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Polyandry is alive and well in the modern world.

She allowed his passage to stretch and grow accustomed to her thickness before she slowly pulled out of his trembling ass. Halfway out, she paused to bite his ear and shoulder as she slid back inside, deeper with each stroke.

Their bodies moved together in the shadows beneath her sheets. The dominant woman took her pleasure from the servant under her. After several minutes, she could feel his ass tighten its grip, a sign that she had turned yet another straight man into a cock loving whore. She knew the pain had receded for Adam and each thrust of her hips took the young man closer to the paradise only her cock could provide.

Isabella closed her eyes as the memories of her breaking her new servant in on her bed that night and the warm, suction Adam was provided her now drove her into a heated desire to cum. Once again her bed crashed loudly into the wall with each thrust.

In the room across the hall, her partner, Patricia Folsum heard the thuds through the walls. 'I swear that girl will either break the bed or that boy someday.' She thought as her own impressive cock stiffened under her robe. She remembered the thrill of Adam's cute ass when she finally found him alone behind the pool house. Her partner declaring that tight bottom as her private property was like waving a red flag at the redhead executive.

Her cock grew hard as steel at the memory of that wonderful afternoon when Adam tried to remain faithful to Isabella and failed. The memory of having the newly turned servant bent over in back of the pool house, shorts around his ankles, holding on to the house siding for dear life, filled her head with a haze of lust.

After that wonderful day, she had made it a point to corner Adam every chance she could, forbidden candy was such a weakness, so sue her. She had to admit that her partner had created a masterpiece of pleasure giving with that young man. Patricia also knew she would not be able to concentrate on work that day until her own needs were satisfied so she walked down the hallway in search of relief.

At the end of the wide hallway, she spotted Keiko, a beautiful young Japanese girl. Keiko's body was barely contained in her maid's uniform. Her full breasts looked even larger on her four foot six inch frame. Her round ass was only half covered by her short skirt, exposed two perfectly shaped half-moons of flesh that invited Patricia's caress.

The five foot eleven inch amazon walked up behind the young maid as she arranged the flowers in a vase on the glass table in front of a large bay window that overlooked the cliffs and sea. Wrapping her arms around the short girl, Patricia leaned down to a delicate ear and whispered, "Good morning dear Keiko."

"Good morning, Ma'am" the Japanese girl politely answered back. She had grown used to being handled by the staff of the resort and didn't mind especially when it was Patricia doing the handling.

"I think we can find something more valuable for you to be doing than arranging flowers my dear girl," murmured the woman as she nibbled on the soft shell of Keiko's ear. With that, Patricia easily lifted the young girl into her arms and carried her back to her room, kicking the door shut behind her closing off the two lovers away from the rest of the resort.

She placed her tiny prize on her huge bed and then dropped her silk robe. The emerald green lingerie she was wearing matched the redhead's eyes exactly as she stepped up to the young girl who had happily scrambled onto her knees. Keiko gripped Patricia's hard cock in her small hands and guided it into her warm wet mouth. Patricia moaned at the suction the little Japanese girl expertly applied as she slid that magnificent cock over her twisting tongue and onward down her throat.

Soft brown Asian eyes remained fixed on intense green eyes as the two women stared at each other, both lovers completely lost in the moment.

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