out. "Hey cutie, can you reach over and hand me that lubricant? It's on the nightstand," he said, winking at me. I was about to reach over to get it when I notice that Lauren has already retrieved it with her free hand. She was standing there with only her blouse and some pink cotton panties on.

"Here you go, Daddy," she said, smiling broadly as she handed him the bottle.

I watched as Dad squirted some of the stuff onto his hands, and then onto his penis. It shimmered in the bright light coming from Lauren's camera. He placed one hand on his penis and the other near my anus. I moaned as he slid himself into the opening there, first an inch, then two, then beyond that. After he was firmly in place, I pulled my knees as close to my chest as possible, feeling my anus squeeze around him much as his lips and mouth had squeezed around my own penis only minutes before.

Slowly at first, Dad started sliding in and out of me, pounding so hard into me that I felt like I had to clutch the sheets on the bed just to stay in position. It doesn't hurt anymore when he fucks me like this-it's all pleasure for me now. Below him my penis was oozing pre-cum, set to explode in orgasm any moment. I could feel it coming on soon.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaad!" I moaned, staring straight into his eyes as he stared straight back into mine, his face utterly somber. I took one of my hands and touched his chest, which was sweaty, making my way to his left nipple, which I clutch lightly, then let go.

I could feel it coming, amidst all the moist slapping noises and all the hard breathing.

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