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Weekend getaway to the country starts off well.

I slid my tongue inside her momentarily to tease her. she moaned stronger now and gasped, "What are you doing there, Sir?" "Ohhhhhh, it feels so good!"

I stopped tonguing her for a moment and replied, "Hush, miss." "Lay back and enjoy what I do to you, and I may let you start your day by cumming for me." "You taste so good, I want to eat every bit of the honey you are making for me." she deliberately spread her legs wider to accommodate me, and whispered a soft, "Yes, Sir."

I quickly plunged my tongue deep inside her pussy, wiggling it inside of her, and causing her to moan louder. Responding to the feeling of my tongue inside her, jessica involuntarily lifted her ass upward off the bed. Her ass cheeks raised up just enough for me to slip my hands underneath her, palms up, one hand under each cheek. I gripped her ass tightly, and forced my tongue in and out of her wet pussy at a faster pace. My tight grip on her ass cheeks caught her attention. I gazed up into her eyes, as my tongue continued to fuck in and out of her cunt. I slowed my pace, then stopped. I told her, "Put your arms high up over your head, pet." "Keep your arms up there, miss, you are at my mercy now," I ordered sternly.

I moved my head so that my tongue deeply penetrated her. Then, in one motion, I lifted her up by the ass and I pulled myself up to a squatting position. I tugged her ass up with me, so that she was well off the bed, supported by my hands. I went wild on her then, my tongue ramming in and out of her at a frantic pace. All the while, I lapped her wetness into my mouth and swallowed her juice. I savored her flavor in my mouth. My nose rotated on her clit, as I relentlessly fed her my tongue.

jessica wiggled mightily now, but the strong grip of my hands on her ass cheeks held her right where I wanted her. I sensed her need to cum immediately when I replaced my tongue with a finger deep inside her. My finger moved even more rapidly than my tongue had, fucking in and out of her faster and faster. I moved my lips over her clit and I pressed them firmly over it. It was hard as a little pebble, and I began sucking softly on it, followed by harder sucking, continually altering the force. she moaned and yelped, "Ohhhhhh Sir, may i cum now, pleeeeease?!!"

"Don't cum yet, pet," I told her in a firm voice that she knew must be obeyed. But she could not seem to hold off her looming orgasm. jessica tried to stop from cumming, but her pussy was on fire.

By this time, my cock was throbbing hard and pointing straight up, excited by her pleasure. It bumped against her ass as she wiggled from the feeling of my tongue and finger working on her. she was writhing almost out of control and I knew that she was exaggerating her movements to feel my cock rub against her ass cheeks.

"Pleaseeeee, Sir, let me cum!"

I loosened my strong grip on her ass.

"Turn over pet," I ordered.

"Ohhhhhhh, Sir, I can't, I am going to cum!"

I stopped finger fucking and licking her and barked out firmly, "Turn over now, pet."

"Yes, Sir," jessica answered slowly.

As she turned over, I pulled her toward me and quickly moved backward lying flat on my back. Her pussy hugged my face from above and I lifted her just enough to ram a finger deep inside. I started finger fucking her harder than before. I also began slurping all over her soaking pussy with my tongue. It darted up and down her slit, then past my rapidly fucking finger to her tiny asshole. I licked all over it and drew a circle around her tight little bud. she responded by gyrating her pussy on my chin. jessica was really ready to cum now!

In this new position, she was face first with my rigid cock, and I stopped what I was doing to watch her look at it. I questioned her, "What do you see there before you, pet?" she moaned a reply, "Mmmm, your nice hard cock, Sir." I suddenly slapped her ass hard. CRACKKKKK!

"Suck it, honey," I retorted.

The words, "Ouchhhhh, Sir!" flew out of her mouth.

The pain shot through her ass cheeks, then to her pussy, causin

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