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Rob gets Julie a substitute "husband" while he's away.

I knew I had to get out of there before something happened that I couldn't stop and I knew risking sexual behavior on campus grounds was not an option.

I quickly told Julie to email me with any questions she had about today's lecture, and I could see the lust turn to disappointment as I turned and walked out of the classroom. I was crushed on the way home and couldn't shake the feeling that maybe I had made a mistake. Maybe I treated her harshly, after all I knew she could see the lust in my eyes, the way I looked her over from head to toe, letting my eyes linger at the essential parts, it was obvious I wanted her in that way.

I had to keep telling myself ethically I handled it the right way. I'm a 40 year old single woman and I had an excellent job that I really enjoy and I couldn't throw that away for a piece of pussy, a beautiful sexy piece of pussy, but nonetheless a piece of pussy. I come across opportunities all the time to satisfy my lust, but this was different, I could lose my job.

I was sorting through the long list of emails I had brought upon myself by rushing the students out of class the day before. I had so many of the same questions I finally copied my response and started hitting reply and pasting. As I worked through the list, click read, click reply, right-click paste, click send and managed to almost clear the nearly 40 emails.

As I opened one, it took a minute to load, I get so many emails and have so many students I rarely memorize email addresses. I often get goofy, raunchy email addresses from students but as this email took a few moments to load, I looked at the From: box and noticed the email address sexyhoneyjules.

Just then the email opened and my attention was brought back to the message. "Dear Professor I hope you aren't upset with my behavior Tuesday in class, but I get so turned on watching you I just wanted you know. As I scrolled down, a picture started to scroll into view.

It was Julie, blonde beautiful and completed naked. Her long tan legs spread open wide with a bush staring at me. Her pubes were shaped not in a triangle but in the shape of a heart with the point pointing down to her clit, and I was astonished that her heart shaped pubes were pink in color! She had her pubes dyed! I slowly dragged my eyes from her heart-shaped box and they rested on those tits, her nipples were not quite pink, but they were not brown either.

In class I was too far away and would have been too distracted to really concentrate on them fully like I was doing now. She was sitting on what looked like a coffee table, her back was arched ever so slightly but her head was tilted to the side and she was looking directly into the camera with those sexy lashed baby blues and her gaze was one of lust.

I sat there in my home office for about 10 minutes memorizing every inch of her luscious body and the heat building up between my legs was unbearable. I finally let my hand work its way into my waistband and rub my throbbing aching clit. I was surprised how fast my orgasm came while I worked my clit and stared at Julie's sexy picture.

Recovering from my orgasm, I knew this student was one I would have to have. I would have to be careful, I know male professors who fuck and get their cocks sucked by students, but it's a double standard and I would be asked to resign if a scandal broke about a student and me. I had to be very careful.

I decided not to respond to Julie's email. I wanted to really plan out how our first encounter would occur. Tuesday came and I had decided I would invite Julie up to my cabin on the lake. It wasn't totally secluded, it was close to town but the cabins are far enough apart you couldn't hear if I was blasting Zepp on the stereo.

As the students filed into class I noticed Julie took the same seat towards the top of the auditorium.

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