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I like cock sucking.

When he turned to the next page the man was feeding his big cock to the teen, stretching his lips around the fat head. Robbie's cock actually hurt it was so hard. He needed relief now! He knew he could keep an eye out the window for Mr. Dell, so he quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his hard, long dick from his pants.

Robbie's cock was hot in his hand as he stroked, looking at the nasty pictures. He looked at the young man sucking the fat cock. It was such a turn-on. He was building to an orgasm.

Mr. Dell came down the back stairway into the basement and turned the corner through the stacks of boxes. He wanted to see what kind of progress Robbie was making. As he walked around the high stack he saw the teenager standing at the work bench. He was jacking off right there! The music in Robbie's ears made him oblivious as Mr. Dell walked up behind him. Standing only a foot behind Robbie Mr. Dell saw what had Robbie excited. He was looking at a picture of a young man giving an older guy head. In as split-second Mr. Dell knew what he would do.

Robbie almost screamed in fright as Mr. Dell bumped into him as he pushed to stand beside him at the work bench. He was trying to push his painfully hard cock back in his pants and turn away but Mr. Dells hand on his hip held him in place and actually turned Robbie to face him. Mr. Dell reached up with his other hand and snatched the earbud out of Robbie's ear and told him, "Hey, calm down. It's nothing to be ashamed of. We all jack off. Leave it out, please."

Robbie was scared and embarrassed. He was standing here with his cock out looking at gay porn and got caught by his boss! But, he was being told it was alright?!? "Robbie, your cock is so hard and long. Stroke it, so I can see it". Robbie didn't listen as he continued trying to stuff his aching cock back in his pants. "Robbie! I said stroke it. Now do it!" Mr. Dell was stern, and Robbie listened this time. He timidly ran his hand over his cock a couple of times. Mr. Dell asked him, "can I jack off with you, too?"

Robbie didn't say anything as he watched Mr. Dell push his running shorts and underwear down over his ass and then all the way to the floor. He gasped as he looked at the fat cock hanging between Mr. Dell's legs. It was twice as fat as his long slender unit. His balls were shaved bare, making the fat cock appear to stick out more abruptly from his muscular body. He was embarrassed to be looking at it, but certainly couldn't look away.

The older man stroked his cock, squeezing it as he got to the towards the huge bulbous head. He was turning towards Robbie until they were facing each other, only a few inches apart. Robbie watched in amazement at the girth of Mr. Dell's cock. He croaked "it's so thick".

Mr. Dell smiled at the boy and then turned to look at the magazine. "That turns you on, doesn't it?" Robbie didn't know what to say. "Answer me. Does this turn you on?"

Robbie softly replied, "I guess".

"Robbie, you are looking at the pictures and stroking your cock. It obviously turns you on to look at those pictures. Let's try it. Let's do what they are doing. You want to do it. I know you do." Robbie just looked at him with wide eyes. He was completely frozen. He didn't fight as Mr. Dell reached over and touched his young hard cock. The big masculine hand squeezed his cock hard.

"Now you touch mine. Take it in your hand. Feel it. Rub it." Robbie followed what he knew was an order. His hand tentatively reached to find the grown man's cock. It was so fat his fingers didn't reach around it. It was hot to the touch. He had never really thought about doing such a thing, but it was intensely exciting.

Mr. Dell told Robbie to look at the picture. "Now, you are going to do that to me. You are going to get on your knees and I'm going to put my cock in your mouth and you are going to love it. You are going to ask me for it. Do you understand?" Robbie looked at him, stunned. As the hand tightened around Robbie's cock, Mr. Dell growled, "Do you understand?"

All Robbie could say was

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