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She had me on a hidden camera!

And look at you now. She's wearing the dressing gown and you're sulking inside like a spoilt brat. What a charmer you are. After everything she's been through and still managed to raise you well and how do you pay her back? It's a rhetorical question idiot -- because you already know the answer.'

Matt felt the sting of shame and acted on it. 'Mum, tell me, how was your day? What did you do? Is there anything I can do to help with the dinner?' It was as if Jeanette had heard the mental dressing down her son had given himself. She just smiled. 'It's ok Matty, I'm happy to do dinner for you. You must be hungry.'

Dinner was, for Matt, an uncomfortable silence as he fought to accept his mother's decision. When the meal was finished, Jeanette started to clear away the plates and Matt stared sadly at what he knew was under the shapeless gown his mother wore.

"Matty, why don't you go and watch some television in the living room? I'll clear up here and come in when I'm finished."

"Ok mum." Matt tried to sound cheery as he left the kitchen but nothing could have been further from the truth. He knew he had to accept the decision his mother had made and, if he was half the man he told her he was, he had to do it with love and grace. She must have had such an awful life repressing her true nature and he had allowed it out but now he had to be the son she needed in whatever way she needed it. He sat in the living room and switched on the television. Various images danced in front of him but his mind was elsewhere and he never saw them. He was almost unaware when his mother leaned over from behind him and placed a cup of tea next to him on the little table.

"Drink up Matty." The soft voice drew him from his reverie. He sipped his tea to the orchestrated sound of Jeanette clinking away at glasses and plates in the kitchen. When he had finished his drink, Matt made to get up and leave the room to return to his bedroom but at that point, a pair of hands, obviously his mother's hands, held him in place and again, her musical voice chimed softly,

"Please wait Matt." He sat back in his chair and Jeanette began to speak.

"Don't be so disappointed, I could see it in your eyes all through dinner. You're a young man and you need to keep up your strength. You can't simply go through your life not eating. What kind of a mother would I be if I let you do that?"

All of this came from behind the chair he was sitting in and Matt made no effort to turn around. He had had enough of the dressing gown covering that perfect body to last him a lifetime. And he hadn't wanted to shame himself by showing his mother exactly what she had noticed anyway.

"You know Matty, last night, it felt like you had opened Pandora's box. All sorts of things came rushing out and some, many in fact, would say they were the evils of the world. I had never been made to feel like that or allowed such strong feelings to surface. And I thank you for that. I will be eternally grateful to you my beautiful son. Eternally."

As her words faded into the semi darkness in the living room, Jeanette left the safety of her place at the back of the chair. Her legs felt weak as she walked slowly and stood in front of her son, the shapeless gown hanging loosely from her. As Matt looked on in silence, a simple shrug of her shoulders sent Jeanette's gown sliding noiselessly to the floor. And there she stood in the 'other' outfit Matt had laid out for her.

Matt's eyes drank in the sight before him.

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