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Four short scenes about bareback sex.

Once again, my tongue started licking its way upward, this time starting at the ultra-smooth place between the origins of her inner and outer pussy lips. My tongue caressed this small area and, when it reached the place where the two lips are close together, started thrusting into the seam between them. For the time being, Beth had stopped her complaining and had given herself over to the pleasure I knew she was feeling. Her cooing had turned to blissful moans, delighting my sense of hearing. Eating Beth's pussy was a treat for all my senses.

But my sense of touch was still the most satisfied and, as my tongue progressed along her inner and outer lips, everything felt even better. Beth's adorable pussy, which was squirming under me, started slowly fucking up into my face, the most wonderful sensation a lover of pussy-eating can experience. Her clit was so swollen by the time I reached the end of the inner lip, it had completely crowded its way out from under its protective hood. We both wanted this to last a long time, so I refrained from licking or sucking her there for the time being. Before continuing, I sneaked a peek upward at Beth. Her sexy body was writhing on the bed, with her big breasts swaying from side to side, from the intense pleasure I knew she was getting. I could see her head, with her eyes closed, rolling from side to side on the back of the sofa.

Once more, I started below Beth's delectable pink love hole and devoured the wealth of fresh juices her pussy had produced. After my feast, I started licking between the other pair of pussy lips, treating them the same until I reached her clit again. Although it was tempting, I forced myself to refrain from licking or sucking her clit, because I wanted Beth to reach an even higher level of arousal before climaxing.

She was already at a very high level, moaning and whimpering while her body thrashed on the sofa. I knew she was close to cumming, but I wanted both of us to enjoy what we were doing for a little longer. One reason was because it was so much fun, but mostly it was because it would make her climax so much more momentous, giving both of us more pleasure. I devoured all her fresh nectar and gently spread her pussy lips apart to gaze into the pink hole that had produced them.

Besides looking and admiring, I started probing my tongue into the lower edge of the delightful orifice, relishing the drops of fresh juice that spurted out onto my tongue. Moving very slowly, I gave the same treatment to both sides of the same hole, and explored under her inner lips with the tip of my tongue, pausing frequently to savor the ambrosia Beth was constantly producing. When I finally reached the top edge, her thigh muscles had rotated outward, presenting her pussy to me even more fully. I knew it was time for her to cum, and I know she wouldn't have argued with me about it.

Her precious clit was waiting for me, and I engulfed it in my mouth and started sucking. My lips formed a seal at the base, and my tongue caressed the top and sides of the little darling. The movements of Beth's pussy became even more strenuous, and her whimpering louder and continuous. "Oh! Oh!" she cried out suddenly, as she started cumming.

She dropped completely out of character, which was understandable, and her legs squeezed my temples, while her hands went to the back of my head and pressed my face against her pussy. Beth's legs swung back and forth, while her ass bounced up and down on the sofa, until I was afraid she might fall off. I stayed with her, my head clamped between her legs, for as long as she was cumming, some of the best minutes of my life. My mouth kept a firm grip on her clit, and I continued licking and sucking, while my arms clung to her thighs.

Abruptly, Beth climaxed, her back arching and driving her pussy against my face.

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