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Her first is with a hot and wild man.

"Are you all right Nadia?" asked Madeline.

"Yes. Yes of course. Just a chill, I'm fine now, thank you." And she cut into her roast beef, raised it to her mouth and began chewing.

She used this time to think about Paris and her situation. Slowly her mind cleared. He's middle aged, she thought, with some gray in his beard. Very experienced. And he appears to be in very good shape.

She shuddered once again as his thumb brushed over her clit, wondering if she was going to let him have her later. Then for the first time she smiled. Of course she was. She would have him fuck her brains out. With that thought, she eased down in her chair and widened her legs for him. Quickly he sank two fingers into her. Her first orgasm arrived shortly afterward.

Nadia barely survived the after-dinner drinks in the living room, amazed that Marianne hadn't noticed anything going on between her and Paris as she agreed to join her and John in her room later on.

"I'll pop in on you two, certainly, but I think I'll take a nap first."

"Good, we'll want you well rested for us," she replied, the heat in her eyes signaling her lust for Nadia.

"Marianne," she asked, how long have you and John?"

"This was the first time. Isn't he something?" she gushed.

"Yes he is."

"Ummm, and hung like a stallion."

They both laughed over that line.

John moved closer to them and Marianne chased him away.

"Girl talk buster, beat it."

"If I do that's less for you," he quipped, turning away.

Then Paris was at her side, drawing her away to look at the view of the stars from the balcony. Marianne rejoined her brother and Paris steered Nadia upstairs to his room.

Chapter 4

The blinds were open, the lighting from the pool gave the room a shimmer of illumination. Paris closed the door behind them and carefully locked it. He took Nadia's hand and led her directly to the bed.

"Stand close to me. Pretend we're still dancing," he said in a husky voice.

Nadia let her purse slide off her shoulder and drop to the floor then she moved next to him not quite touching and waited. Was she really going to do this? She studied his face, shadowed by darkness. Yes. She was.

Paris put his arms around her and she reacted immediately by standing on her tiptoes and dipping her tongue into the hollow of his throat, a butterfly flick. He growled, sounding like a lion roaring in the jungle to Nadia, who flinched. But to her credit, regained her composure enough so that she didn't resist when Paris leaned in to kiss her, swiftly and hard.

Her eyes fluttered shut as she placed her arms around his shoulders and opened her mouth to him. They were still for a moment, breathing deeply. Paris put his hands on her hips and pulled her tight against his body. She felt his warmth, his hardness, and the beat of his heart against her chest.

He traced the line of her neck and shoulder with the thick pad of his thumb. She placed a finger against his lips, parting them slowly, touching his tongue, lightly grazing the bottom edge of his teeth. With her other hand she tightly gripped one of his buttocks.

Paris was almost as giddy as a teenager in the backseat of a car. And once they got into the flow of their kisses, it occurred to him that she kissed in an odd but exciting way. Her mouth was open against his and he took a moment to muse over the full, luscious lips he'd found pillow-soft and agile.

He couldn't believe the very sweetness of her breath as it mingled with his. And when she folded her tongue downward and flat, in her mouth, so that they could lick their tongues broadly against each other, he quickly elevated her to the highest level of kissing that he'd encountered over the years. As his hand slipped into her gown to grasp her tender breast, he thought that kissing her was better than licking a tasty bonbon.

Nadia inhaled his masculine scent, that wonderful pheromone smell as he bit her neck, causing her to gasp. In turn, she ran her tongue to his ear and circled the rim until he moaned and renewed their kiss once more.


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