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Cassie was drenched with the meltingness of desire. She wanted Matthew so much, so deeply.

Matthew listened to his friend, his heart-love. He heard again the warmth and affection in her voice, and knew he hadn't made a mistake. Then he rang her doorbell and heard her ask who was there. When he answered, the door flew open and Cassie stood before him, her phone still in hand, her eyes wide with delight.

They stood there, a foot apart, looking at each other, grinning foolishly. Matthew put his phone away, but Cassie still gripped hers, totally unaware. Then, they rushed to each other, meeting with a kiss, a first kiss of magnificent proportions.

Matthew held her close, inhaling her singular fragrance, the sweetness he always thought of as Cassie. He didn't want to release her, end this moment, even though he was aware there were many moments to be created, many kisses to share.

While kissing her, he swept her up into his arms, holding her tightly against him, walking into the home she had made for herself, the home he longed to share. She reached behind him, pushing the door closed, her last rational thought. Then she just melded with him, her lips and his became one.

He walked unerringly into the bedroom, lowering Cassie onto the freshly made bed. She snuggled down into her pillow nest, taking Matthew with her, not wanting to release his mouth for even a minute. They were full-length, their bodies matched at all points. Her softness yielded to him, two people meant to be together and finally being there.

It was frantic. Clothes were pulled off, disappearing in the haste of two lovers seeking each other. Their excited breathing nearly overwhelmed the show tunes from the other room, words were spoken in hushed voices, awed sighs filled the room. With each piece of clothing removed, they kissed and touched the exposed area, finally making real what they had each imagined night after night.

Finally, all the clothes were gone. The room was filled with naked breathing, with desire so palpable. Now, the pace slowed. Matthew was able to kiss Cassie as he had dreamed of doing. Licking her lush lips, tracing them with his tongue, savoring her deliciousness. His fingers pulled the band from her hair, feeling it fall on his face and arms, soft and fragrant. He held her face in his palms, her silky skin now his. The kisses ranged from barely-there angel kisses to deep, plunging possessive ones. He could hear her tiny moans as she kept trying to get even closer to him, get into him.

His hunger for her made him keep moving, trying to taste all aspects of her satiny flesh. He nibbled down her neck, stopping to make love to the hollow of her throat. He continued on his quest, finding each morsel more delectable and enchanting. Finally, he arrived at her beautiful breasts. They were full and soft, capped by engorged dark pink nipples, arching toward his mouth. He couldn't resist. He covered first one, then the other, with soft kisses, gentle tugs. Cassie arched up to him, her moans becoming more fervent, her fingers twisting into his hair, pulling him closer. Matthew opened his mouth, taking more of her flesh, sucking harder, feeling her nearly throb under his lips. Her breathing became erratic, ragged. Then it stopped. She stopped. Everything was still for seconds, then her screams filled the air, as a powerful orgasm tore through her. She clutched Matthew to her as she rode through the spasms, totally unprepared for what was happening to her. As her body stilled, Matthew looked up at Cassie, noting her unfocused gaze, her flushed face. Slowly, she returned to herself and to him. He moved up to kiss her, whispering words of love and devotion.

Lying beneath his full body, Cassie was aroused all over again.

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