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Brad's friend Mick continues to assert his dominance.

I was a bit worried myself."

"Oh." Stephen tried not to sound too disappointed but he couldn't help it.

"However, I do have it on good authority that she's perfectly fine and should be home soon."

Stephen perked up a bit. "That's great Mrs. Earnest! Thank you for that!"

"No problem at all, and do call me Marion. From what I'm told you are a little more than just a friend of my daughters."

Stephen was happy this wasn't a face-to-face conversation otherwise she'd have seen him go red.

"Oh well I.."

Marion laughed. "Don't worry about it sweetheart, if you are the one responsible for the smile she's been wearing then you are good in my book."

Stephen beamed. He missed that smile.

"Thank you very much Mrs...I mean Marion; I do admit I care about your daughter very much. She's done a lot for me."

"I'm glad to hear that. Oh, I did hear that she left Mingo at your place. Did you want me to swing by to pick her up? I don't want her to be a bother to you."

Stephen didn't want that at all. He needed Christina to have a reason to see him when she got back.

"Oh no ma'am. I'm happy to keep her, she's actually been a great roommate!"

Marion smiled, "Sounds good, well you let me know if she gets to be too much for you. I'll get her anytime."

"Will do Marion, and thanks again!"

"Anytime Stephen, bye!"


She hung up.

Marion smiled. Her husband was the one to tell her about Stephen. He'd mentioned how close the two had acted at his office and how Stephen simply couldn't keep his eyes off of her, and he sensed Christina returned the affection even if she didn't act on it in front of her father.

She hoped Stephen was sincere. Between the pain Marion had caused and then the drama with Jackson, her daughter simply couldn't afford another heartbreak.

** ** ** ** **

When Christina returned to her parent's home it was the night before Christmas eve. She took her key out and placed it in the door.

Marion heard the key in front door and her heart jumped.

She jumped off the couch and ran to greet Christina as she walked in.

"Hey Momma." Christina said timidly, clearly unsure if she should prepare for another lecture, but instead Marion grabbed her daughter's shoulders and brought her in for a hug.

Marion held on for longer than she had meant to but she finally let go and gave her daughter a look over.

"How are you?"

"I'm good mom, I'm sorry for scaring you and Daddy."

"Oh pssh, I wasn't worried. I knew you just needed some alone time."

"Ha!" Richard bellowed, he heard his wife's statement and wanted to out her but he knew she wanted to play it cool, especially since she was cutting her eyes at him, daring him to mention her freak out.

"Daddy! I missed you." Christina ran over and hugged her father.

"Missed you too princess. Are you feeling better?"

Christina nodded her head but didn't say anything. He could tell she was still a little shaken, but she was getting there.

"Good Lord, you look like shit warmed over." Arlene stated as she walked down the staircase.

"Arlene!" Marion fussed and gave her oldest daughter a stern look.

This made Arlene straighten up. Arlene really didn't take shit from anyone but her Mother was the one person that could properly put her in place.

"I mean, how are you?"

Christina could tell her sister didn't really care she was home; she was probably just happy she could get the normal amount attention back on her now.

"I'm better, thanks."

Andrew walked in the front door behind her.

"Look who's finally back from the grave! Can't believe you'd get into a funk over such a prick!"

"Andrew, don't speak ill of the dead." Richard stated as he gave his son a whack on the back of his head.

Christina laughed.

"Ok everyone, dinner is ready! Let's go to the dining room."

With that everyone moved into the dining room.

Christina looked around happy to see everything decorated for Christmas. She was surprised, as stylish as her mother was her tastes were limited to the closet.
There was mistletoe under each doorway, the t

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