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Peggy accidentally gets naked on webcam.


Still it pays to be careful. I was sweating by the time I got back downstairs to see her still asleep, and it wasn't just from the heat in the house.

Blanca. Of all girls, it was her.

And knowing who it was, what I was about to do to her, I was harder than a rock. It was almost painful really; every guy has felt blueballs, and this felt like a week of them. A week of aching nuts and a cock that is so close to erupting, and your hands are tied down while naked women dance just out of reach.

Time now.

If I had had more time, if it wasn't so damn hot in the house, I would have stripped. Nothing I like more than my body on a woman's, but the anticipation was getting harder to control.

I should have kissed her first. A nice, long, I'm going to fuck you raw kiss with my tongue seizing hers, and I knelt at the side of the couch, one large hand on her hot knee. So slick and sleek, and I lightly squeezed her leg, trailing my fingers up to her thigh.

And her eyes opened.

For a moment I didn't notice, simply staring at that darkness at the crux of her legs; I had always thought she would have shaved herself bare, but there was a small black thicket of hair there. Not a ton, she did trim, and if only I had had the time to make her...

It was pure chance that I heard that intake of breath, that start of a scream; it's a sound nearly as good to me as the scream of an orgasming woman, as my own panting after I've cum. Almost as good.

I looked quickly, and yes, oh yes, her eyes were wide and gleaming in terror, and so dark blue that they were purple.

It's hard to say who moved first, but the hand on her thigh lunged up to cover her mouth as she started to scream, and she was rising up when I shoved her back down, my weight fully on her, her legs thrashing desperately, and her hands, those long slender fingers frantically digging into my arms.

Another reason to keep clothing on, if you must.

"Shut up, shut your fucking mouth!" I growled, and her eyes met mine, so wide, so terrified, brimming with tears...and without recognition. She didn't remember me, didn't know me...but what she did know had her screaming again, my legs forcing between hers, and then my body pinning her firmer to the couch.

Already my cock was tenting my pants, and I know she could feel that, pushing hard against her naked body, and I almost came right there as she bucked under me. Really I could have kissed her at any time, and part of the real fun, the balls-dropping fun was if I could ram into a woman and have her fight so hard I could feel her heart close to bursting, and then lay out my ace in the hole.

And I would have too, when she sank her teeth into the flesh of my palm, twisting hard under me, and when I yanked my hand back with a sound of pain, then she started really screaming, banshee cries, and her bucking doubled, trying so desperately to throw me off.

For a second pure rage flashed through me, but not at her, at myself! Stupid, so stupid, so fucking stupid! Got caught in the identity of the woman and now....

Enough was enough. I grabbed her wrists in my hand, my bitten palm aching and bleeding as I forced her back down, my eyes locked onto hers.

She was sobbing weakly, her lips bloody. "Please, don't, please, please!"

There was no time, again, and in part it was because of the stifling heat, and now in part because of my goddamn hand, but I wasn't leaving without what I came for. No time for me to really enjoy myself, but there was the idea that I could always come back. Later, of course. When she was wet from me alone and not the near ninety degrees in the house.

A sob broke into a high cry. "Please please, please don't do this, don't hurt me, don't-"


And before she could cry again, before she could scream again, my mouth was on hers; I swallowed another sob as my tongue forced into her mouth, wrapping around hers even as she cried, her legs kicking weakly against the couch and my legs.

One kiss, one deep deep kiss, and when I pressed my weight more on her, she arched up with a choked whimper, and I h

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